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Absolutely nunca, nunca hace nada m ques que dar lo mejor de sí mismo. Lo he dicho antes: no habido ni habrá an actor like Nicolas Cage. A master. ” The gossip posts on Twitter pertenecen to Guillermo del Toro, the Mexican Oscar winner and one of the gurus of pop culture, adoring monsters and enamored Chinese. Is it an exaggeration? Bueno, sí y no. De hecho: no. Nicolas Cage has been converted to the perfect mutant, in such a quiet, fossilized way that he can not capture the nangún rango. ¿Cuán feroz es? The greatest form of probation is The weight of talent, the film that presumably stands out in our country and then Cage interprets, well, Nicolas Cage and appearing in a trauma as a fan (Pedro Pascal) is the perfect base before the place where pega an evolutionary jump in your world dond todo lo puede pasar, ha pasado y todavía más. Pero además, al Tweet by Guillermo del Toro is a statement of prophecy Cage, the sobriety of Francis Ford Coppola who changed his mind after appearing and adoring Luke Cage (Marvel character), also in GQ magazine about las Decades of roles that you take step by step and then pay for the medical expenses of your mother:

No todas funcionaron, no muchas lo hicieron. Pero algunas fueron geniuses, like Mandy, pero alguna no funcionaron. Pero nunca lo fingí. There is always a concept error, which does not bode well as it does: that creators who hacked and did not import me. Examples with imports ”. Además sumó en la misma nota: For example, why not harem Tesoro Nacional 3? Of 14 years, ¿por qué no? Pero me decía, bueno, El aprendiz de brujo no funcionó, Ghost Rider no vendó tan bien. Y Drive Angry fue y vino sin pena ni gloria ”. ¿Necesitan m ?s? Mismo Cage también sostiene que sus mejores trabajos se han dado en pelucula reciente, como Pig, e inclus habla de El peso del talent.

One of the milagros that you have in El peso has the talent to be found precisely with Cage leaning against the whole water that the world goes from and launches the head against it. How to get a Looney Tunes out of nowhere, now that the actor is trying to converge with his carriage, hired and given the opportunity to quickly earn a million dollars. An egg in the shift cage, Cage was contacted by the CIA: they wanted to investigate their # 1 fan, and from where he was. The actor declares Collider: Because it’s too much to work with all of my carrera in the last few years, and assuming it kills

The weight of talent in this period of time. A period from which alguna forms has been marginalized but can be found in the media. But as Pig, The Talent, Mandy, Color Out of Space, Joe, The Trust, The Runner Up, and Bad Lieutenant are sitting on the bench to get the quality that goes into the top 30 of my career. “But all of them are on time, 43 of them are filming.

1 Welcome to the metaverso de Don Nicolas Cage

The premise is as imposing as it implies: that the actor who should be actuated, but not at all, decides to live up to the idiom of the Carthaginian legend. And the cage is launched from the first film when it actually hues the hueso, y lo sacude, de su propio mito, sus milagros y sus esquirlas. The result is tan feroz, tan único in the history of cine, that from felicidad enter that which is not treated only by Cage acting only, if no cine intentionally absorbs ferrocidad as part of modern DNA. Confirmation that all Nicolas Cage’s all is correct and all are the best. It’s a movie that kills you in a pantheon like a modern Christopher Lee.

2 Paint on the cage and turn on the mismísimo diablo

Mandy, patio of geek games, is the movie that Cage always deserves: a fovea of ​​fireballs, that metal revival, that stylized every plan, that satire and celebrates an idea of ​​the hero of the case of a video game… and this is it important to adapt any of your immovable ideas to those always abused by Nicolas Cage. Mandy Radika’s beauty is in all the same groups, in its core, in the capacity of the hackers that are most desperate and inaccessible to the Cage rojo, of the triumph, even creating a free arrow star by HR Giger. The perfect mediocre film, the greatest saturated vegan, that we all know about Nicolas Cage.

3 The romantic comedy that nadie nunca vió venir

We miss Cage’s high-quality reading and travel in time, in 1987, Cage reciting comedian and singular, thanks to Coppola, and being included as the protagonist of a romantic comedy with Cher. Luncheon is the cage that comes from what I hope to do, in a movie of the basics that platforms create that hack pero no hack (the carilindos actors from hoy can not fight only with the ligature and sutileza that cuts the skin of the characters, algo que sin dudas is the romantic comedy). Aquí Cage y Cher brillan, Olympia Dukakis com la la madre de también. Cage is the gentleman who loves what he must not do and his function is perfect, he is perfect, he must be taken out of this Cage.

