Russia-Ukraine: guerra según the color of the crystal

In a bar in Almaty – Kazakhstan’s presidential residence is now in full swing due to internal political conflict that ends with the entry of Russian troops convicted by President Tokaev– a Belarusian young man gave me a point of view on the war in Ukraine: “Era predecible pero nadie hizo nada por evitarla. Occupying the venue trying the situation, quiz to generate the Russian reaction without involving its soldiers. No parto parto ningún bando, ni sympathy with Putin in absolute. A friend of the independent Ukrainian city of Luhansk counts the horrors of the Ukrainian air force against the Russians. If you do not understand the complexity of the problem. You can enter some of the parts from your perspective. It is logical that the Ukrainians are defending and defending that Russia does not belong to OTAN on its frontas United States does not accept Russian weapons in Mexico ”.

In a hotel of Nursultán –capital capital of Kazakhstan rebutted in 2019 by the president with his own number of pillars— coozco a Irina, veinteañera rusa muy tímida llegada desde Moscú to take an international English exam which is open to immigrants and mothers to emigrate. “Mami tiene un buen trabajo pero en Rusya ya no se puede vivir: te meten presso por llevar un papelito de ‘no a la guerra'”, me dice. la rusas fueron bloqueadas en el mundo. I do not agree with Russophobia because it’s Putin. “And we have a nuclear war.”

On a train from Khiva to Samarkand in Uzbekistan, take a camarote con a pair of Russian-made casados (The former Soviet republics allied with Russia are the only ones who want to enter). Habla Vladimir, informatics: “The invasion of Ukraine is not in favor of the advance of OTAN. “It’s controversial not to reduce the bugs against Russia because Russia is being escalated, the other escalating, the fact that Ukraine’s the Russians in the separatist region of Donbass with 47 bombers, exterminating miles and attacking a kindgarden in Staytsia Luganska.”

A mi lado, en ese mismo vagón, viaja Jack –English, 25 years old– who listens and thinks: “It is incomprehensible that a country invades another; “Europe is part of the democratic world and it is logical that Ukraine wants to be free.” Vladimir’s plant with amabilization that, in effect, in his country has no books and that weighs, Putin’s popularity increased. “Pero nadie is free of bread in this war”, Concluye.

Jack is about to ascend to the geopolitical side, but:Pos How is it possible that you used to tell me about Donbass and that – what diarrhea and miro on the BBC– did you hear about what’s going to do with the whole of Ukraine?”. Me dan la palabra: “In Occidente el manejo de la información más sutil y e effectiveivo; hay a acuerdo tácito de que ciertos episodios ne se subrayan y prima la mirada ethnocentrica that impide a ciertos communicadores ver algunos resorts de los hechos, reacomodandu su perccepia al concepti civizatorio que divide al mundo entre ‘nosotros democ’ “If you go to ‘Donbass’ in the English language media, find the part of the information that’s wrong, then send a tsunami of news about Putin’s real criminals.”

In a bus parade in Tashkent –capital uzbeka– go to a matrimonio, ella kazaja, él iraní y profesor de inglés“If you look at a map, you see that Iran has been barricaded by US military bases for more than once. I do not know what to do in Iran, I do not know how to register a cafe with a friend, but it is not my place. It does not imply to me that the interests of the United States are geopolitical and not pro-democratic. Russia también la están rodeando. All actors are capable of this war. We take five leaderships in an environment where hypocrisy reigns. When United States invades Iraq with a mentor, casi ningún país salió in the defense of the iraqis. “What is happening in Ukraine is comparable to millions of dead in Iraq.”

On a train that cruises the green step kazaja me siento frente a Nadia, treintañera ucraniana, actress: “Salí dos días antes de la invasion est estoy dando satre de teat en Nursultán. Sergei, a friend of the infancy in my rural town of Orihiv, you who are the guerra and the mataron ”.

We converted, Nadia’s mother hacked a video. Luego la hija me cuenta: “vive sola y no se quiso ir, aunque todos los vecinos lo hicieron salvo algunos ancianos. The center of Orihiv is destroido for the misiles –hubo dos muertos– and mamá los oye volar todos los días sobre su cabeza; entonces se esconde. Include finding screws in the garden. Casi todo el tiempo est sin agua, luz ni TV. A pair of diamonds and violets with Russian soldiers, made of solid matt, made of violan (one of the razors for me). Do not worry about who you are. Putin es un asesino y in the background, this is a problem between Russia and the United States. Europe prometó ayuda pero no da real protection; solo promesas. “And the terminals are termed Ukrainian.”


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