San Lorenzo e Independiente, the classic of the crisis

Arranging the camp with men who are tenacious, in the midst of political, economic and expectant issues in the sport. An unfavorable interest.

San Lorenzo

Atros’s, not all despised by all, is a classic that can generate much-anticipated and that generally encamping the protagonist teams, fighting for important things. Hoy, the reality of los dos cambiado, y the latest ones have been the culprits, escalating deportation results and economic and institutional problems. At the same time, we will be on the continental level with the first plans on the news about derots, embargoes, juices, inhibitions and many other questions. Aunque no haga falta mencionarlos, the protagonists of this classic crisis club are Independent and San Lorenzo.

In ambos reina the political chaos. The Independent has questioned and abused President Hugo Moyano por los hinchas cada vez que el Rojo juega de local. Además, the choices that Iban’s realized in November have passed in the hands of Justicia and nadie sabe cuándo se harán. In San Lorenzo, the reunion of Marcelo Tinelli and the announcement of Matthias Lammens of anticipated choices generating an inertial climate for the current president, Horacio Arreceygor, who wants to ship to the club less than a year ago, when he gets an MT license.

The problems of ambos, claro, tienen un porqué. In the principles of 2017, which and a half months later and the game of haberdashery since its decline in 2013, Independent haberdashery has returned. In a deceptive plan, based on the contract of Ariel Holan, who arms a competitive team and protagonist, who recovers the mystique of other teams and terms as they camp in the Copa Sudamericana of this year. Things to do with the Directing Commission, with Hugo Moyano in the box, I wonder if you can run a lot of economics far from data (with benches, from the south …), take care of the stadium and the club’s goals, and get ready for it in conquista de la tan ansiada octava Copa Libertadores.

Precisely it is a hot obsession that comes from the following comment a permanent derivation of millions of dollars in the purchase of jugaders, which are sold on a large scale with sublime contracts, and the height of the most important of Argentine football. Solo in the purchase of these passages, Independent symbolism of around 30 million dollars. The most iconic cases out there, among others, are Silvio Romero (U $ 4,200,000), Fernando Gaibor (U $ 4,200,000) Cecilio Dominguez (U $ 6,000,000 for 75% of the slip, more carousel pass de su historia) and Alexander Barboza (U $ 3,750,000), from the puddles which contain some information sent to the south of the club.

San Lorenzo’s current economic status is good and find points in the commune with the Rojo. As a matter of principle, the club leads modestly – never to be disturbed – the table of clubs that are most often checked, with a sum that leverages around 600 million pesos. Al podder cumplir, entre otras cosas, con millionarios contrartos firmados, los advertisements do not tardaron en llegar. The most rude case came from Oscar and Romngel Romero’s brothers, who advertised a sum of millions and dollars. They are offered in book condition porque el club, ahogado, no podía pargarles.

Solo’s dreaming of oucurrido in the ultimate afterlife, the club made its debut by footballers like Franco Di Santo or Yeison Gordillo, who offer books by paycheck, Uvita Fernández -but no payment by default on Justicia-, and Gabriel Rojas, Alejandro Donatti, Gino Peruzzi, who do not renovate their contracts.

Should this be the case, those who are doing the wrong thing to repel teams that do not come up with unsatisfactory results, and that deberán conformers, in the best of cases, with book holders that can carry a medium load. Nada de sueños like de Marcone, quien por muy hincha que sea de Independiente, baja sus pretensiones hasta un limit e por m chs chicanas que haga Eduardo Domínguez. Designed from a wide range of negatives, negative algorithms and options that it does not suit, the Cyclone is eligible as pilot to Gallego Insua.

They are basically the epics of hard checks that can compete with any team in South American football. It is the actualization of the greats like San Lorenzo and the Independent that puts their carcass in the beginning of the tour. El Nuevo Gasómetro is the scenario, and the hinchas, the ones that are always present, present as history.

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