South American Cup: Defense and Justice beat Antofagasta 3-1 and Union drew 1-1 with Junior

Two Argentine teams start their dream in search of the continental title (Photo: EFE)
Two Argentine teams start their dream in search of the continental title (Photo: EFE)

The two most important continental competitions started the group stage on Tuesday. The first day of the South American Cup, banfield won at home for at least a great match against Santos from Brazil, while Independent lost by host 2-1 to Ceara. This afternoon / evening it was the turn of two other Argentine representatives: Santa Fe Union received a Junior from Barranquilla e Defense and Justice traveled to Chile to clash with Sport Antofagasta.


The activity in South American football does not stop and the group stages feature interesting games throughout the day on Wednesday. One of them was inside Santa Fe with Unión who equaled 1-1 with Junior de Barranquilla for the duel corresponding to Group H of the Copa Sudamericana. Federico Vera opened the account for Tatengue and then he scored against his fence.

The match at the 15 de Abril Stadium had a frenetic pace at the start and after 2 minutes the locals took the lead with a goal from Vera, who captured a rebound in the area and defined by the right.

However, Union’s right-back converted against his fence after a deep pass Jorge Ariascoming only from the left, sent the center, and Vera, wanting to evacuate, ended up sending her inside.

Then the Union tried to get out of balance and its best card was the mobility of Mariano Peralta Bauer on the attack. Attempts by the gangs were other keys across the left side Claudio Corvalan and the lane Gaston Gonzalezand Imanol Machuca for the right sector.

But the coffee farmers are no different and at half-time they respond with a ball from the crossbar by Miguel Borgia.

At the beginning of the complement (9 minutes), Junior was left in ten men due to the expulsion of Luis Gonzalez, after receiving the second yellow card. But the bad news that came to him has also been for the Unión ever since Gaston Gonzalez went to the showers for a double warning.

Then the game went into a plateau due to friction which also interrupted the game with several fouls on both sides. The intensity of the first half has disappeared and the arrivals have been missed.

Union had one to take the lead which was wasted by Machuca and in extra time a header by the Colombian Edwin Cetre past.

Union’s next match in South Americans’ Group H will be on Tuesday 12 April, when they visit Bolivia to face East Petrolero. While that same day the coffee growers will receive the Fluminense, which this Wednesday beat the cast of the highlands 3-0.


Union: Santiago Mele; Federico Vera, Franco Calderón, Emanuel Brítez, Claudio Corvalán; Imanol Machuca, Juan Nardoni, Juan Carlos Portillo, Gastón González; Mariano Peralta Bauer, Matías Gallegos. DT: Gustavo Munua.

Junior: Sebastiano Viera; Nilson Castrillón, Dany Rosero, Jorge Arias, Gabriel Fuentes; Didier Moreno, Yesus Cabrera; Germán Mera, Luis González, Freddy Hinestroza; Miguel Borgia. DT: Giovanni Croce Reale.

Stage: April 15

Referee: Andrés Matonte (Uruguay)



The most glorious days of Defense and Justice they were in South American Cup crowned champion in the 2020 edition after defeating Lanús in the final played at Mario Alberto Kempes of Cordoba in January 2021. The Varela’s falcon He dreams of returning to those moments of happiness and has started a new path in his favorite race on the right foot ever since won 3-1 in Chile during his visit to Sport Antofagastawith goals from Walter Bou, Nicolas Tripicchio and Miguel Merentiel.

The opening of the marker was anticipated and was born from a registered trademark of those led by Sebastián Beccaceceseeing that after 10 minutes they put pressure on the opponent at the start and after recovering from Carlo RotondiBou receives in the area and with his left he puts him on the far post.

The Chilean cast reacted and reached the rival area, but in a quick counterattack the Falcon hit again. At 29 ‘Bou exits his field, opening on the left Michele Merentiel and in the area the side surprised Nicola Tripicchio who hosted it. In just three passes, Varela’s men went 2-0.

Walter Bou cheers on Antofagasta (Edgard Cross-Buchannan / Photosport)
Walter Bou cheers on Antofagasta (Edgard Cross-Buchannan / Photosport)

In the second half, the Defense knew how to injure every time they could get close and that’s how the third arrived, which was a carbon copy of the second goal. At 57 ‘another quick start, Bou who in this case opens on the left with Rotondi and in the middle appears Merentiel who sends in the net.

the cast of Woodcock He always had control of the game beyond the Chilean discount in the epilogue, in the 82nd minute there was a corner kick and the ball slipped towards Marco Collao Ramos what With a shot from outside the box, he scored a beautiful goal that decorated the result.

The second round of Group F, Defense will be put to the test in Varela against Goianiense (Brazil), who beat Liga Quito (Ecuador) 4-0, the team that will host the Chilean team. Please note that only the winner of each group will qualify for the second round.


Antofagasta: Diego Sanchez; Byron Nieto, Andrés Robles, Juan Cornejo; Diego Orellana, Federico Bravo, Ariel Uribe; Jason Flores, Gabriel Torres, Gabriel Torres; Bryan Hurtado. DT: Juan Tolisano.

Defense and Justice: Ezekiel Unsain; Nicolás Tripicchio, Adonis Frías, Nazareno Colombo, Gabriel Alanís; Kevin Gutierrez, Raul Loaiza; Hugo Fernandez, Carlos Rotondi; Walter Bou, Miguel Merentiel. DT: Sebastián Beccacece.

Stage: Regional Calvo and Bascuñán

Referee: Nicolas Gallo Barragàn (Colombia)



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