San Lorenzo suffered a draw in the final, Newell’s and Tigre triumphed and settled in the League Cup

Atlético Tucumán drew the final match against San Lorenzo, who with a score of 1-1 failed to get out of the last places of the League Cup, in a match played at the Nuevo Gasómetro, corresponding to the eighth round of the tournament, Zona A. Ricardo Centurión opened the scoring in the 3 ‘of the second half, with an assist from Adam Bareiro, and in the 40’ Ramiro Carrera equalized from a cross from Augusto Lotti. Referee Darío Herrera sent visiting defender Bruno Bianchi off in the 44th minute of the second half.

San Lorenzo now have 7 points, are tenth and have just won one match: Talleres (1-0) in Córdoba for the sixth round, while Atlético, back from three consecutive defeats, are 14th. and last in Zone A with 5 units. This was the first game played at the New Gasometer in which video assistant referee (VAR) assistance was implemented and ahead of the game veterans, fans and members of the Malvinas received public recognition 40 years after the war. Three planes from the Pampa of the Argentine Air Force also flew on the field.

San Lorenzo are still in the doldrums and suffered a draw shortly before the end against Atlético Tucumán (Fotobaires)
San Lorenzo are still in the doldrums and suffered a draw shortly before the end against Atlético Tucumán (Fotobaires)

In the first part the San Lorenzo comes out determined to win and after 3 minutes Uvita Fernández assisted with a cross from Adam Bareiro, who barely touched the ball as it passed near the far post of the goal defended by Nicolás Campisi. Then, after 5 minutes, Elías Jalil sent a cross and Agustín Martegani ran out, calling for Campisi’s intervention. After this initial pressure, Atlético leveled little by little and in the 23rd minute Augusto Lotti threw a cross, Ramiro Carrera defines from the outside and Sebastián Torrico blocks the ball for a corner. but the team azulgrana He was not lazy and on the flanks, on the right with Elías and on the left with Gabriel Rojas and Fernández Mercau, he tried to supply his forwards to open the scoring. So, in the 36th minute, Elías sends a cross from the right to Bareiro, who heads high and Campisi throws a hard shot.

In addition, after 3 minutes, Ricardo Centurión opened the scoring with an assist from Bareiro, and three minutes later the latter lost the opportunity to score the second goal in a save by the Atlético goalkeeper. But after 40 minutes the admitted Martin Garay passed the ball to Lotti, who assisted Ramiro Carrera, to equalize the match and leave the local fans speechless. In the history between the two, the San Lorenzo has 5 wins against 3 of the Dean and 4 draws. On the next date, the ninth, San Lorenzo will travel to the city of Junín, Buenos Aires, to face Sarmiento next weekend, while Atlético Tucumán will host Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata, on a date and time to be confirmed.


Saint Lawrence: Sebastiano Torrico; Jalil Elías, Federico Gattoni, Cristian Zapata and Gabriel Rojas; Ricardo Centurión, Yeison Gordillo, Agustín Martegani and Nicolás Fernández Mercau; Adam Bareiro and Nicolas Fernandez. DT: Pietro Troglio.

Atletico Tucumán: Nicola Campisi; Marcelo Ortiz, Bruno Bianchi, Nicolás Thaller and Gabriel Risso Patrono; Renzo Tesuri, Guillermo Acosta, Gastón Gil Romero and Ramiro Carrera; Ramiro Ruiz Rodriguez and Augusto Lotti. DT: Juan Manuel Azconzabal.

Referee: Dario Herrera.

stage: Saint Lawrence.

TV: Fox Sports Premium.

Newell beat Platense 3-1 in a fun match played at the Marcelo Bielsa stadium in Rosario’s Parque Independencia, for the eighth round of Zone A of the Professional League Cup, and entered the qualifying zone for the quarter-finals. The Rossoneri’s goals were converted by Juan Garro, in the first half, by Nicolás Castro, from a penalty, and by the Ecuadorian Djorkaeff Reasco, in addition. In this way, the team led by DT Javier Sanguinetti, who had just won the classic against Central 1-0, accumulates 16 units and shares the second position with River Plate. Midfielder Ignacio Schor, at 44m. of the first period, he had established provisional parity for the cast of Vicente López, who has 7 points and is at the bottom of the table.

Newell’s added his fourth win in his last five games (the rest was a draw), without three starters like defender Cristian Lema and midfielders Pablo Pérez and Julián Fernández, against a cast squid which is in free fall and has accumulated its fifth consecutive fall. Platense plays a good first half, in which he defends well on the pitch and decides to leave the flanks immediately, with Schor and Morgantini on the right, while Tijanovich and Infante do it on the left. The visiting team thus generated clear arrivals like that of the 10m, when Baldasarra shot from the edge of the area, but the Colombian Ditta saved right on the ground, and at 19m. when this time the foreign defender messes up the rebound and the ball is served to Infante on the left, but he ends up with a very high volley.

