Tenaris pays a fee of US $ 78.1 million to conduct an investigation in United States

Por segunda vez in once años, the company Tenaris be present before the gobierno de United States and pay a multimillion-dollar sum to carry out an investigation into acts of transnational corruption “without admitting or neglecting” the urchin.

In May 2011, Tenaris – who integrates with the Techint group – paid US $ 8.5 million for’s extravaganza in Uzbekistan’s Ley Prácticas Corrupt Comets in Extranjero (FCPA, with English accents); now pays US $ 78.1 million to pay more than what Brazil’s instructed by the Foreign Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Department of Justice, following a 2016 Tenaris campaign.

“Tenaris fell far short in implementing adequate internal controls in its negotiation operations and weighing out the corruption scandals that are approaching,” said the head of the Division for FCPA and the SEC. Charles Cain. “It’s thanks to the environment in which the sobornos facilitate the work of a constellation of associate companies”sostuvo.

The company, which is located in Luxembourg, pay US $ 25 million of “civilian money”, more than US $ 53.1 million in the concept of “restitution of interest” to conclude the central investigation in the subsidiary negotiations Confab mantuvo con la petrolera statal brasileña Petrobras between 2008 and 2013. In parallel, the Department of Justice is looking into the topic of media recording.

The undertaking constitutes a communication that “leads to an internal investigation with the assistance of its external legal assistants, to find something that corrupts the participation of Tenaris or its directors, operators or executors in relation to uncertain salaries”.

Always follow the holding, “All rights reserved.. An internal investigation was carried out by Petrobras, which found that Confab had received a bribe, exchange rates, benefits and commercial ventures from part of Petrobras, and that contracts were indefinitely obtained.

With the US $ 78.1 million stamp and the stake of those involved in Brazil, the holding configured a history that includes chapters in Brazilian lands, where Petrobras and intermediate executives confess their participation in one Italy, Switzerland and Argentina.

Joao Antonio Bernardi Filho, one of them
Joao Antonio Bernardi Filho, one of the “dealers” in the case of Lava JatoCapture of TV

In Brazil, one of the “dealers”, Joao Antonio Bernardi Filho, led by Brazilian Confab guarantor, Benjamin Sodré Netto, who included news from Argentina to finalize details of the legal operation, which included US $ 10.4 million. In Buenos Aires, obtain the name of the offshore firm used to celebrate fictitious contracts with the Uruguayan company Hayley SA, and the posterior diner transfer to an account that the Uruguayan firm controls in the Millennium Private Bank of Ginebra.

En Italia, en tanto, la Milan Criminal Court After the investigation, the operation concludes that it has no jurisdiction over Paolo Rocca, Gianmanelice and Roberto Bonatti.

The decision to adopt the Cépta Septima de la Corte, which’s taking over the presidency of Ombretta Malatesta, was decided by the “Italian jurisdiction”, with the decision not to abort its existence or act deceptively.

The investigation is centered on the present authorization to pay up to 0.5% for Confab obtaining 22 contracts of Petrobras for the Tuberian summons in the amount of 1400 million euros. The news is paid in Brazil by the director of Petrobras, Renato Duque, with the assistance of a Techint executive, Héctor Alberto Zabaleta.

Swiss authorities collaborate with Brazilian and Italian investigations. Informs that three months are spent earning money by moving funds under the Techint number and under controlling accounts by Panamanian companies Gabiao Investments Inc. and Sociedade Moonstone Inc. One of the declarations including that of the Jordan Zabaleta, which was included in Buenos Aires in the Cuadernos cause.

All Italian, Brazilian and Pan-Value Market Authorities collaborate with the SEC investigation into details of the status quo, which does not necessarily agree with the control bodies under the control of Judah or Pod.

In Buenos Aires, the investigation about Tenaris involved in its negotiations with Petrobras in 2017 and being included in federal fiscal maneuvers Eduardo Taiano. As soon as possible, you will find yourself at the stage of the instruction and the short critiques of the Italian fiscals by their co-operation.

In its communication, in a sense, Tenaris states that holding and its affiliates are compromised by transparency and integration based on the most ethical standards and the strict complementarity of the laws and regulations governing all jurisdictions. . As the SEC reconnects with the Order, Tenaris implements a series of measures in its remediation processes and actions as part of its continuous influence in the field of its normative complement ”.

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