Santa Fe, the province where two young men terminate their term between 2014 and 2019

The data of the Ministry of Education de la Nación son contundentes. Between 2014 and 2019, Santa Fe is the province that produces results in matter egresados del secundario tuvo en todo el país. Periodically, the total of the transcripts to comment on this solo se graduó el 31 per ciento.

According to official data, in Santa Fe, in 2014 there were 65,203 girls, especially in private schools, only 20,763, which represents 31 per cent or so, each 100 alumni engresantes terminaron el secundario solo 31. Es el porcentaje más bajo del país. Apenas per encima se incuentra Santa Cruz, con el 35,6% de egresados ​​y Salta con el 36%.

If the data is compared to the media of the country, which is 43.2 per cent, Santa Fe kills by debajo. Of the 631,719 teenagers who commented as early as 2014, only 366,137 finalized the second college of those who failed.

These data are analyzed by the Center for Studios of Education Argentina, of the University of Belgrano of Buenos Aires. All compare the candidacy of girls who engage in school secundaria in 2014 and terminals in 2019.

“Before the analysis, consider 6 years of extension in promedium, which in some jurisdictions the academic structure can be divided into 6 years of primary and 6 secondary or bien of 7 primary and 5 secondary”, the information explicitly states.


Public and private

The data of the Ministry of Education of the Nation are also sampled from the public and private system. Here’s Santa Fe kills in the same place as the rest of the country, because there is a significant difference between the guys who terminates in the systems.

The supply of vehicles, in time and form, in the schools of the static state of the country at a rate of 36.1 per cent, in the fact that el de las privadas fue del 63,8 per ciento. This reality has been observed in Santa Fe since it was observed only 24 per cent of the students in the public schools term second at the beginning of the year, and the total number of arrangements in private schools concluded 53.5 per cent.

The analysis reveals the large difference that exists between the two provinces. For example, in La Rioja, the second cycle peaked at 58 per cent of alumni who started their career in 2014, followed by the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (Caba), with 54.7 per cent, and San Luis, with the 52.9 per customer, in that while in Santa Fe it is number 31.8 per customer ”, detailed the information.

Aumentaron los studiantes

Another focus of the analysis is on the number of students that contribute to the secondary school during the period 2007-2020. In these cases, the total secondary level matrix “increases by 21.8 per cent, ranging from 3,205,880 to 3,904,519 alumni in all countries”, in detail.

Durable essays periodically lead to the candidacy of aggression compared to those ending in 2019. The embargo is essential that it is increasingly equal and not limited to provinces, nor to the socioeconomic level of students, eliminating differences in the number of students who interpret and culminate the secondary level in time. , indica el informe.

The information follows the need to guarantee equity and education in order to “produce a significant advance in social justice and the realization of opportunities, favoring the dismantling of the body”.

Una propuesta

The director of the Center for the Study of Education Argentina, of the University of Belgrade in Buenos Aires, Alieto Guadagni, a member of the National Academy of Education consulted by La Capital and I know the numbers of Santa Fe “no son una sorpresa”, For whom investigate these topics.

Destacó que “llama la atenci lan la poca implementation jornada extendida in las’s Santa Fe schools”.

“If you add the lazy and the lazy guys to 185 classes, you will improve the situation of the education a lot”, expressing allusion to the obligatory binding of the extended day and the school calendar.

“It’s hard for you to decide, pero the result of the Pisa test of 2018, which averages the level of conscience of the 15-year-old boys all over the world, ranging from Argentina to the country of 71, 77 pounds. By country quadaron four African countries, Dominican Republic and Panama. “Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay have the largest indices that last night,” he said.

Consulted on the new pedagogical model that impulses in Santa Fe, that avoids that guys recruit material, the investigator contested: “Whoever is the prescriber who is the best for the kids”.

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