Solo with membrane. Preferred by celebrities, nightclubs that fly and fly to the party, but with changers

After a year and a half, the tequila repertoire has three weeks to come and lo espered by your habitual public, tan exclusively as present and acostumbrado to the nights in those that do not want to hurt. Without embargo, some cosmos change from December 2019 onwards as the Costanera bulk flows, in principle, to translate the summer weather in Punta del Este. The coronavirus apparatus cambió todos los planes and Tequila no volvij a abrir hasta el 13 mayo 2022. Hoy el night club preferred by the celebrities to function neu pero on their night is distant.

The restoration of Costanera’s premises has not been completed yet. All you can do is go to China Suárez, Carolina Pampita Ardohain with her friends Roberto García Moritán, Dante Spinetta, Mica Tinelli and Adrián Suar, among others. In a vibrant and violet tone environment, the music of the 70’s and the reggaeton are perfect. From the entones, each Tequila semen window flies to the party stage. Aunque in the superfic todo parece haber vuelto a la normalidad, desde el club nocturno perciben que hay hibitos que no son lo que eran.

China Suárez and Pampita, in the Tequila repertoire
China Suárez and Pampita, in the Tequila repertoireGerardo Viercovich

Creative insecurity and economic backlash that intensifies with pandemics modify the schedule of deadlines and, además, the limit: no tienden a ser más de una por semana. No more than 2.30 and no appointments before the 7th of the month. Tequila’s night is now up to 12 yrs and up to 5 yrs.

With a maximum capacity of 350 people working in totality, which is allowed by the authorities. The embargo is one of the few vacancies that would go unnoticed, as long as there are more than 600 people per night. Reducing the opening time of the juveniles and virgins;cost that starting in the pandemic from the moment it is habilitating with a limit of up to 200 people.

Other characters: actor Owen Wilson rodeado de modelos
Other characters: actor Owen Wilson rodeado de modelosGentileza

As the first evidence that pandemic evidence has its negative consequences, there are positive effects that can be seen, even if it refers to the night. “Notice that the new guys who are trying to come now are very educated. Hay mucha education and respect for what can be and what can not be. Aceptan las condiciones y no se producen problemas en la puerta. Although it is a society that is golpada and that is more to accept than to discuss. No toman tanto alcohol, se cuidan. Have more concussion if you think you are in a car. You are more organized and you have to choose a way to get safe. And if you save more, you can drive the car to get it safely and get out of the taxi ”, details LA NACION magazine Paola Pravato Peralta, right hand man by Osvaldo Brucco, duo of Tequila.

Authentic night club conceptually, Tequila works like that a club that accesses a member which, at the moment is digitally following. Estas son annuales y se renuevan o no pasado el año. Además, son hereditarias. It is decided that if a society abandons its member it can transfer it to its shadow, brother or friend that it has as its member of the disc. “It’s new for heresy, but for the fact that the deja vu de salir y trae al primo or al hermano. It seems that you have a period of salivation and despair of another period in which there is no sale. Do you have people who are exposed to life and have their own membrane persona Who’s who have all the membranes? That is all about you ”, the responsiveness of the disco.

Juan Martpin Del Potro, Polito Pieres and Connie Ansaldi, amazed by the night club
Juan Martpin Del Potro, Polito Pieres and Connie Ansaldi, amazed by the night clubGentileza

As a club, all people are aware of what they are responsible for. “Tequila cuida mucho a la gente. It’s a nightmare with a college concept. Te sacamos si transgredís, si faltás el respeto. “I have no problem with alcohol or drugs,” said Pravato Peralta. The voices of Valeria Mazza, Marcelo Tinelli, Ricky Sarkany, Claudio Cerini, Delfina Blaquier and Catarina Spinetta their algunos of the ones that fly through the last times and share the balances, in the same place and time that they are.

Estos “llevan a sus hijos y se quedan tranquilos. Me llaman y me dicen “Va mi hijo”. Así, dentro de a public that is a mix between art, fashion and sports, convive the most young people with a age of 45 years or more. All know that it is habitat. The girls of the pandemic, the hizo salir more temprano, igual than the most grande ”, apunta la mano derecha from due to place.

In Tequila Punta del Este, Paulina Rubio and David Bisbal
In Tequila Punta del Este, Paulina Rubio and David BisbalGentileza

The Tequila system, in which it is accessible for access, is fast-paced and more in line with the digitalization that is in place. The digital membranes being prepared have more than 300. The embargo, which did not start from 1990, is more than 30 years old. “It simply came to our notice then. Have a VIP plastic bag. As the wind blows, we need to decide which way to go or not. We do not want to play, we do not want to enter more gente. Nunca dejamos afuera gente por otros motivos ”, asegura Paola Pravato Peralta.

Since its opening in 1990, it has grown to include many local and world-famous celebrities: the Alberto de Monaco principle, the Bono singer, the U2 singer and David Copperfield, all of their clients. Each international person based in Argentina, located in Tequila, aseguran. At the end of the day, led by Osvaldo Brucco, the idea of ​​starting a bar-club, the places to sell are centered on the barriers of Recoleta or Belgrano. Mau Mau y la City eran los m concs concurridos.

In Costanera no wonder more than one of the classic restaurants added to the theater desperate for theater and “It hurts” y es acá. Estaban Los Años Locations opposite Tequila, te hablo de la epo de Olmedo. También ya estaba Happening, que era de Beba Brucco, la mamá de Osvaldo. Eran los lugares que atrapaban a la gente a la salida del teatro. It establishes the decadent theater fashion of the decade. Osvaldo arrancaba sobre la Costanera. Currently you can read and write on Costanera with Gardiner. “Every local has a place, which is supposed to be in Tequila”, said Paola Pravato Peralta.

Pancho Dotto, in one of the diffraction fiestas
Pancho Dotto, in one of the diffraction fiestasGentileza

For Ella, Costanera hoy is the best place to stay, but its very easy to do for those who come to the Capital as well as for those who do not want to go north. “The truth is that Osvaldo Brucco has a vision. But at the moment the child goes É qué vas a hacer ahí? There is absolutely no room for contraction of the screw mark which is currently the Belgrano and Recoleta era”, Apunta.

One chapter apart from Tequila de Punta del Este that permanently clings to the ultimate tempo. “The idea is great. We do not know the end of the year or the end of the year”, Adelanta Pravato Peralta. Every summer Tequila de Punta del Este’s nights are destacaban for their thematic parties. For one of the eligirion of madrina to Mirtha Legrand, the star and protagonist of the national classic The martes, orchids: the theme of the fiesta eran the orchids. To celebrate the rush, in the intrusion of the bulbs, an enormous photo of the actress.

In 2018, the orchid party in Punta del Este, named after Mirtha Legrand
In 2018, the orchid party in Punta del Este, named after Mirtha Legrand Gentileza

In another state, madrina and the icon of the animal print fiesta by Susana Giménez. Other than that, the emblem of the themed fiesta is Nina, a woman who travels around the world. Other than the fiesta it’s dedicated to the city of New York, and all the environments are illuminated with lights and lightning fast. “When we searched for the idea of ​​decoration, I painted a reference and only had a mascot. Open one of the steps in increments of the verandas ”, relating to the responsiveness of each detail, surely aiming at the fiestas that are placed.

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