San Lorenzo lost 2-0 to Central Córdoba in Santiago del Estero and was the first to win the Professional League

San Lorenzo, released in an efficient manner by the late Augusto Batalla, who republished the captain and referent Sebastián Torrico, is in the lead with his first victory in the Champions League title since Ruben Darío’s Returned to the right . Fue triumph by 2 to 0 against Central Córdoba, in Santiago del Estero, with goals from Iván Leguizamón and Adam Bareiro, from the penalty spot.

If in the circus constancy the hand of a trainer is and in the action of your team, the current day in Santiago del Estero with Ruben Darío Insua in San Lorenzo is one of those, which by analysis or by intuition, concretely that with its variants the best Boedo conjunction in its southern and southern function in the second time the best media time from which Gallego volvió al club. But it’s a lot of fun to see Germán Delfino take the initial stage at the iconico-Madre Stadium in Ciudades, losing a number of San Lorenzo hinchas.


The first step is that you can fly to Buenos Aires, when you decide to replay (although the announcement was made because the male vengeance is determined by the team) as well as the captain and symbol of the azulgrana, Torbasto August, . And on the River Plate respond with cracks to the pure sample reflected in the two most convenient goals for the locals of the Uruguayan Renzo López trajectory, which after the epilogue is left untouched in the clear shot. It’s hard to miss the presence of Néstor Ortigoza and Agustín Martegani, but also because of the lessons. Además is ultimately looking for transfer to Italian Hellas Verona.

The next gearboxes, for the most part, are fast-paced and one-of-a-kind. The first fire proceeds through the initial stage, leading to a level of molestation in the adductor degree of Francisco Perruzzi releasing the mediators as well as other young people like Agustín Giay, who flew before San Lorenzo after the dominant dominance. It takes about 10 minutes to complete, then as well as 3-3 against Arsenal, which cost Torrico’s goal after losing the last few goals converted into one minute by Cristian Colman, by Ivón Legu para ser el otro revulsivo que necesitaba hoy el equipo azulgrana.


In this conundrum with Sarandí, Leguizamón takes a goal to make a “slalom” with what is included for defining the game with a cruciate ligament. And now the girl repeats what she said on July 3, 20 years old when she had 60 seconds left to poke the can, in the place of Malcom Braida, anointing the first tambourine tambourine, taking a precise chance From all over San Lorenzo is definitely on the scoresheet and every time there is an insinuation of the second goal, which counts on the 40 minutes with the big incursion of the Legislature by the door to the criminal comrade Matthias Di Benedetto. The action came after VAR maneuvers by Yael Falcón Pérez from the AFA’s’s Ezeiza and Paraguay’s Adam Bareiro transformed into the second and definitive conquist of his team with a bajo rematch, from the door of Chilean artist Cristopher Tos , which engages and maneuvers the pero ball without breaking it.

From this San Lorenzo manner, which is invisible to the mind of the four presentations, assumes its first triumph in the hand of a man of Insua who is more than a nun and the wave of reduction, “metió mano” in the team and all that tocó fue acertado. “We want to get fast in the first time because of a muscle problem of Perruzzi (Francisco). We want to control the fleet because it is a well-ordered team. Your team is collectively ordering and physically exploring. Hoy Legui entró muy bien y también lo hizo el otro chico Giay (Agustín). Hay muy buenos jugadores juveniles del club. Fui claro (about Torrico’s saliva) hablando at the beginning of the work. We train and play the first match at 11 days. We do not have pre-printed or unpaid parts to define the team above the brand “, says the phrases most commonly used by DT in dialogue with ESPN.

The conductors by Sergio Rondina, in a nutshell, with the strings in the thread, taking into account the points of the drop-off zone at the close are the quality of the Professional League championship.


Central Córdoba (SE): Cristopher Toselli; Iván Ramírez, Fabio Pereyra, Matías Di Benedetto and Jonathan Bay; Francisco González Metilli, Jesús Soraire, Enzo Kalinski and Gonzalo Ríos; Juan Cruz Kaprof and Renzo López. DT: Sergio Rondina.

San Lorenzo: Augusto Batalla; Gonzalo Luján, Federico Gattoni and Jeremías James; Jalil Elías, Francisco Perruzzi, Siro Rosané and Nicolás Fernández Mercau; Ezequiel Cerutti, Adam Bareiro and Malcom Braida. DT: Rubén Darío Insúa.

Stadium: Iconico Madre de Ciudades.

Referee: Germán Delfino.

Television: TNT Sports.


El Calamar no pudo with Tiburón and disperse the opportunity to escalate to the torrent
El Calamar no pudo with Tiburón and disperse the opportunity to escalate to the torrent

Aldosivi y Platense igualaron sin goles en el stadium José María Minella de Mar del Plata. The result of the permit al Tiburón cut a bunch of three pigs in a ploy, but be sure to cut a series of diez incuentros sin festejos.

Por su lado, el elenco de Vicente López se mantiene invicto en el certamen, aunque if you continue the opportunity to continue at the top of the board, now Newell’s exclusive property. El Calamar stuvo m cs cerca del triunfo. By the way, all in the first period, the conductor is driven by the DT Omar De Felippe hizo merits sufficient as to make a difference in favor.

El Marrón Surprise with a tactical blueprint of three men in the background (whispering at the same time as the rival atacaba), a double’s position with Villalba-Gómez y un tándem only for game generation, encoded by Zárate y Sabella.

The best chances come from bands with projections Morgantini e Infante. Así, the mediocampista Iván Gómez mark the point of marking in the shares. First, with a handle that controls the bearing José Devecchi and, posteriorly, with a rematch that is shot in the traverse.

Aldosividirected in internal form by Diego Villassample a tactical esquema 5-3-2, pero le faltó sorpresa para llegar con gente al área adversaria. The heel blade depends a lot on what the powder is Braian Martínez. The division of points does not conform to ninguno.


Stadium: José María Minella

Referee: Nazareno Arasa

*Most viewed from Platense and Aldosivi in ​​Mar del Plata

Position table:

With Télam information.

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