Says Jorge Lanata and Elba Marcovecchio: “Our emotions are for the whole life”

The story of Jorge Lanata and Elba Marcovecchio recadén casados ​​(TN)

And one night dieron el sí. Jorge Lanata and Elba Marcovecchio se casaron in a ceremony against a select group of invaders and strict and curious protocol rules. In El Dok Haras, the establishment is very stable Exaltation of Cruz en el que se casaron Stefi Roitman y Ricky Montaner, el periodista y la abogada se convirtieron en marido y mujer. Failing to complete the formalities against the Civil Registry and against the Church, dialogues with the princess to share her joy.

Lots of minutes past 21, the new brindaron a mobile a El Corresponsal (TN), and Elba who drank the honey in dialogue with Nelson Castro: “It’s a pity, oh’s a pity, I’m just knowing that my family’s family is full of pups and that’s me pon more content todavía”. Launch, by itself, into its style and correspond to the conductor with a date that does not only come with the body. “Nelson, we are in a terna misma de Martín Fierro y merecés tenerla vos, por lejos merecés ganarla vos, sino la ganás es una injusticeicia ”, comentó.

“Hiciste a gran laburo in these agos, and more in the ultimate dos agos when saliste a la calle. “Because he was hiccuped in Ukraine, it really worked, it hacked him well, that my emotion led me to the crown”, Jorge remató, dejando atónito a Castro. In between rises, the note is routinely routed to the presumptive but which counters the momentum at this point in the screws. “¿Y por qué no? Casarme en la tercera edad no es tan malo; first because we are not found, because they are always there ”asumió Lanata.

Jorge Lanata and Elba Marcovecchio in the church with the nails

“It simply came to our notice then. I drive a bus generally incandescent. What I had with Elba, is, I find and think that the wind lindo compromised with Ella by Iglesia; the verdict is that we are living a ceremony that was born and conquered ”, added. La abogada también express their emotion and confess the value represented by: “Caesarean section is a screw project, and our emotions because it is all about the screw. “Jorge apparatus in my screws and screws could be much more than that at the moment, and for one thing it was Jurassic dios.”

“Fue muy lindo, yo hacía mil años que no iba a un iglesia, y me pareció conmovedor lo que él dijo, el entorno también, lo que ella dijo de mí, todo”, complete Jorge. It is sentient, counting that your shadows participate with enthusiasm in the great day. “We are very happy, Valentino quería participates as he joins the anilos to Jorge“And Allegra is a little more timid, because she’s happy because she loves Jorge, and as a catalyst, because she’s sucked in the church for having all the meaning that is for all the life,” Elba commented.

“En mi caso, Bárbara, de 32 años, y Lola, de 17. Ella saltaba y estaba re alegre, me abrazaba todo el tiempo, es tan linda, tan querible. Fue the first person of my family to the one who contacts me with casaba“, Lanata explicitly says about the fan with her minor shadow, the fruit of her relationship with Sarah Stewart Brown, menses that the mayor’s miserable in pairs with Andrea Rodríguez.

The projects of losén casados

Elba Marcovecchio and Jorge Lanata poses for the cashed flashes (Ramiro Souto)
Elba Marcovecchio and Jorge Lanata poses for the cashed flashes (Ramiro Souto)

Castro los surprendió al preguntarles si está in sus planes agrandar la familia ensamblada. “Actually no lo’s, lo dejamos in suspensive points per ahora”, fue la jonera respuesta de Jorge. As far as imagining the adjacent mid-juveniles as flaming matrimonio, the periodical explicitly plans to plan the routine as it is. “I’m going to do something that currently works: vivimos en el mismo edificio, pero no en el mismo departmententonces is good because it’s so good that it’s all over the house, and we share a lot, but it’s good that it’s going to fall asleep in a department’s pajamas for the other’s “, bromeó.

Elba dio un paso más allá y aclaró además que no le tienen ningún temor a la convivencia: “We do not have to go to bed, so that we can move at a time when we have vacations., we want three months to go all the time, but because I can not convince Jorge it’s too easy “. In spite of the opportunity that lies in the love of the 61-year-old, the remarriage periodicist who speaks in a repressive manner:

It also recalls that it feels happy about the union that plays with its respective shadows. “This is more than just the formal family, but obsessively Elba and her shadows from being part of my family, even though she is a member of the family, and igual that I love her with Ella, pero también eston Sara y Andrea, las mamás de mis hijas; “I’m not as good as it used to be, but I’m sure you’re looking for me and I’re part of my family, it’s more amplio now,” said Jorge.

El beso del matrimonio: Jorge Lanata y Elba Marcovecchio dieron el
El beso del matrimonio: Jorge Lanata y Elba Marcovecchio dieron el “sí, quiero” (Ramiro Souto)

“También aggregation from one of all the friends of the screw that is tampered with my family, because he is not a pope, mother or grandparents”, remark. Abogada celebrates the form of pensar of your child and assurance that philosophy is something more than just a comma: “I have an Italian origin, for my family we are all, for my sum and with my pony my body as it were’s with your eyes, with Sara, with Andrea, “But when it comes time to know what to do with all the combo, you’ve lost control of it personally, but with a lot of emotion to share it with you.”

About the end, comment on a detail that the aggregate has the most emotion in the char. “Result that the 23rd of April is San Jorge, í sabían?”, reveals Lanata, in relation to the religious coincidence with the patron of its name number. Eba acotó otro simbolismo al respecto: traje en mi ramo el rosario que él me regaló hace mucho tempo, y casarnos justo en su día es hermoso”.


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