The effective form with which England logs the city number of young people “ni-ni”

LONDON.— “Our mission is to secure social mobility.” This is the premise with what sir John Holman, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at the University of York, plants the revolutionary form in which he orientates professionally to adolescents in English institutes. In 2013, travel to all countries and territories — Germany, Hong Kong, Finland, Canada, Ireland, and the Netherlands — to search for “potential” secondary orientation models. A group of other Gatsby Foundation members, of which Holman is an investigator, reviewed the most widely published academic literature and accounted for up to 10% of England’s second-century centers before attending programs. In 2014, Holman published The Good Career Guidance (“La buena professional orientation” in English) introduce sample contents into the curriculum to secure a position in a company before the age of 16.

In 2017, the British Government, responsible for the educational competencies in England (being decentralized in the rest of the United Kingdom), will be documented in the center of the new national strategy of orientation in the institutes, in the form that all funding centers with public funds are obliged to implement Holman’s idea. In 2022, the effects will be visible: in these centers which consistently complement the point’s, it is reduced to a 9.7% of the alumni bowl which the institute does not want to study, the concoctions as “ni-ni”. In the most vulnerable centers, the discount rate is 20%, according to data from the Department of British Education.

“It is important to know how to use the information about the laboratory and the capabilities that are needed, or how to support the parrots. “It is not just that the destination of young people depends on the information they provide to their clients or contacts that are in the company and the privileged access to the information,” explains Holman.

Following Holman’s design, todo institute tiene que nombrar al career leader (leader of carreras), a role that should be taken as a teacher and consisting of designing a professional orientation program, programming activities and coordinating the work of resting professors to ensure that all assignments are included in the lab and in professional careers. Contact with the local company ecosystem. Esa persona, a la el Gobierno forma un ao, será liberada de horace de docencia para asumir esa tarea. The British Government has received 30 million pounds a year from the program (35 million euros).

Pongamos an example. It’s one of April and the 14-year-olds of the Barnhill High School institute in London, especially the Lengua class. To analyze the language used in a selection of complete offers of an Internet portal. The girls the llama the atención la de chief happiness officer, a transaction point imported from United States that consists in ensuring that the results of a company are satisfied and can not be marked. “Are you familiar with something that is dedicated to it? ¿Os gustaría? ”, Lanza la professor, que menciona algunos studios that hablan of a 60% of productivity in the companies that have this figure. Algunos bromean, say that the genius pairs that pay to generate a climate in their teams.

Damian Edwards, leader of Barnhill careers, with 1,500 alumni between 11 and 18 years old, acknowledged that most of the institute’s institute has its own ventricles with external units for students to gain laboratory experience — all points of the document Holman states that all alumni must be placed between 14 and 16 years old. Alumni with four lab incubators have an 86% probability of converting to “ni-ni”, and, in a nutshell, earning 18% more than those who do not have tuberculosis, since an Education and Employers foundation study published in 2016.

The institute is destined to be part of the funded funds to contract another figure: the carrier, normally a professional activist who is paid but found with alumni, elevators and designed for some custom planes. “Vienna vese vese por semana y aún no hemos conseguido que toos alumos tengan una session with el. It is inflated in the most vulnerable, which we find most likely to be deprived of the studios “, said.

It is understood that different interpretations of the work have informative sessions in the center as it is operated by the laboratory, with details such as the average media by specialty. Do not allow any capacitors to enter carrier containers into all assemblies.

In December 2021, 10.2% of young people between 16 and 24 years old in the United Kingdom were “ni-ni”, one 692,000. 11.5% of men and 8.8% of women. In Europe, Spain, with a 19.9% ​​of “ni-ni”, super 2020 in Greece, which is at 19.3%, and only after Italy’s, with a 24.8%. The media of the countries of the European Union is in the position of 13.3%, according to the OECD information Education at a Glance 2021 (”Panorama of education 2021 ″).

OCDE information How youth explore, experience and think about their future (“Like the young exploiters, experimenters and experts in the future”), published in 2021, announces that modern societies are more than just “adults exploring efficiently different laboratory possibilities”, although the results of the PISA 2018 information show that in many ways they are essentially prepared for disassembly due to unnecessary capacities for different transitions between the student and laboratory screws. 38% of students with low efficiency have lab ambitions that are not aligned with their academic itineraries. “In order to plan for the future, students do not need to actively exploit the labor market,” the document said. Only a third of OCDE students ensure that there are more than 15 students.

Adrianna, 14 years old, is a Barnhill alumni. The orientation activities of the alliance of the future that are sent to each other: medicine. “Do you like art and what do you want to dedicate to it? It is safe to assume that I am interested in something that is of interest to me, because it is not my priority. I like designing advertising campaigns, dedicating to creative design ”, account. Have a week participating in an excursion to Oxford University organized by the institute. “We do not need any qualifications to enter. Valoran si tienes capacidad de liderazgo ”. To plant a voluntary plant. Ya sabe cómo hacer un currículum, pero cree que es muy pronto.

“It simply came to our notice then offer the most informative information about professional balancesthe capabilities that demand emerging industries, which are the most laboratory opportunities of the future in the future “, explains Jane Hubbuck, of the Department of Education of the British Government.

“We have a lot of preoccupied emperors because young people do not consider these points as interesting, they do not know the value of these sectors,” he added. En 2014 careers hubs, local areas in which educational centers, companies and volunteers are located to design orientation practices. 65% of publicly funded centers are integrated into one.

To audit all the function of the strategy, launch it app Compass, in which colleges enter data periodically. This application permits the Gobierno to reach the destination of the alumni as soon as they are able to finalize the sequence and manage the number of points that are completed in each center. “We do not seek center by center, as we do, the stars incentive to hinchar the results,” says Jane Hubbuck. The meta is not what counts.

By Ana Torrez Menárguez


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