Shakira songs that narrate her love story with Gerard Piqué

Accompanied by Spanish media, the Colombian decoupling that paired the fire with a 20-year-old model.  (Photo: @ shakira / Instagram)
Accompanied by Spanish media, the Colombian decoupling that paired the fire with a 20-year-old model. (Photo: @ shakira / Instagram)

The most romantic love story of the last decade is by terminal: Gerard Picked Shakira’s last strawberry with a 25 year old model that the Colombian entrepreneuris up to date with the information it shares El Periódico of Barcelona on its podcast Mamarazzis. As the wind blows, the notebook is driven inwardly due to the fact that the caricature of the public carries out but the work that has been carried out takes place on the respective trajectories.

Speculations about the possible separation of each of these are more than enough. There are some circular times in European media that the members involved are working together to find their legal representatives in order to proceed through the separation process which is centered on the custody of all Shasha and Milan shadows, pues lasting 11 years since the levan of relaxation is not casaron.

But at the moment you want to make sure that you do not overheat or rummage over your own time in close proximity. Mientras tantoShakira continent participating in Dancing with myself, a reality show estadounidense, mientras que el futbolista ya se habría mudado a su department department.

La pareja tiene dos hijos.  (Photo: @ shakira / Instagram)
La pareja tiene dos hijos. (Photo: @ shakira / Instagram)

The harem sequel is a recitation of the songs that Shakira possibly described as being written in a romantic love affair with the Club Barcelona footballer or marking a reference in its relation.

All the comments made in 2010, when the Colombian company was reunited Lionel Messi, Dani Alves, Rafael Márquez, Carlos Kameni and Gerard Piqué to grab the video clip from Waka Waka o This time for Africathe song that launches with the motive of the football world that flies to the same place in South Africa.

The current is constant when the singer and the athlete conceive. The flask se dio al instant and, in principle, treating romance in secret, pronto commensar a circular photographs which appear to be very useful. Así pasaron los meses hasta que por fin confirmon su relation, sin embargo, decidieron mantenerse lejos de los reflectors.

It is not yet imaginable that Shakira’s daughter changed one of her exits in honor of Piqué. It took a concert that offered in 2011 when the interpretation of Inevitable -theme launched in 1998- to modify a part of the initial weight that:If you want to confess, do not prepare coffee and do not play football”.

“One more egg, that ocurrió una cosa … if you want to confess, thank you for all the time you are playing football”, Referring to the number from which Gerard Piqué’s coach goes as Barcelona defender.

In 2013 he recreated his first Milan and their romance pareía ir mejor que nunca, pues la Colombiana star ya había sufrido grandes decepciones en el amor con su ex parejas carscar Pardo, carscar Ulloa, Gustavo Gordillo, Osvaldo Ríos y Antonio de la Rúa.

Those who despise tuvieron and their second name Sasha. Between controversies due to plague, a current price of 14.5 million euros in public hacienda in Spain and the persistence of the athlete in his football team all the way, continent juntos.

In 2017 Shakira launched a new disco titled El Dorado y Me enamoré fue the sign that is rapidly escalating in the lists of popularity. Explain the propian song in the interview for El hormiguero 3.0, write the song you thought it’s in pairs.

Where in Madrid, pero ya, no te cuento m ,s, nada mueds puedo contar l que cue canta lacón, lo demás is secret de Estado”, Dijo.

And, as the wind blows, so does the American separation song. Acoustic with social networking tools, Te felicitó -theme that Colombian launches in collaboration with Rauw Alejandrotell the story of infidelity that had live news with the footballer. If the letter of the song has a theme on it, the tampon artist has confirmed that it is inspired by its possible separation.


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