Testigo del rock: Víctor Pintos publica cinco libros este 2022

Vector Pintos is one of the periodicals that is most familiar with music. Born in Olavarría, Buenos Aires, this is one of the most popular flights on Córdoba radio. In GPS, using the Universidad 580, we filter our enthusiasm by sound and rhythm. In this way, the conjugation is based on 46 years of periodic trajectory. Pintos is a producer and writer. In fundamental books reconstruct the myths of “Tanguito” by Atahualpa Yupanqui.

With all this recalled camino, this 2022 tends to be booked with the company Pintos. The surprise, the quiz, is the incursion into the universe of fiction for people, with the book of poems, “Singing songs and Singing songs – Don Ata” (Ecoval editorial), which looks at the light proximity. Le sigue “MH is Argentina”, edited by INAMU (the National Institute of Music), with the history of the record label. Planeta reeditará su primer libro sobre “Tanguito”, which was launched for the first time in 1993. “Recuentos ”, an autobiography and an anthological analysis of your age in music and periodicity, finally published in the age media.

I am interviewing Cba24n habla of all these projects.

Testigo del rock: Víctor Pintos publica cinco libros este 2022

—Victor, are the books printed and sold with their intended destinations, for which edades are they considered?

– Some of the first book books for people, Books for singers and Books for singers – Don Ata, edited by Ecoval de Córdoba, an independent editorial impromptu that publishes beautiful books about nature, wildlife and nature alimentation hay and respect for the average environment.

We offer you an adept “Le decían Carito”, an infantile song by Víctor Pintos

¿Which individual titles or forms are part of the collection?

These are the first books in a series of pages Prices for singingillustrated by Alejandro O’Kif, artist cherished and admired by me, who is a friend of one of the epochs in which we share the editorial of Humor magazine, in the editorial La Urraca, which includes the editions of El Periodista, Fierro and SexHumor, publications.

The songs are protagonized by some of them who have a school age – we can say, between 10 and 12 years old – who are the children of places in the country, and are united by a common origin: popular songs from different and different generations.

—¿Which figures do you read? Ued Can it be used in schools?

– The book Books to sing have referenced books in songs Fito Páez, León Gieco, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Jorge Fandermole, Astor Piazzolla and Horacio Ferrer and Charly García, and Cuentos para cantar – Don Ata has the particularity of being the protagonist by some of the people of Pergamon, the native city of Yupanqui. In this sense, you can use it as a pedagogical medium to accentuate the figure of Don Ata and the new generation. Of course, about 30 years after the death of Yupanqui, the Secretariat of the Parchment Culture took out the regular edition of books by students of the city during one of the primary schools.

—¿Do you want to start the alcove of the lecturers and how can we access it?
These are some of the most sought after items in the 46 ° Feria International from the Buenos Aires Book that take off from April 28 to May 16. This game is distributed to all countries and can be purchased in bookstores. Click on the internet to go to the editorial site.

Testigo del rock: Víctor Pintos publica cinco libros este 2022

MH is Argentina! Do you have a repository of national music registers for which period? ¿What material is available and how is it available?

– The book has two lines of communication. Read the history of four decades of the Music Hall sale in parallel with my personal history: I was born in Buenos Aires in 1980, at the age of 21, and my company, in which León Gieco grabbed, the main respondent of the current Olavarría and me radicara in the capital of the country, one of the first places to be known. Music Hall ends in the first 50 years and goes to one of the main discography of the country as soon as it falls into the principle of 90.

Nombres fundamentales pasaron por el sello...

—Sí! They all publish and publish works by artists and groups as well Astor Piazzolla, Aníbal Troilo, Daniel Toro, Seru Giran, Eduardo Falú, Charly García, Litto Nebbia, León Gieco, Raúl Porchetto, Tránsito Cocomarola, Miguel Mateos, Arco Iris, Pappo, Ruben Rada, Pastoral, Los Jaivas ybetween muchísimos m .s.

This catalog was released in 2016 by INAMU, the National Institute of Music. The book contains a picture of a world that is not. Here are the discs, the color television, and the periodicals on paper, which violate the passage of the vinyl records, the compacts, and the AM and FM radios.

¿How and where to read the lectures?

– INAMU presented in the final tram of the Feria del Libo de Buenos Aires, in the auditorium of the Ministry of Culture of the Nation, and it was distributed free of charge but all the way as it went with other publications that were impulsive .

Testigo del rock: Víctor Pintos publica cinco libros este 2022

As soon as it is done, it is an incandescent bus finder in music and communication cages, it is public “Recuentos”an anthology of 46 periodicals.

“Recuentos” is available around the method of this, edited by Ecoval. Read my 46-year history in periodicism and present an anthology in the order of periodicals that is published away from the essay, with interviewees, incubators and vivid stories of artists and artists alike. Mercedes Sosa, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Keith Richards, Gustavo Cerati, Bob Dylan, León Gieco, Rubén Blades, Joaquín Sabina, Chico Buarque, Moris, Atahualpa Yupanqui, BB King and Roberto Goyenechebetween many others

Include a memory in addition to the book, with manuscripts of Yupanqui, Luca Prodan y Spinettabetween others, and entries in concert, credentials, and epoch-making flyers, for which lecturers can accurately attach these objects in a historical form.

Víctor Pintos, a wide range of music and video stories
Víctor Pintos, a wide range of music and video stories

Other literary works by the author:

At the moment you have a lot of books and produce a quinto. Things to do about Atahualpa Yupanqui: “Atahualpa Yupanqui – Cartas a Nenette” (2000) y “Atahualpa Yupanqui – Este largo camino (Memorias)” (2008), y “Tanguito La verdadera historia” (1993).

In 2018 publicó “Disco Conversions Pi”with interviews performed on the Disco Pi radial cycle that conducts continuously through it FM 102.3 by Multimedia SRT from the National University of Córdoba.

Testigo del rock: Víctor Pintos publica cinco libros este 2022


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