Russia-Ukraine War, live: Latest news reports conflicting and minute by minute

The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, cats in the alleys of EE.UU. which cut the “hermandad” lasos with the Russian cities. Además, llamós to participate in “the most economically important project of our time” al audud to reconstruct Ukraine despised by the war.

In a great message for the 90ª EU.UU Alkaline Annual Conference, the mandate says: “Decades of cities have the uniqueness of the word ‘hermandad’ with the cities of the Russian Federation What do you get from these connections? Probably not. “Russia’s opportunity to decide that it is not safe, including those who want to help an Asian war.”

Ante el scenario scenario planteado, agregë: “Por lo tanto, pido aún m press pressure on Russia. Do not justify it. Do not lock the fan with this tool. And for the sake of it, do not allow them to be converted into ashes by the blacks and sisters ”.

Russian authorities have intensified their presence in Ukraine. Segen confirm the agency Interfax, Putin’s forces launch cruise missiles in the Odessa area esta mañana. Además, the Russian princess confirmed the destruction of an enema plane in the region.

The first information is that Russia is moving like wildfire against an agricultural negotiation lasting the first hours of this week. Product of the mass, dos personas resultaron heridasindicates the military’s portavoz of the region, Sergey Bratchuk.

For another part, Moscow communicates the derivation of a Ukrainian military transport aircraft near the port of Odessa in the Black Sea. It is reported that the aircraft was destroyed by Russian forces armored vehicles and ammunition.

The alcalde of the Ukrainian city of Sloviansk, Vadim Liaj, denouncing that up to 25,000 continental civilians in the city are constantly bombarded by Russian forces.

“The night is relatively tranquil, because there are so many bombardment scenes already. We are victims of civil disobedience, but also living, schools ”, affirmations in statements on French television BFMTV.

Sloviansk, the main object of the Russian offensive against the Ukrainian region of Donbass, is based on a series of electric and agonist measures during evacuation operations that allow the location of 75,000 people.

The first Ukrainian information transceived from a communicator that The Russian tropics are being replicated in Sloviansk, one of the most important cities of this is the region that is now obsessed with Vladimir Putin. As soon as the según dijeron from Kiev, the Kremlin unit prepares for reanudar an offensive hacia la oriental city.

Tanto, en las cercanías de Severodonetskother important cities in the region, the Ukrainian air force that fights the continent and that the Russian forces smuggle a “partial exit ”to raise residential areas in this city.

04/03/2022 Soldiers of the Ukrainian air force, on March 4, 2022, in Irpin (Ukraine).  POLITICA Diego Herrera - Europa Press
04/03/2022 Soldiers of the Ukrainian air force, on March 4, 2022, in Irpin (Ukraine). POLITICA Diego Herrera – Europa Press

Most notably, the head of the Lugansk Regional Administration, Serhiy Haidai, said that the Ukrainian tropes were pudding up. 20% of the occupied territory by Russia at the ultimate time, with the intention of combining the mantle.

Según la agency ReutersRussia recurrió a firing artillery for “asphalt operations” in Severodonetsk.

No obstruction, Russian forces retaliate against failed intentions to advance in the city near Bakhmut and cut off access to Severodonetsk, consignee The Guardian.

To buy the 100 days of the war, the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, says that he is a citizen “Resulting curves” and expressions that are sought to be pursued as soon as they are all objective.

The president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchezrealize the viernes una official visit to Moldova, frontier with Ukraine, in a masterpiece of the highest order with recollection of Russian ambitions in the region and recovers miles of Ukrainian refuges. Sánchez dijo que España defend the territorial integrity of Moldova, in alliance with Transnistria and the Russian military presence in the region.

Transnistria is a separatist state splintered by Russia on Ukraine’s main front. The pro-Russian forces separated the Moldavian region in 1992 and ten permanent Russian tropical alliances, substantially as a force field.

At a press conference in Chisinau, the capital, Sanchez reassured President Maia Sandu that Moldova owns the “ contundente ” land of Spain and “ Our compromise of solidarity with the authorities and with the Moldovan people, at a time of great diversity and international political tension ”.

El jefe de la Lugansk Regional Administration, Serhiy Haidaiit is certain that the Ukrainian tropics have recovered the 20 by the center of the territory occupied by Russia in the city of Severodonetsk, in the Lugansk region, in this country.

The affirmations are given Three more were denied that Haidai agreed that the Russian Ejército had 70 people by the way of Severodonetsk and which are part of the Ukrainian tropics are retorted to “more ventilated and prepared positions”.

Residents receive humanitarian aid in Severodonetsk
Residents receive humanitarian aid in SeverodonetskYASUYOSHI CHIBA – AFP

“It simply came to our notice then that Severodonetsk was completely captured by the Russian Air Force. Asu quiero decir que no, not completely captured. Además, if antes had a different situation, had around 70 due to the presence of the occupied territory, now alrededor del 20 por ciento retrocedió ”assured the governor of Lugansk in statements made by the Unian agency.

Haidai has been destined to realize the Fuerzas Armadas “esfuerzos heroicos“To avoid the passage of enema, and it is assured that Vienna will take refuge in the Ukrainian Ejército.

The goblin suizo reiteró is green that do not allow Swiss sea material shipped to Ukraine to be traversedin line with its history of neutrality policy, and the pressure of European countries.

Without embargo, the authorities will announce that be able to integrate steel material in the form of mounting pieces or individual components and European armament companieshaving sealed white steel material sent from Ukraine.

Protests against the Russian invasion of Ukraine have attracted miles of miles to all of Switzerland
Protests against the Russian invasion of Ukraine have attracted miles of miles to all of Switzerland

Switzerland recibió solicitudes de Germany y Denmark for sending steel material to Ukraine, then inform the executive in a communication. In the Swiss War Material Lea, export solicities can not be approved if the receiver is located in one international armed conflict.

“Given that exports of steel material from Switzerland to Ukraine can not be authorized on the basis of the legality of the treaty in the degree of neutrality (…) It is not possible to respond favorably to the solutions of Germany and Denmark for the transfer of steel material in Ukraine ”, considered the Federal Council.

ONG Doctors Without Borders (MSF) warns that millions of people in Ukraine are exposed to the impact of the war on mental health and are assured that the psychological consequences of the conflict “can be invisible, even”.

Up to 100 days of war in Ukraine, MSF mental health teams have advertised that there are “preoccupying” symptoms of psychological problems by population.

A patient is being transported to a camel for a medical evacuation train provided by Doctors Sin Fronteras at the Pokrovsk train station, in Ukraine, on May 29, 2022. (AP Photo / Francisco Seco)
A patient is being transported to a camel for a medical evacuation train provided by Doctors Sin Fronteras at the Pokrovsk train station, in Ukraine, on May 29, 2022. (AP Photo / Francisco Seco)

, Oksana Vijivska, MSF mental health supervisor in Kiev.

“Major persons, who, in order to find their way together, separate their verses from each other, are in constant contention and are able to move,” he said.

The ambassador of Ukraine in Ankara, the Turkish capital, accuses Russia of being “slaves” and exporting the Ukrainian cereals, including others to Turkey. between others in Turkey “, denounced Vasyl Bodnar in a Twitter message.

“Hemos pedido ayuda a Turkey to solve the problem”, agregó. The representative of Kiev in Turkey hizo a repa of the suffriding curtains by their lands and their daughters caused by the Russian air force 100 days from the invasion of Ukraine by the tropics of Moscow.

Just before the war, Ukraine’s converted into a third-party exporter of the potentially trivial and windy exporter of the global trade of cherry seed and acetate seeds.

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