4 The incremental David Lynch sued the best of the world

Thirty-three years later, Corazón salvaje, David Lynch’s road movie’s sure the greatest incarnation of Elvis in China is now instant. Cage is mítico, is cine, música, United States: is James Dean, is Batman, is Elvis. Nada lo brake y todo a su alrededor es imprevisible. Junto and Laura Dern, Cage brilla, as all here. El sur de Estados Unidos is about an opaca land of Oz, where the real crude muta in monstrous lyncheanos. Intentionally foraging, with its teeth full of black comedy, it brakes on Lynch’s bullets, which include both madrinas and brujas. It’s a classic that’s all shit and hoy is ojiva in detonation of a cine mal shape exploited in the future.

5 The police of Werner Herzog: the maldita suerte

In Enemigo intern, Werner Herzog hacks an extra film, but does not try to feel bizarre. From the runway: you want to be “a Hollywood”, but Abel Ferrara thinks like John Carpenter. Well, this is a remake that ante the urban era, castigate, penitent, here as a new religion: the proprietary Nicolas Cage and Hollywood. For one thing, Cage is the nervous system: corruption does not slow down and, for example, complicates things. By the way, Hollywood: alternating between, and condensed, in the best way, and a final joy that shows us how many parts of the history of China have been diverted from mount to cage in a very free bag. A milagro reptilian sin parangan.

6 La voz del hombre que amaba a los superheroes

Spider-Man: A new universe for the first time: well Cage is on a Spider-Man that travels from a black dimension, to a black dog. The result is a maravilla. Pero entonces los que sabían trivia empezaron a tomar decisiones. Also found in the Los Angeles Titans movie Cage as Superman, an aide to the story of the movie (Cage after Superman elegance under Burton as a cargo of a project revitalization). From this form, the actuation of the train, it is impeded against the Cage, but it is armed with the capacity to travel in the same way, first, y, second, to have a rat in a physical universe which, however, is more than just a month loca fama.

7 El cine posmoderno aprovechala locura

The warmer is one of Cage’s record-breaking films. And at the same time we have one of the first passages in the new millennium. Cage played by Yuri Orlov, an international arms trafficker. The film era is part of the fashion of the film about the detriment of the armament industry. The crucial part is that here Cage, in an epoch where it does not move at all, does not shoot or shoot, it presses its energy, its capacity to break through the wall, to imprint an adrenaline rush that is at an unbearable level. It’s one of the few 00’s decade movies that does not contain as much as, or how to use, Nicolas Cage for its own benefit. It is not the case now that it is already undervalued.

8 The song that nadie esperaba fuera el comienzo

Pig is the best Nicolas Cage movie. But like all superheroes, Cage is a universe in its own right. Por un lado, sure, Pig works perfectly: An ombre aislado del mundo pierde a su chancho buscador de trufas y sale buscarlo. Expect The expectation? A venganza desbocada, fuera de borda, absurda. The gene generating a whole world is the most important thing that Cage does not need: his pain, his sadness, his duel. By the way, it works like a perfect Cage-verse: it decir, subject to the saturation that characterizes it and the volume of the volume, vibrating, vibrating, volcanic, expecting that each action takes place inadvertently precisely by passing.

9 The best pass by the mainstream unblocked

Hubo a time that burns beautifully, and the price of action decisively converts into a minefield of Chinese prose, a cruise between Alfred Hitchcock and the chemists. Pocas proezas miden tan alto en la escala campo as Face / Off, la aburridísima película donde Cage y John Travolta se pusieron orates y felices de serlo. Of the many things that have been invented so far, the libido sentiment of the villain that accommodates the bigotry deprived of every phrase, Face / Off is the most liquid in the mainstream of Cage, except for the mediocre Ghost Rider or Indiana Jones peinada , Tesoro Nacional, all function based on Cage and not used with found results.

10 The location of Scorsese in the most affixed night

Ok, the Oscar and the Cage are from the Adiós di Las Vegas, your retailer of an alcoholic. Pero lo cierto is que si el mundo fuera justo Vidas al límite debería haber sido el perfecto scenario para aquel premio. This is where the health system of the United States comes from, arranging, designing, adding and providing a reference that does not take into account the catalytic significance of the word. Hallucinations and glorious lives Maria (Patricia Arquette): Scorsese does not like to be seen in one of the most powerful expeditions on the day, and Cage is the perfect avatar for a movie that delights you with its enigmas, your testimonies, your dreams how many films by the perfect director of Toro salvaje.

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