Shakira and Gerard Piqué confirm their separation

Shakira y Piqué tattooed 12 years ago
Shakira y Piqué tattooed 12 years ago

Colombian singer Shakira and Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué confirm their separation 12 years ago. La pareja tiene dos pequeños hijos.

Please confirm that we are not separate. For the benefit of our children, as our maximum priority is given, we respect respect for privacy. Thanks for your compression”, Send a communicative search shared by the Cantant communications agency, then consult the notification agency EFE. Strongly follow the agreement to publish the information.

The rumors of a supuesta infidelidad by part of the Habibian athlete occupied the titles of the various Spanish means of communication in the last days. Spread the word each artist’s name with a model of 20 yearsaseguraban fuentes cercanas.

Place where the notification is extended, interns in the social networks help to follow the passages of the famous interpreter, ligandola with the reconnected international actors which is solid in superhero movies.

Gerard Piqué, Shakira and others
Gerard Piqué, Shakira and others

First, viralize a video that captures the moment Henry Cavill distracts himself from Shakira during an interview, it is speculated that the actor who screwed Superman is not the only one interested in the song, or that the parecer también captured the attraction of Chris Evans, the actor who played Capitán América.

The speculations comment on this Instagram users report that Evans followed the comment on Instagram, despairing of having the opportunity to ally with the Spanish footballer. Cabe menzion that the actor is independent, having more than 15 million followers, sigue a pocas personas.

An important point now is what to refer to custodia de Milan y Sasha, los pequeños hijos de la pareja. “The artist has never been to Barcelona. There are no friends in the family (salvo la de Piqué) and Hacienda persugu desde hace años, por lo que tiene intention of mudarse and installation in otro país. Con sus hijos, por supuesto. You can solve the problems: It is supposed to separate their shadows and alludes to their nieces in Barcelonaif you have created and you have your college and your friends “, pudo leerse in the latest times in the medium The Economistto ensure that the filtering information is configurable.

Shakira y Gerard Piqué fueron pareja 12 a .os
Shakira y Gerard Piqué fueron pareja 12 a .os

The last infidelity of Gerard Piqué

From one day, the world of the farce where the constant flow is due to the relation between Piqué and Shakira establishing a good point.

Ello, deprived of what international media as The periodical of Barcelona and its podcast Mamarazzis assured that the songbooks such as “Anthology”, “Asian Games” or “Mosques in the house” unburned beetle that matched the beetle engraved with a 20-year-old model.

Lo que me comentan a mí … Me dicen: ‘Shakira ha pillado a Piqué con otra y se van a separar’. Me dicen: ‘Eso es así, ha ocurrido, por eso hay distancia’”, Says Lorena Vázquez and Laura Fa, periodicals and conductors of the program.

However, in one instance, the Spanish do not go into too much detail, respectively, as the young person goes through the medium to retouch the theme and the other characteristic features of the present tense. “A ruby ​​of one 20 years. You are studying and working as an event director”, Se resaltó.

La controversia tuvo un gran alcance rapidly and last with the latest public applications, Shakira y Piqué fueron abordados by various periodicals and photographers mother Europa Press, which registers the moment at which the pair establishes on board one of its vehicles.

After the communicators deliberately question the celebrities respecting their -one essay- present separation, ambos decidieron evadir a la prnsa y no responder las preguntas respecto tema.

Shakira and Piqué at the time of Felicity (AP)
Shakira and Piqué at the time of Felicity (AP)

Te felicito ”

Asymmetry, conspiratorial theories have not faltered and some internats in solo have been evaluated and found as possibly the song “Te felicito ” by Shakira wrote to Piquésino que, además, otros usuarios de redes m ints intrpidos han comenzade a hacer todo tipo theorës para alentar a que Henry Cavill declare their love for Colombia.

“Por completarte me rompí en pedazos, me lo advirtieron, pero no hice caso. Me di cuenta que lo tuyo es falso, fue la gota que rebalsó el vaso. Do not digas que lo sientes, eso parece sincero, pero te conozco bien y sé que mientes. Te felicito, qué bien actúas”.

The letter de “Te felicito”the theme that Shakira lanzó en april junto a Rauw Alejandro hoy cobra otro sentido. The artist himself uses the express resource to trace his songs. However, since 2011 the theme has been announced “I love you”in which the deck of the athlete’s actions and has yet to refer to the difference of age among others: Shakira is 10 years older than’s.

A curious date is that it completes the day, 2 February. One in 1987 and the other in 1977. And the supernatural sacarle redoed it a coincidence: ella suele hacer el numero con sus manos en cada videoclip él los aplica en los festies de sus goles.

Shakira, Rauw Alejandro – Te Felicito

Padres de Milan (new) y Sasha (siete), Shakira and Gerard Piqué always characterize by mantener their relaxation profile picture. If you want to get out of bed in social media, how many times have you been in public events or where you have been interviewed about your family’s privacy. It is as if these tampons are determined explicitly, in the middle of the versions of a present insolvency.

“It simply came to our notice then. Lo siento, en esa moto ya no me monto. Gente de dos caras no la soporto. Yo que ponía las manos al fuego por ti. You treat me like one of your antojos. Tu herida no me abrió la piel, pero sí los ojos. Los tengo rojos de tanto llorar por ti”.

Shakira and Rauw Alejandro release the song in April, with the quality It is speculated that the crisis with Piqué came to most of the members, when the artist comments and writes. Without embargo, open one door at a time, in March, you will be able to get up to 600 pieces. “No one has ever realized more than 600 concerts – compared to God. Your logs have not been set before. The story is a continuum present and present to follow you, your club, your night and your future generations. It is made of a material that only dios conoce y para mí eres el mejor emjemplo de lucha, perseverancia y sinceridad para nuestros hijos”, Sign up for her Instagram account.

Gerard Pique and Shakira win a trophy won by the footballer in Barcelona (Getty Images)
Gerard Pique and Shakira win a trophy won by the footballer in Barcelona (Getty Images)

,L, en tanto, from julio del año pasado que no postea nada junto a la cantante: limit yourself to post any type of selfies, pictures of parties available in Barcelona and a photo with your friends.

Hablándote claro, no te necesito, perdiste a authentic alguien. Algo me decía por qué ne fluiamo ‘. Te va a picar cuando recuerde ‘cómo nos comíamo’. As before, you will fly away from the flywheel commanding the tranquilizer. You are not blocked from ‘pa’ because you see ‘other in the market’. I do not know ‘more history’, I do not know saber. How is it that he’s always been with you and I can not see him. Te deberían dar un Oscar, lo has hecho tan bien. Así concluye “Te felicito”, el temma que ya cosechó 65 million reproductions en YouTube.


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