“Secuestraba mujeres para prostituirlas”: the defense of accusations by a criminal in Ciudad

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Maria Fernanda Albares and Sofia Camila Ibarra are imputations as co-authors of assured by an asphalt of the present proxeneta Marcos David Figueroaobserved in May 2020 in Ciudad, in full swing by the coronavirus pandemic.

The actual investigation that the two young men and four of them, three of the minor men of the age, penetrated an armed attraction in a centrally used department for sexual harassment and that was guaranteed by the victim of the bloody hegemony.

No obstruction, no doubt, the accusations are defended and traced to your Facebook profiles and even one offers a hypothesis that contradicts the official.

In the search, Claudia Ríos’s fiscal money was given to Mart dosn Ezequiel Saravia, one of the women and one young man – all the other asphalt sealants were inactive and could have been disposed of by the Criminal Justice Department. motivation for the que arriesgaban com única pena la prisión perpetua.

Pero, hacia the final of the instruction, a judicial fall modify the homicide rating in the robo oction, which prevails between 10 and 25 years old. Así, los sospechosos evitaron enfrentar en jurado popular e a posible sentencia por la pena maxima.

Less than two weeks ago, the three major defendants Iban’s a comenzar a ser juzgados, pero the defense of Saravia agreed to resolve the media situation in a final abusive juicer: up to 15 years old.

For this reason, the oral and public debate against the juveniles will be posted, which will conform to a new Criminal Tribunal, and will expire before October 11.

Due to the first sentence that your expedient, El Sol publicó por primera vez the video of the crime of Figueroa, which was captured by a security camera of the compound that stems from the asphalt with fatal discharge.

As a result of this publication, the young people who were waiting for the judge to comment on their comments on the relevant social media quotes, with the intention of defending the justifications of Justice and the other comments. foristas.

Including Albars describing a different version from the Ministry of Public make sure you do not treat yourself to a conflict on the subject of drugsreferring to the Commercialized Figueroa Figure.

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“For those who do not like your comments and are interested in what they have before the opinion. It’s a pity that a trafficker who sells drugs and seizes them for prostitution”, assured in the post.

In continent: “As a minor who does not pay for drugs like dio, who chooses and only defends himself”indicating with reference to adolescents that they are syndicated as the author of the dispatch.

“Pas Qué pasaba si el proxeneta lo mataba al menor? ¿En qué hubiese quedado todo?”, Albares’s reflection in the publication.

The answer lies in answering other users who ask the question, explaining the situation in which, say, they are counting the metrics in the following place: “¿A usted le gustaria que la tengan sequestra prostituyendose?”.

Just, from the investigation surge that Ibarra, more concomitant as the Camilita, being alive in the department and exercising sexual harassment through homicide of Figueroa.

For the detectives the young man found the idea of ​​the asphalt, which is known as the moving ones and the other candidates for solitary maneuvering. However, comment on the publication of this diary and sampling against the hypothesis of Fiscalía: “Hypocritical man, not saben nada de lo que dice”escribió.

More than all the dicks of the accusers in the social networks, the situation of the ambassadors is complicated. This is mainly due to Saravia, which, no matter how complex, reconciles the two, the factual platform that provides the Fiscal Ríos, it’s decided to be a homicide in the robot ocean.

Without embargo, you can define four months, when Albares and Ibarra are on the bench of those accused and have the ability to offer their own version in front of a tribunal.

El hecho

The case of the late Dingo’s 31st day, when around 14.30 the four-legged remixes are still a set of departments of the caliber Patricias Mendocinas at 734, in the circus of the provincial Tribunals.

Of the vehicles descending four cubits, meters from which the vessels are held on board. Los varones ingresaron al lugar y atravesaron un pasillo para llegar hasta la vivienda del fondo, donde funcionaba un bulo.

They all engage with firearms and amenazaron in their three sexually explicit travails, which ensure the recovery of the seminal vesicle.

Debido since the province and the country are attracted to the first phase of the current by the coronavirus (Covid-19), the clients escaseaban and not only dinero. Por ese motivo, los ladrones se debieron conformar bolsos pertenencias de las mujeres y los calzados que llevaban puestos.

In the fugue, Figueroa persuades the delinquents and puddles to perceive one of the elos. It hits the skin and initiates a force, in which the maleant to fire a 22 caliber pistol at a sniper rifle, with the blade of a quill in front of the present proxeneta.

This situation is captured by a security camera, video that fires at the place to identify the suspects.

On the other hand, Figueroa was transferred to Hospital Central, having ingested with a stroke. Alrededor de las 20 de ese día, dejó de existir.

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