(Photo books)
(Photo books)

Newell’s has more ball but lack of play and, above all, arrives, on the outside who hits his first clear attack: at 28m Castro sends a barbarian corner from the right, which Garro hits with his head in the center of the area and lands him, next to the post further away. Platense returned to reach 36 meters, when Castro mishandled a back pass received by Schor, who enabled Tihanovich from the left, but the former Gimnasia’s shot came out near the top left corner. Newell’s arrives for the second time at 39m, thanks to a bad start by Bogado, who leaves Garro in the area, who kicks to the side. Until at 44 ‘the result approaches justice in a play full of rebounds: Tihanovich overflows from the left and stretches towards Infante, who shoots in the center, finishes out Bergessio and saves the goalkeeper, the ball returns to Infante, whose center stopped by Schor who finished a half lap to balance the scoreboard.

Newell surprised 10 seconds into the game with a great attack from García, who grazed Garro from the left, who put a cross to Francisco González, but was unable to finish. However, in the 6 minutes, Infante caught Garro in the corner with a penalty that the VAR charged and which Castro changed for a goal, almost without a run. Newell lost the ball from the goal and Platense resumed play and arrivals, around 22m., When Tijanovich sent a cross from the right, but Bogado finished with a volley, near the far post. Platense still misses the draw at 27m., When Macagno tinkers with his punch at the start and Tijanovich hits him with a volley, only in the center of the area, but throws him very high. The local technical director, Javier Sanguinetti, was right with the arrivals of Giani, Funez and Reasco, who defined the match at 40m. Ecuadorian, alone before goalkeeper Ledesma.


Newell’s Old Boys: Ramirò Macagno; Armando Méndez, Gustavo Velázquez, Willer Ditta and Martín Luciano; Juan Garro, Juan Sforza, Diego Calcaterra and Francisco González; Nicholas Castro and Juan Manuel Garcia. DT: Javier Sanguinetti.

Platense: Marco Ledesma; Nicolás Morgantini, Juan Pablo Pignani, Kevin Andrade and Juan Infante; Ignacio Schor, Franco Baldasarra, Iván Gómez and Horacio Tijanovich; Mauro Bogado; Gonzalo Bergesio. DT: Claudio Sponton.

Referee: Pablo Dovalo.

stage: Colossus Marcelo Bielsa, from Newell’s Old Boys.

TV: Fox Sports Premium.

Tigre took the lead in Zone B tonight by beating Rosario Central 2-0 in Victoria, at the end of the eighth round of the Professional League Cup. The fully justified success in the second period allowed them with 15 points to reach Estudiantes de La Plata and Boca Juniors at the top of the positions, even if those led by Diego Martínez assume a better goal difference. Central instead added his third consecutive defeat, which embittered the debut of DT Leandro Somoza, replacing the outgoing Cristian González.

The first phase had a little discreet development, due to the fact that both teams proposed intense actions in the medium sector, but lacked the ideas and precision to generate deep charges. So much so that the two goalkeepers did not experience pressing situations, because Tigre, on the one hand, with his usual good handling of the ball and attacks with overflows from the flanks, was unable to harm the host defense. On the other, Central, with Somoza in the tactical lead, who until last August served as assistant pitch to Miguel Angel Russo in Boca Juniors, offered more zeal in branding and pressure in all areas, plus the attempt at quick transitions and headed for the offensive, which did not even prosper.


Things changed in the second inning, when the hosts quickly took the lead thanks to a penalty converted by Magnín (3 minutes), after an unnecessary handball by Paraguayan defender Javier Báez. In this way the match became more lively as Victoria’s men continued with their vertical game and without speculation, in an attempt to increase the difference. At the same time, the central players reacted with greater enthusiasm to the search for parity, with which both the goalkeeper Gonzalo Marinelli had successful interventions, to avoid the fall of the local goal, and the guest Gaspar Servio.

Around 31 ‘, Mateo Retegui was about to extend the lead when his shot crashed into the left post of Rosario’s goal. Warning of what happened 7 minutes later with a splendid collective combination of Tigre, in which the right-back Blondel, in a splendid projection, defined himself with a cross-shot to overcome the resistance of Servius. From then until the end, the dominance of the winner was evident and he was about to increase the score for a well-deserved victory, which sparked the delusion of his bias, which filled the stadium. For the ninth round, Tigre will visit the Independiente; while Rosario Central will receive Colón, from Santa Fe.


Tiger: Gonzalo Marinelli; Lucas Blondel, Víctor Cabrera, Abel Luciatti and Sebastián Prieto; Ezequiel Fernández and Sebastián Prediger; Alexis Castro, Cristian Zabala and Ijiel Protti; Paolo Magnin. DT: Diego Martinez.

Central rosary: Gaspare Servio; Damián Martínez, Juan Cruz Komar, Javier Cristian Báez and Lautaro Blanco; Emmanuel Ojeda and Marcelo Benitez; Walter Montoya, Emiliano Vecchio and Gino Infantino; Marco Ruben. DT: Leandro Somoza.

Referee: Ariel Penel.

stage: Tiger.

TV: TNT Sport.


Zone A

Zone B


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