The current season of ‘The Boys’ is all expected

En la nueva temporada de The Boys of Amazon Prime, the two most common ones. For one thing, the subversion of the figure of the traditional superhero is a new point. One more desolate, corrupt and retrograde. It does not matter what it looks like a series which explodes in its former entrails, the ladle skipping the heroic pod. Lo segundo es la habilidad de The Boys to reinvent, build a new discourse through the trajectory and advance new havia places. These miserable characters cruzan lines inimaginable in other similar histories and are convicted in the epitome of a perverse mirade of mal.

Pero does not treat mal a secas. The Boys you have the intention – like having tense – of burlarse as you can and more than the moral hypocrisy of our epoch. Of a way that does not correspond to one of the most repetitive phrases of the new chapters being one of the most celebrated of the superhero movie. “A giant can be turned into an idiot,” says The Butcher (Karl Urban). Lo dice enfurecido y cansado. But the egg is aware that the world that the exchange rate is – and it is the egg, the intention is the same – no qujerlo. Because it is sometimes dystopian it is embodied with its four propellers. With great celebrations and successes of hypocrisy. Y si antes The Boys use the violet burlona as a central message, now try to escape with all the idea about the well.

The Boys (T3)

The series that subtracts the genre of superheroes from the raze league with the new tempo. Embroidered with an orgy of superheroes, a rare version of a traditional hero and a cage that stands out. Pero bajo toda the pyrotechnics sangrienta, the madura series and crecid in complexity. Welcome to the world of retrograde heroes at its highest point.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“Do you really believe that bondage exists?”, Says The Butcher with his sleeveless and slender mannequins. But at this moment, the vigilantes of the vigilantes, those who observe and contain the mal, también prueban un poco de eso que tanto temen. De hecho, buena part de la nueva temporada de The Boys is concentrated in the body of the skin which is obtained by squeezing. Who reprimands a group of justifiers who obtain the venganza? What is the best way to get rid of clutter you do not like?

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