Russia-Ukraine War, live: Latest news reports conflicting and minute by minute

Ukraine says it has no plans to use advanced multi-layered coherent systems that are reciprocal of EE. UU. para atacar objetivos dentro de Rusia. President-elect Mykhailo Podolyak claims that the country is establishing a defensive war and that the country that’s owning a Ukrainian-led government “is trying to use its weapons.”

This week, United States confirms that it has established four advanced units in Ukraine, which have been used by one of the trainers of this country. Conocidos like HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Systems), use guided ammunition with precision to hit targets at a distance of up to 45 miles (72 km).

La war in Ukraine “no tendrá un ganador”dijo hoy el coordinador de la ONU para ese país, Amin Awad, al cumplirse 100 días de la invasion rusa. “Necesitamos paz. La guerra debe cesar ”, exiting the function of the UN through the media, at a time when the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine are in a dead end from ten weeks ago, reports the news agency AFP.

“In less than three months, about 14 million Ukrainians have been forced to flee their homes, to a large number of women and children, an increase in energy and velocity has never been seen in history,” he said. “More than three million children have been suspended from their education, all of which have a generation of futuro feathers coming from a hill. “In every country, miles of people do not have access to water and electricity, and millions do not have enough space to stay close,” said the UN director, referring to the Sputnik news agency.

The president of the Ukrainian parliament, Ruslan Stefanchuk, affirmed in Berlin that every 100 people died in the country and another 500 suffragettes caused by the war with Russia, and urged the German chancellor, Olaf Scholz, and pronta entrega of German tanks Leopard and Marder and “modern weapons” to resist the advance of invading tropes.

At the beginning of his visit to Germany and coincidentally with the sentimental day of hostilities, Stefanchuk admits to Scholz: We must also fight and resist with the anti-weapon weapons of our arsenal, but the weapons are more new and more efficient ”.

The legislature is contacted by the German Chancellor of the Reunion League with its local congressional (Bundestag) party.

The Pacific Fleet of Russia comenzó a series of exercises of a week in which more than 40 guinea pigs and 20 aircraft participate, informed the official TASS news agency, citing the Ministry of Defense. In continuation, the Russian agency explicitly stated.

“The jerks, who are waiting for the cape until June 10, involve boats that simmer under a clear enema y disarm the air defense organization for boat tactical groups [para] perform combustion exercises in aerial and superficial lenses”, Precise.

The Russian owl, Mariscal Krylov, the Mariscal Shaposhnikov fragment, and a group of large anti-submarine boats and corvettes, small anti-submarine boats, dragines, lanzamisiles boats and apoyo boats star operands in the wide designs of the Pacific Ocean during exercise.

The Russian fragrance Almirante Makarov
The Russian fragrance Almirante MakarovUkranian News

The president of Cámara Alta in the Irish parliament, Mark Dalysign up for Twitter “The illegal invasion of Ukraine by part of the Russian Federation is an act of genocide”. “The Irish Senate approves a resolution on the Russian-Ukrainian genocide,” he said.

Según Ukrinform, se resalaión señala que the excitement of the Russian political leaders over the criminals from Russia and Ukraine is also felt. The following parliamentary parliaments recognized the crimes of Russia as genocide of the Ukrainian people in Estonia, Latvia, Canada, Poland, Lithuania and the Czech Republic.

The United Nations (UN) register 9,151 civilian civilians in Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict on February 24 until June 2. This includes 4,169 dead and 4,982 herds, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (ACNUDH).

In this line, seóaló que the real digits are probably “considerably higher” y acotó: “The majority of civilian civilian fires are recorded caused by the use of explosive weapons with a range of impact ammunition, including heavy artillery bombardment and multiple launcher systems.”

Russia is operating a tactical exit in the Donbas and controlling more than 90% of Luganskdijo el Ministerio de Defensa del Reino Unido en su tltimo informe of intelligence. After the Russian forces did not take into account the initial objectives of the approach to Kiev, they adopted an operational redress.

“A tactical exit is underway in the Donbas . The Russian forces pounded the pulse and actually paced the initiative against the Ukrainian opposition. “Russia controls more than 90% of the Luhansk region and it is probable that it will complete the control in the adjacent areas”, the adventure of the Ministry.

In full: “Russia is your latest tactical issue with a significant resource cost and concentrating the barrel and fuses on a single part of the general camp. Por ende, y para mantenerlo, requires a continuous inversion of the hand of the work and teams, and it is likely that it will flow much faster ”.

A new article from The Washington Post enumera the objects were seized by the Russian tropics standing at the stage at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, además de informar sobre the assembly of new menus from the plate and the rack of the chain of your computers.

