The desperate scenario that emerges in the Ukrainian war amenaza to the historic pillars of the global order

ROME.- About 100 days ago, the war between Russia and Ukraine has been converted into a lodazal de sangre sin final to la vistawhich causes deportation in Ukraine and costs a long way to the rest of the world.

The main conflict between European countries from the Second World War has its surplus of waves and strong waves that have a recorder of imperfect character of all guerra. The enthusiasm of the Ukrainians by the fragment of the Russian liberation war it fires at the media that concentrates the Kremlin forces on its power in a more acute and degrading way.

This place shows heavy artillery downloads, the Russian forces are advancing in the Donbass region, donde ya venían ganando terreno y obligando a huir hacia el oeste a tens of miles of Ukrainian civilians.

President Volodymyr Zelensky recounts the 100 days of war in a humble, desperate message. “The armed forces of Ukraine are here,” said Zelensky. “And what is most important is that our country, the country of our nation, is here. There are 100 days since we last defended our country. ¡La victoria será nuestra! And Gloria and Ukraine! ”

Occidental goberns on the topic that the guerrilla war in a demoledor point to death, with the Russian president Vladimir Putin and the defenders of Ukraine work in a position that is considered to be screwed or dead.

A house destroyed by a Russian bomber in the Moshchun district in the Kiev region
A house destroyed by a Russian bomber in the Moshchun district in the Kiev region SERGEI CHUZAVKOV – AFP

6.9 million Ukrainians leave the country from the beginning of the war, now United Nations, from Poland alone to more than 3.7 million, some of whom are currently flocking to Ukraine. Millions of Ukrainians more than twice as many teeth as their own due to the advance of the Russians. The invasion took place in these cities, including Mariupol, where more than 22,000 residents took over the site from Russian forces, following local authorities.

Ukrainian and international investigators are reuniting evidence of possible criminals in the area under Russian tropics and abusing civilians. The Kiev summit to Moscow forced deportation of Ukrainian miles to Russia, including many more.

Zelensky claims that Russia controls 20% of its territory. The problem for Kiev and the goblins of Occidental Europe that owns a high level of fire is that Russia is part of the industrial industry of Ukraine and of all its cultivated fertile soilin order that the mantle time block the access of Ukraine to the sea, indispensable to the outlet of their exports.

Eso amenaza with deja vu to Ukraine converted into a practically invisible State, which sobrevive thanks to the donations of Occidente. Following the authority of Kiev, Ukraine’s approximately $ 5,000 million worth of man-made dollars to pay for essential public services and to maintain a well-functioning economy, including humanitarian aid and custom armament.

The French president, Emmanuel Macron.  France and Germany seeking to gain control of the Ukrainian capital
The French president, Emmanuel Macron. France and Germany seeking to gain control of the Ukrainian capital Alexandros Michailidis – European Council

By the way, Russia is facing a deep recession, the fruit of the western sanctions and the erosion of the far-flung data of its economic potential. Salvo that produces an inesperable collapsible collapse of the bands, with a dug-out warp system systematically restores the recumbent tracks.

Hay demasiado en juego como para ukrania o Rusia den un paso atris. The guberra también amenaza dos pilares historic of the current global order: that ningún territory can not be annexed by the fuerza, and that lores take their books before the boats of all nationalities.

This war has empowered the world. Impulse the price of food and energy, the conflicting term complicating the traumatic recovery of the Covid-19 pandemic. The interruption of the chains of energy storage and stable food needs to decompose part of the world to enclose a prolonged and costly adaptation of your economy. “Cheap energy levels from terminated fossil fuels have been terminated,” said German Economy Minister Robert Habeck.

Russia’s expansion has politically collapsed in the advanced countries of the world, pero también has shown differences of interest and points of view between Occident and hemisphere on the planetwhich is more than that which is mantenido in a neutral medium, and whereas the anti-Western parts of Russia, which are also hacked by China, have many sympathizers.

As the absolute victory of Ukraine is not on the horizon, Casa Blanca now recalls that its objective is that Kiev’s goal is in the best possible position for a possible negotiation with Moscow. “From one form to another, the majority of these terms are diplomatically written,” said Antony Blinken, secretary of state of the North American State. “For the sake of desegregation, Russia is not currently trying to get involved in diplomatic negotiations.”

A diamond in Roghi, Moldova.  Debt to the war in Ukraine, the high prices of energy and supplies are all about the world
A diamond in Roghi, Moldova. Debt to the war in Ukraine, the high prices of energy and supplies are all about the worldLAETITIA VANCON – NYTNS

Durante the first semeners of the war, the ferocious Ukrainian resistance and the defeat of the combination of the Russian forces generates the speculation of a Ukrainian triumph and the presence of Putin’s cadre. The last few weeks have been a realm of reality: gradually, Russian forces have taken over the territory and destabilized the asymptotes that led to the refusal of the envelopes.

Russia’s invasion of February 24 with high-flying and motorized aircraft against Kiev and other large cities in the north of Ukraine, combined with offensive in other fronts. But the Moscow forces are dismantling the demilitarized zone, and the Ukrainian combatants, being targeted by the local population, demonstrate an inescapable ability to use the weapons of the high-altitude technology by the Occupiers, who are still united.

The principles of April and the Great Suffering, the Russian forces retreating from the north of Ukraine and reacting to what is most concentrated in one of the countries: the Donbass region. In the field of basic planning, the Ukrainians can not appeal to the escalating tactics that work effectively to defeat the Russian forces in the gates of Kiev. The ultimatums combine demonstrating that with large numbers of anti-aircraft artillery, Russia can count on gradual territorial advances per sostenidos.

A download warranty has been reviewed. “This type of warrior has an appetite for human resources and lives”says David E. Johnson, retired colonel of the United States and current member of Rand Corp.

A Himars mobile platform, the long distance cohesions that EE.UU.  send to Kiev
A Himars mobile platform, the long distance cohesions that EE.UU. send to KievGetty Images

Zelensky ruega a los gobernos occidentale que le envín m ys y mejores sistemas de armas. The United States is complaining, not even with the bicycle that Kiev is chasing. Washington has sent more M777 howitzers to Ukraine and is listed to send a system of precision guided missiles with an 80-kilometer range that doubles as artillery pieces.

Reflection of their temptations on an escalation of the conflict with Russia, Casa Blanca hizo prometer a Zelensky that did not use the means to gain access to Russian territory.

Medium and prolonged warfare are limited to the Occidental unit. Most skeptics about a triumph of Ukraine, France and Germany, especially concerned about the economic consequences of the conflict. Through the diplomatic contacts of France and Germany with Putin to probe the legitimacy of an alto fire is supported by the deconstruction of the parts of Europe and Este, as well as Poland, which are the direct object and the focus of the expansion of Russia.

Independently of the evolution of the war, it is safe to say that it has always been economically and far away from the world. The war, the blockade and the sanctions have taken the precision of food, sealing the barn in the most prosperous countries, especially in Africa. The president of the African Union, Macky Sall, is currently in a reunion of leaders of the European Union who are in the throes of triple fertilizers, which are not recommended.

In United States and the European Union, the price of fuel is dispersed and inflation is as low as 8%a situation that does not extend beyond decades and that amenasize to generate political instability in parts where apneas are recovering from the economic impact of the pandemic.

“It’s a verdant experience of reprimanding the disruptions that can be produced in the chains of the communist.”, says Johnson, of Rand Corp. “The pandemic of también hizo lo suyo, pero nada is more destructive than a guerra.”

Marcus Walker, Daniel Michaels and Michael R. Gordon

The Wall Street Journal

(Translation by Jaime Arrambide)

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