The Champions League 2023 will be played in a home scenario and with a goal from Argentina in your initial day

Most of all in the Northern Hemisphere is present verano. The four teams that are married to the original Champions Leagueen su ronda preliminar, tuvieron un rival extra en Reykjavik, la capital de Iceland: el frío. All are programmed the three incubators (the semifinal disputes are Tuesday and the final of the venues) between four teams teams of four Leagues with coefficient of UEFA in the 2022 finals: se trata de La Fiorita, de San Marino; Inter Club d’Escaldes, Andorra; Vikingur, Iceland; y el Levadia, de Estonia.

Vikingur counts with a view: stay at the stadium and local fire. Weight from Anfield or Bernabéu, the home team fell and scored 6-1 against Levadia. The final is against the Inter Club of Escaldes, which is 2-1 ahead of La Fiorita. Particular A particularity? The first goal of the crucifixes (and the Champions) by the Argentine, ex Chacarita, Danilo Rinaldifrom which you play in San Marino and define the colors of the selection of this stage.

Pero following the scenario of the parties, in Víkingsvöllur (also known as Víkin or Keppnisvöllur) ingresan 1,449 persons all sentadas and bajo techo. More than 300 hinchas of paradoxes are allowed in celebrations or excerpts. A single detail (not in the middle of Europe): play on synthetic cesp.

The ganador of this phase has a rival in the current, which is the first classification round. Y the kind of determination that brings a team with tradition and precedent: el Malmö, de Swedenthe European sub-camp (losing to Nottingham Forest by 1-0) and the Intercontinental sub-camp (taking the Olympics to a global 3-1), in 1979. Looking at the time, all two of them have the first few professional passes tal Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The most widely used market in this mini-tour in Iceland, updated with the specialized Transfermarkt site, is Oleksiy Khoblenko, with 500 million euros. Nació en Ekaterimburgo, Rusia, pero se nacionalizó ucraniano. Proviene del Kryvbas Kryvyi Rih y ahora juega para el Levadia. Like a free juggler in March, because of the nuclear power that nitrogen in the region.

Levadia, Estonia champions, one of the four integrators of the inaugural day of the Champions League 22/23.  (AP Photo / Hendrik Osula)

Levadia, Estonia champions, one of the four integrators of the inaugural day of the Champions League 22/23. (AP Photo / Hendrik Osula)

San Marino, The third most populous state in Europe is the most ancient Republic. In keeping with tradition, he marched on the 301-foot-tall Christian center Marinus el Dálmata off the island of Arbe to escape the anti-Christian policy of Roman emperor Diocletian. In football each with one of the few selected stories in history.

How to get the latest in the ranking of FIFA (no choice should be made for 33,938 habitats; for the majority of their players are Italian and still accountable to Argentine Ramiro Lago and the late Danilo Rinaldi, captain of La Fiorita). And, clearly, all the teams in the UEFA co-op coefficient are in the fund. Serve a date: su icanica victoria fue frente a Liechtenstein (1-0), in 2004. Those who lost at the Serravalle Stadium, Germany lo venció 13-0.

De fise football proviene La Fiorita. There is not much to offer in general. Your figure, the mediocampista Damiano Errico and the central scorer Andrea Breghi (ambos of Italian origin)are priced at 100,000 euros.

As sue with the Italians in San Marino, then with the Spanish (above all Catalans) in Andorra: the teams and selectively the nutritious of their own special forces. From here, in the Inter Club of Escaldes more Spanish than local.

This is Inter, as it is Italy see black and blue regularly and excuse me with these colors, then with four jugadores cost 200,000 euros: Pau Bosch and Adriá Gallego – Spanish ambassadors who camped the last time with the team – and the refugees, Jesus Rubio and the nationalized Spanish moron Ahmed Belhadji.

The semifinals between these four are disconnected for the football elite to play continuously. In the first round, Inter won 2-1 at La Fiorita, taking the lead in the event por un gol del argentino Rinaldi. Pero en 21 minosos, ya en el segundo timo, con dos tantos del catalán Genís Soldevilla Solduga, qulega al Inter in 2018, tras haber abandonado el fboltbol.

In the second round, in the house, the Vikingur scored 6-1 in Levadia and won the other place in the decisive constellation of the worlds against the Inter of Andorra. I also wanted to find the center. Perdía from the five minutes by a penalty kick by Beglarishvil. Pero ya a los 27 ganaba 2-1. And ten entons in pairs. Convert a song about the time of the first time and other times in the second. Authors: McLagan, Ingason, Sigurdsson, Hansen, Gudjonsson and Magnusson.

This time is the time before this is the first final of the Champions League. For all participants it is not enough. Signs tremble in Europe or fly to the house.

In addition to the finals of the final stages, the Champions also played in Reikiavik, the capital of Iceland.  Photo: Instagram.

In addition to the finals of the final stages, the Champions also played in Reikiavik, the capital of Iceland. Photo: Instagram.


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