Scandal in the lower: accusations, cross discussions and criminal charges for beating the players

Sunday, lower football date 3. Youth Zondina – Trinidad, 5th division. There was an awkward moment in a training match last weekend. In the middle of the match, the match ended in a pitched battle: bullfights, physical aggression and injured 16-year-old players. Time of San Giovanni knocked on the front door, and Carolina, the Zonda club president, left her defense of how events really unfolded. Accusations and even complaints. Scandal in a game of inferior while they wait for the San Juan Football Championship gives you the green light to present your formal defense.

First, the highest authority of Youth Zondina He thanked our newspaper “for being the first San Juan media to call them to hear the other bell.” After that, he started with his story of him in which he added: “nobody told me anything, I was on the field that day and what Trinidad did was unheard of”.

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