Russia bombs Kiev and amenaza with more missions than Ukraine recovers long distance missions | The Ukrainian capital has not been under attack since April 28

Russia bombs and bombs Kiev and its allies in the first case about the Ukrainian capital in more than one monthcoinciding with the omen of the Russian president, Vladimir Putinde que golpeará nuevos objetivos si the western countries entering long distance alcance to ukrania. Putin’s statement produces no doubt that the United States is announcing the passage of time that is commensurate with Ukraine and its Himars multiple launches, that military experts are even more superior to Russian analogous systems, which allow it to ser atacada por esta.

Kiev no era objeto de ataques dede el 28 de april, cuando the secretary general of the ONU, António Guterres, is found in the capital to reunise with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski. On the lathe of the local machine, Russian Armed Forces launches X-22 cruise missiles from Caspian Sea en route to Kiev, seg eln el Estado Mayor General ucraniano. One of the missiles, launched from strategic Túpolev Tu-95 bombers, intercepted the Obujov district and the rest of the impact on infrastructure in the north of the capital.

The Russian Defense Ministry has reportedly destroyed T-72 tanks and other self-propelled armored vehicles in parts of Europe outside of Kiev. to Ukraine being smuggled into a wagon repair plant. The alcalde of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, says that There were explosions in Darnitsia and Dnipro districts, but one person was hospitalized.

Putin’s advertisement

The two coincided with the launch of the advertisement in Kiev and Occidente by the president Vladimir Putin in an interview with Russian Public Television. The head of the Kremlin affirms that las Fuerzas Armadas rusas atacarán objetivos que hasta ahora se habían librado si Occidente suministra a Ucrania misiles de largo alcance.

If you are a semi-generalist, we will make good decisions and use our weapons, which are not our fault.“to attack the objective goals that are still being pursued,” Putin said, adding that these are just statements. hoping that Casa Blanca will launch a new package of military aid to Ukraine for a value of 700 million dollarswhich includes multiple lanes of HIMARS missiles with a range of up to 70 kilometers.

Putin assured that Washington did not fundamentally change the balance of power on the ground, that the weapons of the United States and other countries were destined to deposit the white curtain material by Ukraine during the hostilities. “There is nothing new here. For example, these are systems of multiple launcher missiles owned by the Ukrainian Ejercito”, affirms the Russian mandate, which is considered “to play the lathe on the sum of the weapons of choice (in Ukraine) persuading an objective solo: to prolong the conflict with the armed forces”.

Continuation of the battle in Lugansk

Since turning north of Ukraine, Russia has been sporadically attacked by capital as well as other places like Leópolis in the east, Chernigov in the north, Sumy in the north and Jarkov in the west, all of which have concentrated on their uses. . Allí continued the dumping of the river by Severodonetsk and the Lisichansk region, the latest large cities under Ukrainian control in the Lugansk region.

In Severodonetsk the Russians control the eastern part of the city, including the General Mayor. After occupying 70 per cent of the city, the Ukrainian tropics have recovered “in two” from 20 per cent of the territory and now the city wants to be “divided into two” because it is an authentic free war, the governor of the region, Serguei Gaidai.

Following the Ukrainian military mandate, Russian units are centered around the Ukrainian tropics, not only in this area of ​​Lisichansk, but also intentionally blocking the main logistics routes. For this purpose, the route between Bajmut, in the region of Donetsk, and Lisichansk.

Turkish opposition to Sweden and Finland

Russia has long been known for its invasion of Ukraine, which is one of the biggest targets in the world, including Kiev’s entry into the OTAN. Without embargo, moving countries and countries like Finland and Sweden posting to join the Atlantic Alliancehas news of a position of no alienation, having jumped now with the opposition of Turkey.

The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, it is important that you do not admit the entry between Sweden and Finland in the OTAN even though it is not entirely convenient for him to have a few cortical parts with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), a terrorist organization declared in Ankara. “As soon as we expect no satisfaction, we must change our position on the expansion of OTAN”, said Erdogan during a reunion of his Party of Justice and Desarrollo.

Istanbul’s greenhouse “in the adjacent dynasty” of a reunion between Russia, Ukraine and the UN in order to unblock the export of Ukrainian cereals and travelers from the ports of the Black Seasomewhere in the naval blockade of Russia, watch the CNN Türk channel. Turkey is a fundamental actor for the salience of the Ukrainian cereals because the route of necessity for the salience of the boats is traversed by the Bosporusthat a Negro sea in Asia with the Marmara sea in Europe.


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