The electronic war, other crucial front of the offensive from Russia to Ukraine

In battlefields in Ukraine, the simple act of launching a mobile phone can provoke a projectile projectile. The artillery radars and remote controls for drones tampered with can trigger enamel fire.

Es la electronic warfare, a key aspect, invisible, of the Russian war against Ukraine. The military commanders largely avoided discussing, intending to conduct multiple operations and reveal secrets.

The technology of electronic warfare attacks systems of communication, navigation and guiding with the fin end of locating, smoking and engaging the enema, and shooting dead ends.

Use against artillery, fighter jets, cruise missiles, drones and more. The armatures are designed to support the body and its tropics.

It’s a mistake to think that Russia only has a warranty key from the guerra, pero, but razons not completely clear, in the capacity of the guerra electronica apparatus appearing in the initial phases of the guerra in the cctico fracaso of its offensive to capture Kiev, the capital.

This is a much more important factor in the actual battle enlistment, but in Ukraine there are more short lines of defenders and defender’s files than the electronic warfare team around the battlefields.

Communication systems of Russia, in the Voronezh region.  Photo: AP

Communication systems of Russia, in the Voronezh region. Photo: AP

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Attack the communications

A Ukrainian intelligence function says that the Russian amenaza is “muy grave” in that it refers to the use of reconnaissance supplies and communications of its commanders with their tropes. La Russian interference with GPS receivers on drones that Ukraine uses to locate enema and directing such artillery pieces is especially intense “in the line of contact”, he said.

Ukraine intends to launch an offensive against Moscow’s electronic offensive. It captures important team, in a significant goal for the Russian intelligence.

Destroying many units of multi-vehicle electronic warfare.

The capacity of Ukraine in the electronic warfare is different from the evaluation. Analysts say it’s quite considerable since Russia captured Crimea and instigated a separatist revolt in 2014.

A Russian one against an edition in Mariupol, Ukraine, in an archive image.  Photo: AP

A Russian one against an edition in Mariupol, Ukraine, in an archive image. Photo: AP

Ukraine has used the technology and intelligence of the United States effectively y otros miembros de la OTANlo que le ayudó, por ejemplo, a hundir el buque de guerra Moskva.

Allied satellites and reconnaissance aircraft from all over the world, despite the fact that Elon Musk’s Starlink communications satellites have been hacked.

How is the offensive

The electronic warfare has three basic elements: straight, sharp, and protective. First of all, collect intelligence by setting up electronic enzymatic cells. At the same time, interference with “white light” disrupts and degrades enveloping systems, including communications via radio and cell phones, air defense and artillery radars. Además is el spoofing, the implantation of identity, which confuses and engages. As a result, the ammunition did not hit the blanks.

“Operating on a modern battlefield without data is actually diffuse,” said retired Colonel Laurie Buckhout, a former electronic warfare expert. The “interference” can cause aircraft to be switched on and on rapidly, specially with GPS tracking and radar and a speed of 600 miles per hour (965 kilometers per hour) “.

Russian military vehicles in the Mariupol area, capturing the image of this city.  Photo: EFE

Russian military vehicles in the Mariupol area, capturing the image of this city. Photo: EFE

All that explicitly the secret ro rodea la guerra electronics.

“It’s extremely secretive because it depends on the technology of evolution, on vanguard, when the guns can be swiped on and off quickly,” said James Stidham, a communications security expert. Nacional de Stados Unidos.

Ukraine lectures on electronics warfare in 2014 and 2015, with Russia using it to boost power supplies. The Russians derribaron drones and deactivate ojivas, penetrating red cell phones for psychological operations and concentrating on Ukrainian defenses.

An official Ukrainian report on Christian Brose, a collaborator of the late Senator John McCain, as the Russian data guitarist hires a commander to respond to a glimpse of his mother with a cell phone. Cuando lo hizo, lo geolocalizaron y lo mataron con precision cohesionwrite Brose in the book “The Kill Chain”.

In the current conflict, the electronic warfare wants a furious content theater.

Russia intercepts GPS in áreas from Finland hasta el Black Sea. A Finnish regional airline that can fly on a route by a week as a result.

Russian interference has affected television broadcasts in Ukraine, according to Frank Backes, a member of the Kratos Defense group based in California, which has satellite satellite stations in the region.


But in all the initials of the invasion, the use of electronic warfare by Russia is as effective and far as it should be. Eso podría haber contribuido a su incapacity to destroy radar and anti-aircraft units for superiority in the air. Some analysts believe that the Russian commanders abstain from advancing their electronic warfare units in order to capture them. All menos lo lo fueron.

Además, the Russian commanders used to know that the scope of the electronic warfare was initially limited in the face of the temptations of technically entrenched and unmotivated powders operating their systems.

“It must be said now that the Russians are eventually embracing systems that have established interdependent communications with their proponents,” said retired General Ben Hodges, who commands the emerging air force in Europe.

The problems are obvious, many Russian soldiers hablaban by desprotegid radial channels, monitored randomly by external elements.

The Russian Ministry of Defense did not respond to a request for comment.

It is not clear the magnitude of the ventilation that all electronic systems provide now. The Ukrainian forces are now more concentrated, as the hacer powders are more likely to attack.

Much depends on how the Russian tactical battalions “are configured in reality as they are in theory,” said James Rands, Jane’s military intelligence center. Each group must have an electronic warfare unit. The Pentagon says 110 groups are in Ukraine.

The Kremlin afirma has more than 1,000 small packages in tripod Orlan-10 used for reconnaissance, cell focus, interference and cellular interception.

United States and Great Britain are proving to be an interference team from Ukraine, although it is not clear. Ninguno de los países dio details.

The red Starlink de Musk is a tried and tested value. More than 2,200 satellites in orbit test internet bandwidth and more than 150,000 terrestrial stations in Ukraine.

Routeing different connections to Russia, It is much more different to interfere with orbital satellites than with geostationary satellites.

Source: AP



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