Su-57, the Russian case that landed on Tom Cruise

Top Gun: Maverick is one of the biggest surprises of this time. It should not be built on one of the most well-adjusted screens, since trajectory of the classic combinations of aero combinations. The new Maverick movie is under the control of an F-18 Super Hornet y el mítico F-14 Tomcat, which in general is referred to as “quinta generation”. If the character played by Cruise does not know the name, he is being beaten Sukhoi Su-57.

El Su-57 es the first fully combustible jet jet fired by Russia to build your Su-27 and MiG 29 aircraft.Conceived as “Felon” by OTAN, the Su-57 is a single-plane combined aircraft cover capacity of 2,500 kilometers per hour (Mach 2.25). It has a supersonic thrust of more than 1,500 kilometers and a supersonic thrust of 3,500 kilometers.

The current quintet of current generation with the Izdeliye 30 engines that generates a relational speed of more than 36,000 kiloponds (kilograms-barrels). También incorpora horizontal and vertical stabilizers, these are the last functions as an aerodynamic brake when driven upwards. In terms of mobility, This aircraft can fly the Cobra de Pugachovan acrobatic maneuver that we see in Top Gun: Maverick to avoid an attic.

Ultrasound generation technology

The Su-57 fuselage uses compressed materials to avoid radars. The technology of sigilo incluye a design with straight and angled geometric lines which reduce the reflections that provoke the waves of the radar. An important feature is the presence of an advanced infrared sensor for search and follow-up installed in the nariz. This is why people should objectively be detected and able to identify and geolocalize enzyme emissions.

In terms of armament, the Su-57 has lateral bays that carry airborne short-range missiles, as well as internal bays that can carry four BVR missiles. Include a 30mm GSh-301 case before landing can use an Hk-38 missile and precision guided bombs.

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