The 10 biggest mistakes in NBA Draft history

This is where the best promo wrestlers of the World Basketball League come from. In continuation, there are 10 choices: from Greg Oden to Kevin Durant to Sam Bowie to Michael Jordan.


El Draft 2022 of the NBA walking down the street is June 23 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. This is a convincing event, the franchises are selected from the largest NCAA projects and exterior to refill the plants in the cortex and median plaza. In continuation, the gods are chosen in the history of the league.

10: Jay Williams – Pick n ° 2 en el Draft 2002 (Chicago Bulls)

The base belongs to the Draft 2002 as one of the best southern juveniles in the world of Chinese Yao Ming. The Bulls’s elegance does not go unnoticed Williams pulls his carriage through the board of the moving wheel with his moto: cuts a nerve in the pin and destroys three ligaments of the rodilla. Su rehabilitation fue fallida y do not fly to the basket.

NBA Draft

9: Robert Traylor – Pick n ° 6 in the 1998 Draft (Milwaukee Bucks)

Traylor fue reclutado por los Dallas Mavericks en primera instanci, pero was instantly transported to the Milwaukee Bucks by Pat Garrity and Dirk Nowitzki. Así, los Bucks dejaron ir al mejor europeo en la historia de la liga. Nowitzki is the 2007 MVP of the season and a very good leader in the 2011 NBA championship Mavs. Paul Pierce selected selectively from Traylor.

NBA Draft

8: Chris Washburn – Pick n ° 3 in the 1986 Draft (Golden State Warriors)

Washburn is only famous for its controversial role in the era of the university: the enslavement of a stereo set up in NC State and the era cataloged as a “work ethic”. No GSW obstruction created in the unit and selected at the end of the draft. For desgracia term expired by por NBA screw’s game of fallars trying drugs.

NBA Draft

7: Adam Morrison – Pick n ° 3 en el Draft de 2006 (Charlotte Bobcats)

Michael Jordan’s first draft selection as the main character in Charlotte. Tras a tempo de novato estelar, loosen the anterior cruciate ligament in a pre-press and play volley on the mismo. More entertaining was the Los Angeles Lakers, when it comes to finding a place to rotate. Fue elegido antes que la futura superestrella Rondo region.

NBA Draft

6: Kwame Brown – Pick n ° 1 in the 2001 Draft (Washington Wizards)

To weigh one of the South Streams that can be found in any NBA Draft first selection, Brown not to offer 7 points per carrera. Además, fue arrested in 2007 y tuvo una contraction of violence in its contra. Fue elegido antes that great jugadores like Pau Gasol or Tyson Chandler.

NBA Draft

5: LaRue Martin – Pick n ° 1 in the 1972 Draft (Portland Trail Blazers)

The first example of Portland error in the list. Because talent is not abundant in generation, Martin apenas pudo promediar 5.3 points for playing with his four-year-old carriage.

NBA Draft

4: Greg Oden – Pick n ° 1 in the 2007 Draft (Portland Trail Blazers)

Portland wants to appear on the list. Without embargo, it is now more likely that an error will occur. The NBA Draft of 2007 only the biggest favorites of the first choice: Greg Oden and Kevin Durant. Nadie is currently criticizing the Blazers for being obedient to Oden, pero variations of rodilla lesions and a fracture in your hand hobile lo fueron apagando. Además de Durant, astrallas de la talla de Al Horford o Joakim Noah también fueron elegidos después de el.

NBA Draft

3: Michael Olowokandi – Pick n ° 1 en el Draft de 1998 (Los Angeles Clippers)

Olowkandi is very much the expectation of a prime choice. To weigh yourself (siete pies), hibia recipe made to play basketball organized up to 18 years old! The formation fault is evident in a league like the NBA: sold only 8.3 points per game in this tempo. In this Draft fueron elegance posteriorly Vince Carter, Dirk Nowitzki and Paul Pierce.

NBA Draft

2: Darko Milicic – Pick n ° 2 in the 2003 Draft (Detroit Pistons)

I love the Draft from the NBA like the new Dirk Nowitzki, but it is miles away. If you recommend anilone in 2004 as new, apenas pudo promediar 6 puntos per partido durante su carrera. The error of the Pistons is due to the fact that the names of the southerners that are being selected by the Serbians are repeated. Entre ellos destacan Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

NBA Draft

1: Sam Bowie – Pick n ° 2 in the 1984 Draft (Portland Trail Blazers)

The Houston Rockets’s victory over the historical Hakeem Olajuwon in the first pick, Portland only has the chance to choose, for many, which terminates convincingly in the largest south of all the teams: Michael Jordan. Without embargo, the Blazers are inclined by Sam Bowie and Chicago Bulls are with MJ23. The rest is history.

NBA Draft

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