River travels to Peru in the midst of the social epidemic: debut against Alianza Lima behind closed doors?

Amid the social chaos and after confirming that the game will be played, the millionaire headed to the Peruvian capital, where he will make his debut as a cupbearer on Wednesday. The position of the police and the possibility of playing without an audience.


the debut of River against Alliance of Lima Of Libertadores Cup 2022 was in check in the last few hours due to the social chaos affecting the Peruvian capital and several regions of the territory. Among the versions about a possible rescheduling and even a change of location, the security forces and sports authorities They have ensured the normal course of the match this Wednesday at the National Stadium, so the millionaire delegation has already left for Peru.

River, with the guarantee of flying to Peru and tackling Alianza Lima

This morning, the leaders of Millionaire they participated in a virtual meeting with their peers in Conmebol and with the security officers in Lima. There it was defined that the meeting with Carlos Bustos’ team will be resolved within the green grass, but it is yet to be defined whether it will be with or without an audience in the stands. If the curfew continues (would end at 00 on Wednesday), the butler premiere will be behind closed doors. If he gets up, he’ll be with the fans. Thus, River left his Ezeiza estate and boarded the plane.

The river travels to Lima in the midst of the social epidemic


The river travels to Lima in the midst of the social epidemic

The Ministry of the Interior of Peru guarantees the match between Alianza Lima and River

With a statement, the Peruvian authorities indicate this the duel between the Juventus team and Marcelo Gallardo’s team will be played without problems this Wednesday at the National Stadium in Lima.

declaration Peru

The position of Alianza Lima, on his debut with River: “The game will be played”

“Obviously the country is upset by the strike of the transport union, the trigger of all this, but it is something political. As far as the football system is concerned, we have respected everything that is required. We have the current guarantee, which has not been revoked. Tomorrow the curfew expires and it is not a rigid thing, so everything is confirmedexpressed Edwin Ordonezdirector of the Juventus team.

Also, he noticed it “There is no situation that makes us believe that the game will not be played” and provided details on the talks with Conmebol: “We had a technical meeting yesterday. The guarantees granted are clear. It is an anomalous situation, but beyond the complaints that may exist, there is nothing that the game does not happen. Conmebol was consulting us about the situation and we sorted out all their questions. The airport also works absolutely normally. Flights come in and out “.

Finally, Ordóñez highlighted the position of Alianza Lima and left no doubts that it will be played behind closed doors or with the fans in the stands: “The match will be played according to the guarantees and with the assistance of the public. We have sold more than half of the stadium and we hope to complete it between today and tomorrow. Everything will come out naturally “. And he concluded: “We consult with the police to double the security. There will be no problems”.

VIDEO: The position of Alianza Lima at the debut with River


VIDEO: The position of Alianza Lima at the debut with River

Conmebol confirmed that Sporting Cristal vs. flamingo

The match on Tuesday evening, questioned due to the social outburst in Lima, finally, they will play at the National Stadium and kick off the group stage of the Copa Libertadores. This was communicated by the South American football confederation through a plaque on its social networks.

Cristal Flamengo sportsman

What happens in Peru: the reason why city immobility was decreed and Alianza Lima vs. River

Conflict occurs within the strike of the Union of Multimodal Transport Corporations of Peru which took place on Monday 4 April, in different areas of the country, but with particular vigor in Lima, due to the sharp rise in fuel prices. He himself generated some acts of vandalism in various districts of the capital, in addition to 4 dead and 20 prisoners.

“Given the acts of violence that some groups have wanted to create by blocking access to Lima and Callao, and to restore peace and internal order, the Council of Ministers decreed a state of emergency by suspending the constitutional rights relating to personal freedom and security, the inviolability of home and the freedom of assembly in the province of Lima and CallaoPedro Castillo announced in a recorded message for the population.

VIDEO: Social chaos in Peru


VIDEO: Social chaos in Peru

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