Somoza decided, Vecchio was shocked and the leadership appeased

At a time when there should be calmer waters inside Central the opposite happens. This time the shaking happened in the morning training session on this Tuesday, when Emiliano Old did not participate after the coach Leandro Somozza He will order the fulfillment of a special job, which has as its purpose a physical reconditioning. As they indicated, this position did not please the captain, who has already handled the information that the manager’s idea was not to use him, at least as a starter, for Friday’s match against Colon. All this in the morning, but in the afternoon the story continued, with a meeting that took place at the headquarters in via Miter and which was attended by the main managers of the club, Older and his representative. In that conclave the parties expressed their views and agreed to lower the decibels on the matter, understanding that the most important thing is the health of the Central. Vecchio will show up today to train as he does every day, to do a double shift (he will do it up to and including Friday), as requested by Somoza.

At this point it seems clear enough that the attacking midfielder will not be present in the next match. The intention of Old At least he had to go to the substitutes’ bench, but that would hardly happen since the work plan they have developed is a double shift for several days.

The information emerged a few minutes before noon, when the practice had just ended and endless conjectures were intertwined, which with the passing of the hours were being decanted. Somozza believes that the physical state of Old It is not ideal, at least facing 90 minutes, which is why the coaching staff planned a special routine for him, apart from the group, so that he could prepare as soon as possible. The TD and his collaborators are convinced that this work is necessary. In principle, from Monday, when the group returns to work, Vecchio will train normally, with the possibility of going to Mar del Plata, but everything will depend on the evaluation made by Somoza and his collaborators.


Vecchio made it clear that he had never quarreled with Leonardo Somoza.

Vecchio made it clear that he had never quarreled with Leonardo Somoza.

Sebastian Suarez Meccia / The capital

Following Somoza’s words, Vecchio did not participate in the training, but remained in the office, more precisely in the hotel, where he shared lunch with the rest of his companions.

The player was surprised by the situation that arose, especially by what immediately emerged and made it clear that in no time he had a fight with Somoza. “What is being said is all a lie,” he told Ovación, at a time when the matter was in full swing.

When it became known, the first vice president Ricardo Carloni and sports secretary Raúl Gordillo were present at Arroyo Seco, where they spoke with the rogue captain. However, in the afternoon a meeting was agreed, to continue chatting, obviously with the presence of Vecchio, who was accompanied by his representative. Representing the club was the president Rodolfo Di Pollina, Carloni y Gordillo.


Vecchio will work in double shifts up to and including Friday.

Vecchio will work in double shifts up to and including Friday.

Virginia Benedetto / La Capital

There were no official rumors, but what emerged was that the speech was on good terms, that the management showed support for the manager’s position and that Vecchio admitted that he had no problem complying with this requirement on the part of the coach. coaching staff, but who felt that they should integrate the campus, at least to occupy a place among the relays. Like his peers, Old he was one of the many players who showed a low level in the match against Tigre and Somoza had already decided against him Colon the captain would not have been part of the starting team. They say that already on Monday the player, due to some information that had reached him, imagined that in practice on Tuesday or today (there will be football at the Giant) he would have been excluded, which in the end happened.

It is therefore striking that Somoza did not make this determination as soon as he took the lead of the team and that he had to wait until after the match against Tigre, in which Old He was the owner, to convince himself that the captain needs a yes or yes physical conditioning.

So, what is left after another hectic day at Central is that Vecchio will not be considered against Colón, who will work all week on his physique and who, in principle, will have the same chances as of Monday for the rest. the match in Mar del Plata first Aldosives.

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