Students defending the point against Colón in Santa Fe: time, formations and TV

Students find themselves going through a stage in which, in general, there is no respite between a presentation and the next, but they also take into account that there is a central protagonist, present in the Professional League Cup, as well as the Libertadores Cup. The match starts at 20.30, with TNT Sports TV and La Redonda (FM 100.3)

This is Marco, tracing the goal of Barracas Central, in the Park of the Patricios, and the poster triumph 2-1 over Tigre, in the UN, the condominium being presented in Santa Fe, more precisely in Brigadier Estanislao López, as a visitor of Colón, the rogue elenco that follows the lead of Julio César Falcioni, is in the middle of the Group stage, in this case the G, of the Copa Libertadores.

With Pincha much better positioned in Zone 2 of the Copa de Liga, teams will be cruising at night, starting at 20:30, with the drop off in the Argentine tournament taking place in the best conditions near from the continental shelf: local ante Bragantino, the martes, the albirrojos; as visiting Olympia, in Paraguay, the young, the Sabaleros.

By the student’s trainer, trainer Ricardo Zielinski decided to make this exchange, respectively the last part by the local tour. Salve el lateral Valdez los demás serán todos nuevos y entre los pocos con algo de rodaje se puede citar al paraguayo Jorge Morel y poco más. If you are looking for a way out, more than just Russia, or playing in the Argentina Cup against Puerto Nuevo, there is an alternative formation.

The accumulation of games, mostly by Students, which transitions to a stage exceeding the Groups in the Copa Libertadores, in front of the Chileans of Audax Italiano and Everton, successively representing a topic of analysis for their trainers, which has been after 11 resistance of the jugadores exchange to avoid an agotamient that at the team level is supported by the futuro.

Zielinski entendió that it is the moment of poner one stop and darles to its south south a descent, restless toilet that established establishing gritos algunos de elos. For example, Matthias Pellegrini, who suffers from muscle cramps and is in a state of shock against the Brazilians. We start the pair of central markers, which do not descant a part in the last half.

Adelante, aljunto albirrojo le queda ser local de Aldosivi u visitante de Rosario Central, conne pei peidnadad: quantum mejor poshijade poshime the present instance classigatoria de la Copa de Liga, comenzar los quartas de final con uno’s equoj in Zone 1.

The first four Zone 1 clubs and the four with the best Zone 2 scores, cruising, in eliminator lava: the first to be ranked against the quarters and the second against the third. This means that finalizing the most positive tendency over benefits, however, is part of the theory.

But most of all it’s circus constancy, and in respect of the Students, tends to be a defender in the condition of the Group C of the Liberators Cup, a competence that scores local goals and saves empathy with strong national annotations, Montevideo.

The Martians compete with Bragantino, at 57 and 1, with whom to share the first place in the classification, and more adeptly, to determine their future in competing south against the rematch against Nacional in our city, Bragantino in San Pablo and V Liniers.

The highest scores of each of the groups in which the teams are divided at the present instance advancing to the final octaves; meters that the third can be incorporated into the South American Cup that is unlocked in parallel and the ultimate goal is elimination.

Pincha’s actuality, it’s obligatory, is to attempt to establish the privileged settlement in a stage that is consistent as one of the best Argentine football formations, with a goal-scoring capacity.

The student squad that directs Ricardo Zielinski complete its agenda and this is the first semester of the year with a presentation from the Copa Argentina, a tour that presents itself with an alternative allotment, ante Puerto Nuevo, and is classified as 16 years old.

Of the possible headlines against Bragantino the only one that travels to Zapiola for complete series


Colón: Leonardo Burián; Eric Meza, Facundo Garcés, Paolo Goltz, Rafael Delgado and Andrew Teuten; Rodrigo Aliendro, Federico Lértora and Christian Bernardi; Luis Miguel Rodríguez and Lucas Beltrán. DT: Julio César Falcioni.

Students: Jerónimo Pourtau; Emanuel Beltrán, Bautista Kociubinski, Santiago Núñez and Bruno Valdez; Hernán Toledo, Jorge Morel, Nelson Deossa and Carlo Lattanzio; Braian Orosco and Alan Marinelli. DT: Ricardo Zielinski.

Referee: Néstor Pitana.

Cancha: Colón de Santa Fe.

Start time: 20.30.

TV: TNT Sports.


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