The 5 Newell’s races to be the only league leader

Newell’s is the leader of the Professional League due to four disputes. Invited by victory 2 to 1 against Banfield, igualdad with San Lorenzo 0 to 0 and the triumphs in a series of tensions between Taller and Argentinos, both by the slightest difference. For this accumulation there are points above that in the game and it is in the table of the position table. It is clear that the arrangement of the effective purity of losers is not the object of casualness. On the contrary, there are solid arguments that explicitly indicate the reasons for the notable initiation of the Park Club campaign. But all of them have a confiable, hard-working, intelligent, methodological and motivational trainer: Javier Sanguinetti. The DT logs the most different from football: to suit the users of a tactical libretto, which are flexible in format and characters, having the basic premise of solidarity, solidarity, and collective reciprocity before playing by the computer .

It’s what Newell’s is not the sport of once-in-a-lifetime, but the point at this stage is to share the idea of ​​intensity in both the brand and the front, in which every footballer conforms to a collective gear. It is clear that it is a cremating team, with defects and corrections, which for the most part are impenetrable, because I have no doubt that for all its rivals it is extremely inconvenient.

  The great moment of Ramiro Macagno for “achicar” the leprosy arc. Willer Ditta’s superlative performance to complete a defensive line that cuts the gaps. The recovery of the best version of Julian Fernández to cut the mediocamp and from all to make up the flea. The verticality in the arches to last in three or four strings to the ground, the new claws of Newell’s protagonist Sanguinetti.


Javier Sanguinetti.

Sanguinetti, the architect of a rocky and configurable team

Javier Sanguinetti is the tactical and strategic artifact of the present leprosy. Do not try to summarize these first four matches of the league. Because of the fact that in the passage of the Professional League Cup, the DT logger gives a game identity to the team, it seems that in 2021 in Newell’s that I want a fifth campaign. With great discourses, with profile darts, rejected in the Bella Vista lab, the trainer molded into a compact, versatile team that attacks the velocity, because it does not have to be colored to retrograde and defender with legs and teeth. Including what is in the Park including various systems: 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3 and the last with the victory over the Argentines, 5-3-2. In general, log files are converted to references, increments with refinements and potential for juveniles. News of the classic visitor to Rosario Central in the first semester of opening a notable credit to the lepers. No doubt Sanguinetti is doing a great job.


Ramiro Macagno.

Macagno, the box that touches the leprosy box

Ramiro Macagno is a simple, sensible, but totally effective puppet, which is what counts for a point as sensitive as that of the occupant. But all the same error as a pig and a white blanket of all the critics, so that the center or angle of the angle and the delater do not have a princess. Macagno super muscular lesion and volvé impecable. It’s more, Iván Arboleda’s point of view, that hasta evruar evaluated exchange of air for tener continuity. It is now the present of Macagno that the four-year-old who feces is the best player in the Professional League, with a goal against him. Unica vez que vulnerable arco fue in the first fecha against Banfield, from the penalty spot, with Gallpo’s tantrum in the victory leprosy 2 to 1. 1-0 with Talleres and 1-0 with Argentinos. Clear that Macagno is part of the top defense system that diagrams the DT. Por hora el arco leproso is the most “chico” of the league.

A defensive wall with Ditta as the revelation

Newell complicates the life of rival rivals. Because of the clutter, the walkers, the shutters, the gaps and the enclosure in an ambush in which the hairs are very different. From the front and rear lathes, the sun rises to form an efficient throttle in order to recover the fleet, or in the middle of the field or most of Macagno’s area. Armando Méndez at the time and Leonel Vangioni or Mart Lucn Luciano at the forefront of guaranteed guarantees. Mientras que la zaga Cristian Lema, que puede reaparecer el sbado ante Estudiantes, el enorme rendimiento de Willer Ditta y el propio Gustavo Velázquez, que rindió de gran forma e los ttimos partidos, brindan seguridad en la cueva. The answer was given by the young man Facundo Mansilla. The last leprosy line, defending itself with four or five horns, is one of Sanguinetti’s great acherts. Newell’s day of being a vulnerable team to kill a hard rock. Claro que también hay desacoples a ajustar y el DT lo sabe.


Julián Fernández.

Julián Fernández, patron of the media

One of the main motivations for this moment of leprosy is the football recovery of Julián Fernández, which is currently being reconsidered with its best version and which is an irreplaceable piece by Newell’s by Javier Sanguinetti. Fernández is a full-fledged physicist and footballer and demonstrates in a few places. Garra, corazón, intelligence for marker and enjundia in every divide hack one of the pillars of leprosy. Además sirve de apoyo y modelo para los juveniles que juegan de volante, como Sforza, Portillo y Balzi. Claro that’s another of the beacons of the medium is Pablo Pérez, who recovers from a muscular lesion. Because of the high pressure that Sanguinetti had on Julián Fernández as abandoned, he left the rest of the tropa. Medium leprosy is all intensity.


Ramiro Sordo.

A direct or pure vertigo

Newell’s has a recipe for attack, which is based on the size of the can in three or four tore rivals and terminus in the south as fast as possible. But it’s fundamentally the velocity of extremists like Ramiro Sordo, Panchito González, Juan Garro or Luciano Cingolani, to incite pure rhythm in the air. Mentions that are vital to the function of Juan Manuel García as pivote to open spaces. And a good recambio as centrodelantero is Genaro Rossi pibe. The reality is that rojinegro acostumbró a golpear al rival to the initials of the parties and is what it’s given to be redoed. What is clear is that the leprosy needs to be mostly effective in definition, or that the punter fold is only on one of the defects to be corrected on the cortex.

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