San Lorenzo – Independent: an entertaining empathy and with many signs expected for the future

San Lorenzo e Independente abrieron lava del campeonato con un 1 to 1 que dejó más contento al Cuervo que al Diablo. Because it’s more like the Rojo in the game and it’s hard to lash out at the arc efficiency and porcupine hoping to poke through the drop of your desk one by one chances clear it to make sense. Pero se contontró con Sebastián Torricowhich, like most things in your car, can be seen by the hero of your team.

An inaugural feud always expects expectations and illusions. Including the actualities of the protagonists is much more than problems of any type that in football equipments. Rubén Darío Insúa, a little idol of the house, sent to the bench, as the only newcomer to San Lorenzo; an excess of auxiliaries by all types of types in Independent; provisional presidents in green embassies and actualities leyanas to the grandeur of their shirts eran muy malos augurios to arrange the championship.

And with the embargo, the classic entry into an entertaining, exhausted, plethora of alternatives, y hasta auspicioso pensando en el futuro.

Scene of the match between San Lorenzo and Independent for the Copa de La Liga Profesional.
Scene of the match between San Lorenzo and Independent for the Copa de La Liga Profesional.Mauro Alfieri – LA NACION

The first intention presented by Gallego Insúa in his presentation is that of his team tightening the fleet. In order to do this, the middle camp with the southern hemisphere, the majority of which are good. Rejected in de sabiduría de Néstor Ortigoza and its profundity Nicolás Fernández Mercau per izquierda, el Ciclón logró de a ratos darle fluidez a la circulation & dificultarle lë recuperation al Rojo, pero ese toque casi nunca to find the most accurate precision, where only the right diagonal of Ezequiel Cerutti molestó al fondo rival, y se fue convirtiendo en intrascendente.

Independently reverse the inverted cam. The cost to find the fleet at the beginning, it is obligatory to use more atres to tap the field as the deflection of the defense, before the local inefficiency, created with the passage of minutes. Change the tactical system Eduardo Domínguez with respect to all of which lasted the first semester and the team devolving an image much more salutable.

Eduardo Domínguez
Eduardo Domínguez Mauro Alfieri – LA NACION

The incorporation of Gerónimo Poblete how to fly centrally translated a Lucas Romero hacia la derecha, a position that practically does not occupy any of Rojo’s squad, and from which Rojo captains the culture of the Rojo, moving with astucia to recover free and rapidz to tocar. Pero además sumándose mucho y con criterio al ataque. By ese lado, además, find alliances in the punctuation capacity of Leandro Fernández and its progression Alex Vigoe Independiente descubrió los callejones necesarios para lastimar.

Torrico commented on a particular show taperole’s goal by Romero at los 8; successively distributed by Fern ,ndez, Leandro Benegas and the prophecy Romero aggravates the posts, even though at the end of the first half Fernández eats a free kick out of the door cut the difference that is seen in the desarrollo.

The Adam Bareiro festival for 1-1
The Adam Bareiro festival for 1-1Mauro Alfieri – LA NACION

Independent production (best in the Domínguez era) amenable with notable order in second order, with excellent moving motions of cane hacia adelante and ligadas muy claras. Torrico’s love for the way he sent his remotes to Sergio Barreto and Benegas’s elrea chica rival to los 5 ya los 8, or part of their attaches, San Lorenzo logri revivir. Apenas one minute later, on the 12th, Adam Bareiro kicked the ball into the corner of Agustin Martegani and went 1 to 1 as he did not move until the final.

“We only have competitors and winners”, había dicho Domínguez at the press conference previa al debut. Do not assume that the Rojo weighs more than the various stages of the incubator, and that the technician does not cultivate the same speed until the team has its own number of steps in the ranking table.

“The idea is to be intelligent and attack with the order and tactical discipline”, había prometido Insúa antes de arrancar, y se vieron sus buenas intentions aunque u su apuesta le falden todavía horas de vojo u de entrenamiento u disimular algunas carencias individless that repercaten en lo collective. Rosané, for example, did not want to leave the Colombian Yeison Gordillo, one of the bajas in this condition of the pass, or fell in the tent of Rojo the sum of the day the recidivist’s a plate of Vigo. And in Paraguay Bareiro, more than enough to empathize, much more desecrated than virtuous.

Scene of the match between San Lorenzo and Independent for the Copa de La Liga Profesional.
Scene of the match between San Lorenzo and Independent for the Copa de La Liga Profesional.Mauro Alfieri – LA NACION

Ninguno pudo cantar victoria, pero al menos tampoco empezaron con el paso cambiado. There is little to no grease for the big ones that want to be on.

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