Shanghai residents rebel against COVID-19 lockdown: videos show food looting after 22-day lockdown

Citizens rebelled against the measures and attacked shops in search of food

Looting and protests have erupted in Shanghai as the Chinese Communist regime’s draconian restrictions to eradicate coronavirus cases have left residents without food and basic hygiene items, while cases continue to rise.

It is the largest city and financial center of China has 22 days closeddespite warnings from public health officials around the world that the Omicron variant of COVID-19 is so contagious that it cannot be cleared of blockades.

Shanghai residents ransacked emergency food supply points last night
Shanghai residents ransacked emergency food supply points last night

People of Shanghai they can only leave their homes once a day to collect food e infected Chinese children were separated from their parents in a desperate attempt to prevent the spread of the virus.

The 26 million people in solitary confinement are desperate for food shortages due to a lack of couriers to make deliveries and growing uncertainty about when the lockdown could end. In this context of despair, residents ransacked emergency food supply pointsaccording to videos shared on the Chinese website Weibo, which were quickly censored by the Chinese regime within minutes of being broadcast.

The footage shows crowds raiding shops for undelivered food packages.

Shanghai has been in the toughest bloc in the world for more than three weeks since the start of the pandemic.

American attorney Jared T. Nelson, who lives in the city, tweeted it only two people in each condominium can go out every day to collect food packages. Volunteers are required to wear full white protective coveralls and have two hours to complete the job.

Lack of food and medicine
Lack of food and medicine

Other videos posted by area residents show crowds trying to break through the barriers erected by the authorities to prevent citizens from leaving their homes.

The correspondent of Australian financial audit in North Asia, Michael Smith reported this the situation in Shanghai is terrifying. “Millions of people are struggling to feed themselves, the elderly cannot access medicines, there are videos of riots circulating on social networks. Many families depend on inadequate government food deliveries.

Shanghai has been in the toughest bloc in the world for more than three weeks since the start of the pandemic.
Shanghai has been in the toughest bloc in the world for more than three weeks since the start of the pandemic.

China’s zero virus strategy is under extreme pressure as the virus spreads across the country, with another outbreak in the northeast. As of March, China had managed to keep the number of daily cases at two or three digits, with severe localized blockades, mass testing and travel restrictions. But last week, the number of daily infections hit rates not seen since mid-February 2020.

Children with COVID-19 are separated from their parents in China

Chinese draconian measures have serious consequences for the confined. Residents of the closed areas have complained about the lack of food and that access to hospitals is difficult. Furthermore, with borders practically closed and with airline tickets reaching exorbitant prices, many families have not seen each other for more than two years.

Although China was the only major economy to grow in 2020, some sectors such as transportation, tourism or hotels and restaurants have not yet returned to their pre-crisis level. At the local level, the blockade measures have led to the closure of factories and the disruption of supply chains.

The few voices who dare to criticize this regime’s policy are accused of collusion with foreign countries.

Last July, prestigious virologist Zhang Wenhong suggested that one must “learn to live with the virus” and soon after it was the subject of an investigation by his own university. And at the end of last December the video of the “parade of humiliation” to four people suspected of having violated a law against COVID.

Parade of humiliation in China

In the images, police officers are seen forcing four people wearing masks and protective suits to parade through the streets of Jingxi city in southern China, from which photographs and names were hung. Any suspicion is detained by two police officers wearing shields, masks and protective suits, surrounded by a circle of riot police officers, some of them armed.

The four were accused of transporting illegal migrants despite China’s borders being virtually closed due to the pandemic.

The United States warned on Saturday about “arbitrary” anticovid measures in China and reported that it will leave some of its staff to leave the consulate in Shanghai in the face of the epidemic that has left the city in isolation.

The State Department is allowing non-essential personnel to leave its Shanghai consulate “due to an outbreak of COVID-19 cases and the impact of restrictions,” an embassy spokesperson said in a statement. The statement warns its citizens to reconsider the trip to China “due to the application of arbitrary local laws and restrictions related to covid-19,” adding that the embassy in Beijing has expressed concern about the Chinese government’s measures.


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