The Ark of Newells for Ramiro Macagno’s debut series

Newell’s have defined the box for the debut. Ramiro Macagno será responsive to be the three fronts in Banfield. In the car of the young man enters your computer and puts it in the clear which is available. An inconvenient menus for Javier Sanguinetti, who at last had the last moment against the auspiciousness of Colombian Iván Arboledaselected at your choice. The trainer ensures that he does not take risks with a lot of experience, such as Franco Herrera, an 18-year-old with open arms in the first half and that he’s debut because of the lesion that just justifiably repairs in the arc is free.

Sanguinetti had a hard time with Macagno’s presence at the press conference that took place last week. Out of the official parts of the distance in the rectangular anterior direction that suffers against the Patronage of April 15, the DT acts aberrantly on its presentation against the taladro. If the recovery times of this range are not complete, it is obvious that it will not be found in many conditions. Por esa razón fue probado Herrera en el amistoso del útimo sábado contra Central Córdoba.

Of all the modos, the priority was to add Macagno and to play the first part of the Professional League, because it does not exist at the same time and implicitly follows the algae risk. In the middle of this game you live in the Jorge Griffa Center, the box moving right at the restaurant and despejó cualquier duda sobre su participation.

Macagno was ultimately perseguido por lesiones musculares. Check out the rectum anterior to the rectum against Boca in Bombonera on November 30, 2021. And energetically, during the preamplifier, the Park’s information informs that it has a distance in the rectum, motivated by the quality of the dose. first defeats of the Professional League Cup.

A vez recuperate, and debido the flowing rivers of Arboleda, retortó against Tallerres, in the 3ª fecha. Atajó in 7 games has the last distance, which is the margin of the rest of the tour. With the security that you play in the stadium Florencio Sola, el juvenil Herrera será el arquero suplente.


In the direction of Arboleda, titled in the League Cup lane, is on the plantation of the Colombian representative who doming dominoes in Saudi Arabia in an amistos programmed in Murcia (Spain). Return to Rosario, not counting on the compromise of the leper San Lorenzo from June 9 in Colosseum. List of repairs available in Tallerthe 14th of March at the Mario Kempes Stadium.

Macagno responds better that Arboleda in the League Cup and this does not have much chance of demonstrating that it is the result of this. Newell’s the need for a tour company with different types. All the configuration is deposited in your figure.

Dampa tampoco faltará

Javier Sanguinetti hajía dejado abierta posibilidade de no contar con un zaguero para la primera fecha. Sin nombrarlo, trascendió que era Willer Ditta. Pero el colombiano dejó atrás molestia y su presence’s asegurada.

The trainer counts with the best football player in the passing tournament. And Facundo Mansilla, candida reemplazarlo, estará por lo tanto among the supplements.

Balzi, in the generation

Nicolás Castro’s case for the match against Banfield but has not recovered from all of the appendicitis surgery given an enormous vacancy in the mediocamp. The viability of the recuperation system in Guillermo Balzia 20-year-old creature with apenas a title match, which fired from the current conjunctural rojinegro in the Argentina Cup, heading to Ituzaingó.

With the inclusion of Balzi, Sanguinetti mantendrá el dibujo tactical costume. El juvenil será el enlace, with Ramiro Sordo and Francisco González befriending the right and the right, respectively. Julien Fern yndez and Ramiro Portillo are trying to find a way out, but Pablo Pérez’s team is full of suspense.

The first Portillo participation de titular, al igual que Balzi, fue contra Ituzaingó en mayo.

Marco Campagnaro is the juvenile restaurant that enters the title, against the city of Mart Lucn Luciano due to controversy due to a distance or the distance that your Leonel Vangioni. This is the ultimate case, do not be afraid to go to the bench of supplements.

Sin Castro, Pérez and Luciano. Made with Arboleda and Reasco, but with their respective selections. Afuera Garro por un desgarro. Y con Vangioni en dudas. Last matches for the match that took place in the stadium Florencio Sola, with the refereeing of Fernando Echenique and which tended in the VAR of Germán Delfino.

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