Chernobyl fired on one of the places occupied by the militias commanded by Vladimir Putin on the principles of invasion. Yevhen Kramarenko, director of the “Exclusion Zone”, reveals that in these days the mayor is part of the knowledgeable system “robot” or “destruido” systematically.

In total -precise Kramarenko-, with 698 computers, 344 vehicles, 1500 meters of radiant software, irreplaceable software and all the equipment of the ignition extension. The repurchase cost is higher than most 135 million dollars for Ukraine.

The Washington Post published a list of articles that crashed into the Chernobyl nuclear plant by Russian troops.
The Washington Post published a list of articles that crashed into the Chernobyl nuclear plant by Russian troops.Efrem Lukatsky – AP

Y no termina allí simplemente. The list of Russian occupation forces roving, flying, or scribbling in Chernobyl laboratories and their mainland continents. Surprisingly, all of these items have been activated by GPS and puddled on the right side Belarus.

“Among the main theories, there is the possibility that these hayan quit all these elements by means of the fact that a nuclear weapon is fired“, The opinion of the director of the” exclusion zone “of the nuclear power plant”. As such, it is not the software slave that preoccupies the Ukrainian authorities.

El riesgo real, dijo Kramarenko, their forest incandescents in the media that approach the summer. “All the teams that have been used to fight against others are not or can not be used. Hay verdadero peligro aquí, y We are negotiating with donors and appealing to the goby to join teams”, Anticipó.

The general secretariat of OTAN, Jens Stoltenberg a “grand reunion” with incumbent President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and National Security Assistant Jake Sullivan. Stoltenberg elogió a EE. UU. by leading and ending with Ukraine and leading by end of transatlantic alliance.

The point of the United States is “marking the difference in the battlefield of all the cities”, to be precise. Respect for the development and finalization of the war, opinion: “La guerras son, por naturaleza, impredecibles y, por lo tanto, solo tenemos que estar preparados para el largo plazo”.

Aggregate for terminal: “This is a war of attrition where the Ukrainians are paying a high price but the defender and his country in the camp of the battlefield against Russia is very busy. Terminals at the negotiating table ”.

A group of EE experts. UU. know that the Russian forces are “controlling incapacities of local populations, hacking the use of the Russian ruble or carrying out bureaucratic processes”, but that are intentionally imposing aquel control by force. “This is not more than morality,” he said The Kyiv Independent.

“All you can say is that, at the moment, we are fighting with the European Union, we have to register a bomb for the ports,” said German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, who informed the UNIAN news agency.

Asymmetrically, Baerbock does not allow Ukraine to be a candidate for EU membership, but advertises that the process is “not fast”.

Diplomatic hizo hincapié in that the process is “historic moment” should not be bureaucratic. On the other hand, Baerbock says that because Ukraine is fighting against Russia, he has been informed of the ‘Spiegel’ diary.

“For the most part, Russia should not be a warlord, it should be a strategic curtain, Russia wants to destroy peace in Ukraine. Por eso, Ucrania no debe perder bajo ninguna circunstancia, es decir: Ucrania debe ganar ”, recalcó.

The head of humanitarian aid from the UN, Martin Griffiths, stays in Moscow, the Jews and the Viennese to discuss how to start the march before the exports of granite and other food from the Ukrainian ports of Mar Negro, a portfolio of the Organization Unidas.

Griffiths reunited with Russian officials, hoping that another UN official, Rebecca Grynspan, would make “constructive” conversations in Moscow with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov over accelerating exports.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, is in the process of negotiating a “global agreement” to recover exports of food and fertilizers from Ukraine and Russia, which are being interrupted by invasion. .

Moldova prohibits the transmission of Russian notaries and political programs on the television channels of the country. The formal prohibition, according to the BBC, was approved by the Chisinau Parliament, following the transmission of Moscow-based news reports, albeit intermittently, from the beginning of the war in Ukraine. The new legislation prevails over many cases and sanctions due to the diffusion of “fake news”.

Moldova expressly varies only the nature of the envelope in the conflict, especially as a result of the attacks in the territory of the self-proclaimed republic of the separatist Republic of Transnistria, in the present, on the front with Ukraine, which are completely free from Moscow .

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, reiterated that a fifth of the country’s territory is now dominated by Russia, which is now under pressure from the beginning of the war.

“From now on, 20 per cent of our territory will be under the control of the occupants,” Zelensky said during a video conference in front of the Luxembourg Parliament.

This estimate represents 125,000 square kilometers, a territory “more than all the Benelux”, and that Zelenski incident in reference to the territory that occupies Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

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