The 12 came out to show its power: what is behind the transfer of the Boca bar to Colombia

The bar led by Rafael Di Zeo and Mauro Martín said it was present in Cali, sending a message both to the political authorities and to those who intend to contest their power.

On the 12th in Cali

A hike to show the power. This spawned The 12 on Tuesday in the match between Boca And Deportivo Cali In Colombia. First, as a internal message for those still seeking to challenge power in La Bombonera. So, like another external message, addressed to the political judicial authorities who still prevent them from accessing the courts in Argentina.

All of them managed to get into Cali, also Mauro Martín, who had no problem paying for two trips after Panama barred him from entering because he was on a blacklist. Far from keeping a low profile, they made a presence at the stadium with flags hanging in the stands: that of Player no. 12 and that of Leopardi, the Martin family club.

On the 12th in Cali

To make matters worse, they were also photographed in the stands before and after the match, making the V for the winto clarify that although the excursion in the premiere of the Liberators Cup was lacking for Xeneize, for those who play from paraavalancha it was pure profit. For the first time since April 2019 they were able to enjoy feeling like the owners of the council. And with this they feel approaching the possibility of fighting for the return to the second tray that Casa Amarilla gives awayas they suppose a violation of all their rights to continue admission after six years from the start of the provision.

For now, the Municipality of Buenos Aires He gave them the right and warned that this impediment did not exist and that it had expired from March 2022. But they have two other measures to reverse: that of the Nation, which will remain in force until April 2023; and the judiciary, since the leadership of the forum has a pending trial for covering up a kidnapper (Mey Oetinger, ex n. 3 de La Doce) and Di Zeo has another for instigation to commit an alleged double murder. The latter cause is linked to the internal war that has ended two killed on 21 July 2012.

On the 12th in Cali

As can be seen in the photos of Cali, they are confident. Indeed, in the group photo you can see them all jubilant and cheering in front of the camera. Among the photographed can be identified, in addition to Di Zeo and Martín, Rafa’s historical figures such as Roberto Ibáñez (“Tyson”) and Sebastián Maciel (“Skeletor”). The latter was captured by reselling tickets outside the Vélez stadium when Boca played locally against Rosario Central. A lesser known face also appears, which is that of Osvaldowho looks after the interests of Marcelo Aravena, the leader of the Lomas de Zamora faction, from the outside. He was also present from that same group Fernando Lana Gaticafamous for leading the bar group of the Argentina national team to World Cup in South Africa 2010. also appears Demian, known as “El Petito de Moreno”, accused by Marta Tatoex wife of Fernando Di Zeoof having attacked her in La Bombonera on Rafa’s orders. Tato had already reported her brother-in-law on her networks for theft and attempt to silence her and also there was an anonymous complaint against Di Zeo for alleged drug trafficking which did not thrive and which some attribute to it. Finally, another one that appears in the photos is the negro Avalosone of the many bars that usually do custody and some “jobs” in the Meat Union, along with a man nicknamed El Marewith a lot of handling of bar input.

On the 12th in Cali

As for those close to him Mauro Martino, have also marked their presence. Thus, the former professional player of Hurricane Luis Arrieta, nicknamed El Loco and who commands the Caseros group. There was also Martin’s right arm, called Federicoand one of the grandchildren, Caesar. They both grew up in the circle of the bar and all together entered Colombia via Panama, except Mauro. Also, all together they were hitting the return to Argentina to arrive at dawn tomorrow. Of course: none of them have work problems to be absent from the country for four days and all consumption was paid with the dollars that the government is so scarce but which in the stands are usually material for daily use.

As soon as they step on Ezeiza, they will have a new goal: convince the Justice not to condemn them, since the time in which they are forbidden to go to the courts is enough. They are convinced that he can win that match tooalthough by Commodore Py and the Ministry of National Security they continue to be away from La Bombonera for quite some time.

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