The boom of new airlines that approve of the “opportunity of the weather” in the current condition of aviation

The pandemic provoked the period with major turbulence in the history of commercial aviation.

Without embargo, in the last year there have been decades of new airline flights all over the world, with their expected expectations in the air traffic range.

“It’s just a matter of time before an airline arrives,” said Bjorn Tore Larsen, executive director of Norse Atlantic Airways.

“It simply came to our notice then. “Gent has not been able to travel more or less, especially between continents.”

Norse Atlantic Airways, one of the new airline airlines, flies to fly between Europe and North America on June 14 to board high-precision aircraft and secure spacious airports such as Gatwick in London and JF.

“The stars are flying”

The Norwegian firm recibió more than 3000 solicitudes for their first 50 pilot vacancies.

Bjorn Tore Larsen created the demand for flying cars.
Bjorn Tore Larsen created the demand for flying cars.BBC Mundo

“New aircraft,” Larsen said, as the Boeing Dreamliner fleet flew across the runway from Oslo.

“We compare these planes with a very precise price that does not make any news available.”

Norse competes with multinational companies like British Airways and Air France. But Larsen solo and benefits in creating the airline from here.

“We are not inheriting the new system,” he said. “We can help this airport exactly the way we treat it.”

The company, which has a firm interest in sending goods, told the BBC that, out of aviation passion, they had to try hard to get on the airline because of the other highlights involved: a lot of competition, all of them failures to contract personally and find space for landing and desperation.

“Cuando the stars are aligning with the passing year“I see how it’s a unique opportunity to live in life”, affirmation. Y no es el iconico.

Unas quiebran y otras entran

The International Air Transport Association (IATA), the commercial organization representing the aviation sector, describió 2020 as “the registered person”.

Restrictions by covid dejon los airports casi desserts lasting more than one year.
Restrictions by covid dejon los airports casi desserts lasting more than one year.Getty images

With land flights, the global number of passengers is 60%, from 4500 million in 2019 to 1800 million in 2020.

This results in the quilt of 55 airlines. Without embargo, surprise that, at the same time, se stablecieron 32 nuevasindicating IATA and the BBC.

As demand has grown and demand from some of the permanent aircraft on the ground, the new empowered powders have been compared to more expensive ones. Spaces at airports where available seats are available can be tested and personalized at the bus stop.

In 2021, the global number of airports will recover 2.300 million, cerraron otras 35 aerolíneas y abrieron 57 nuevas.

Debutants have landed in most of the world regions. Avelo and Breeze operates in EE.UU. The finals of this tournament are the Northern Pacific of Alaska.

Pilots and tripods available

In Iceland there are Play and Niceair, places like Australian Bonza and India Akasa are available for free.

“Airlines now see a situation like the last of them”, said aviation expert Hans Joergen Elnaes, from the consultant Winair.

In parallel with the contraction of the market “I was surprised by a situation of great number of available and very attractive aircraft at the rental rates ”, explicitly.

The aviation market is moving in the context of the pandemic.
The aviation market is moving in the context of the pandemic.Getty images

Elnaes points out that from 2020 the new airplanes will easily capture the tripods of the cockpit and the pilots, or that many peridenos work in the pandemic.

The point, without the embargo, that the opportunity has passed, especially at the time of securing cheap financing.

“Exclusive offers for the delivery of Fueron aircraft in 2021. Esos días ya pasaron”.

Tanto Norse as Play operating transatlantic flights at low cost.

Latin America and Spain

In Latin America we have found many examples.

La colombiana aerolone Ultra Airfunded by local companies, start their operations in this year.

One of the Ultra Air aircraft, the new Colombian low-cost airline.
One of the Ultra Air aircraft, the new Colombian low-cost airline.Getty Images

This is an airline low-cost with base in Medellín has 4 aircraft and flight with 9 routes to 7 destinations.

Ultra Air, recently sent to a controversy over its own publicity, having consolidated news; de hecho, la semana pasada anunció que solicitará amplify your offer with new national routes.

In Ecuador, energy passes Equairbased in Quito, which has a hueco in the national market of countries compatible with local Avianca and LATAM subsidiaries.

Ecuador Airlines’s – up to 13% of offers – opera their diary flights fly from Quito to Guayaquilademás of the connections with the Galápagos islands.

The shuttle bus is closed horizontally: flights to Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) and Willemstad (Curazao) are announced for July and August.

También nacieron hace menos de un año Jetsmart Peru (local subsidiary of low-cost Jetsmart based in Chile) and ITA Brazil.

In Spain, there are four airlines in particular during this period: Search and Canary Airways in the Canary Islands, and UEP and Islas Air in the Balearic Islands.

Routes between Asia and Europe are among the most lucrative, as part of the war in Ukraine.
Routes between Asia and Europe are among the most lucrative, as part of the war in Ukraine.Getty images

Given that coronavirus-based travel restrictions occur all the way around, and considerably increasing the global number of passages.

En marzo la cifra fue a 76% mayor if the mass is not passed, then the latest IATA information. The organization has no hope, without embargo, that the 2019 maximum prevalence of the pandemic has reached 2024.

And just as the coronavirus crisis is coming to an end, the airline is struggling with another unintended problem: the war in Ukraine.

Ukraine has been demobilized for sobrevolarla, while Russia has been sending airspace to the western airports, which There are many routes between Europe and Asiahaciéndolas menos rentable.

An obstruction to the principal of which the petroleum parts of the oil are dispensed, duplicating the cost of fuel for aircraft from which it passes.

IATA Director-General Willie Walsh has suggested that, as a result, an increase in tariffs is “mandatory”.

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