Sarah Brown debuts as a soloist named after Mahalia Jackson | The most recent versions of Pink Floyd and Roxy Music from the gospel title

When Mahalia Jackson solí decides that blues is the music of sadness, the gospel is the music of hopeless despair. Much of this hay in the flaming tribute that the British singer Sarah Brown had edited to homage to the gospel ring and cincuent it of its bankruptcy. A disco that, además, means for Brown to pass on to other people over three decades of trajectory that is convincing in one of the most solitary uses of the industry. Your curriculum vitae: from the finals of the present and are now part of the band with artists and artists such as Stevie Wonder, Pink Floyd, Quincy Jones, Duran Duran, Roxy Music, Madness, George Michael or Simple Minds, who sang “Jim Kerr alguna vez dijo” a mundo sano, the colossal talent of Sarah estaría frente a a theater lleno todas las night ”. All about 2001, audiences like how to ride in all the themes of Roxy Music’s first gira reunion, Brian Ferry shooting and popping up on the studio floor, the manos in the nude and a giant sonris in his rostro, and as soon as the contract is established. None of these recovers the service of a consul under the command of the pandemic being unloaded on one of the peas at the moment of its screw. Economic and emotional turmoil due to a complicated divorce, Sarah synthesized that she was totally pissed at the fact that viola luz in the gospels and the celestial and visceral eggs of Mahalia Jackson, those mismos that had been eaten and imitated by many “I’m amazed at how much it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like that: Entonces decid that astonishment befell the moment and comment to prepare the disco that the venue desecrates from nowhere and finally acaba to be edited: Sarah Brown sings Mahalia Jacksona sentiment can be given to one of the North American singers more than XX.

Portal of Sarah Brown’s homage to the gospel range

“Mahalia nació en la pobreza, perdió su su mama a los cinco, fue criada con su abuela con otros trece chicos y después fue niñera y cocinera para familia adineradas. “I’m not too surprised that the powder aspires to a young man but with a lot of energy, so that, as soon as possible, it will be confirmed in one of the most great singers of your era”, said Sarah. “Su propio fuego la llevó a hacer su camino. And so, for a barrier girl like that, you all need inspiration ”. An implicit sample of Mahalia Jackson potential can be found in one of the most sobrecogedores moments del premiado Summer of Soulthe documentary that retold the adventurously flourishing festival in 1969 in Harlem with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Sly & the Family Stone, Nina Simone or the Mahalia mass, which began with a different version of “Take My Hand Precious Lord”, The mismatch that was interpreted by one of the members at the funeral of his friend Martin Luther King (and the mismatch that, three years later, Aretha Franklin sang at his funeral).

There is no way to separate the Mahalia’s train from the personal impressions that llevó a on “the first black artist hecha famous for black”, as directed by Martin Luther King. Born in 1911 and built in the early Bautista and the pentecostal desperation, the distance from the toda to the rhombic screw regulating the pusier by deland. Primer in the church, escaping in their presentations as the diabolo of any sum gesture that hiccups its registration algebra accessible. Playing in the industry, he claims that he adapts to jazz because his white products on the podium are as big as Ella Fitzgerald. Ella se negó, lelevando su gospel m lejs lejos que nadie en la history (su simple “Move On Up a Little Higher”Placed a million and one copies in 1947) and haciendolo bien suyo, with a bluesero register attached to his adored Bessie Smith and an atopic provocative potential for religious music. In some shows, such as Europe (with the first black artist singing in the Royal Albert Hall), the podium moves as if it were about to lean against the pole and coquette with phrases such as marido ”. There was plenty left for the passers-by to reach the audience with all their might, so much so that there was no way to say: All of these radio and television programs, possibly channeled through the facilitation with which the drunkards are drunk, and the musical vow that pervades Martin Luther King’s discourses in their very senses. From what it’s inspired the most famous phrase led through a discourse the cry “¡Contales lo del sueo!”. “It is established that I give a discourse with very distant words”, Mahalia counts among the risers who ask the question why the astonishment.

In a nutshell, Brown aborts classic Mahalia themes for, and from all over, to tell his own story: singing at a cost to other persons’. Entonces me divorcié. Perdí mi casa, mi marido, todo. And in Mahalia, in history, in infancy, in divorce, in divorce, in sexual potency, or in religion, there is no honest and innocent way of fighting. Do you think that you are alone with God, and you think… ‘¿Why do not you pay tribute to one of my propadies?’ ”. The disco ran upside down to a select group of songwriters in various bands, including Colin Good (Roxy Music) and Jerome Brown (George Michael, Eric Clapton).Nobody Knows“, The more bluesero”Summertime“O el eterno”Amazing Grace”. “Mahalia does not have a legacy of authenticity,” concluded Sarah. “It is determined to sing at sea and as it were, to be found in a discography or not. Y no iba a cambiar su voz. Do not search your fame to connect with your audience in an honest and personal way. Nunca fue un títere de la industria. Plant in your grandeur and ase llevó adelante su wayje iconico. Y ou voz ¡¡Dios, sí que tiene el blues! Sigue siendo icanica. Nadie can sing about waiting in different times like her ”.


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