The 18-year-old Harry Potter and the Dealer in Azkaban, we order the best saga

Safe 25 years old, when publishing the first book of the young magician saga, Harry Potter and the Philosophernadie, ni siquiera su escritora JK Rowling, imaginaba lo que iba a suceder. The success of this story is that it is rapidly transforming into one of the most sagacious literatures and films, the most taciturn. Measures that Rowling has to convert into one of the scribes with the major guarantees of history.

The cinematic universe, with its aliquots, is similar to the height of the bookshelf. Además, the condition of contemporáoo to the editions of the scripts (if they do not occur simultaneously, the films being exerted only by some of those who are deprived of the publication of the books) is permitted to take part in the enthusiasm.


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