The fault of the rating: Juanita, the single, the novel by Corrado and Fandiño that had everything to succeed but was naive

In a time not long ago, Argentine television has been plagued by national dramas. Whether in the traditional lunch or in the afternoon or especially at night, the public could see their favorite local artists on the small screen.

One of the gallant historians of the sector is, was and will be Gabriel Corrado, protagonist of successes such as black Pearl, Chiquititas And Malparidaamong many others.

With a great deal of experience in the field, he was chosen, together with the “newcomer” Soledad Fandiño, to act in one of the strong bets of El Trece afternoons: Juanita, the single.

The story told the life of Juanita (Fandiño), a young woman who ran a bookstore with her best friend, Betty, played by Maju Lozano. She has always dreamed of the perfect man but at the same time she wanted to avoid any bad experience in love. until Tomy (Corrado) entered her life.

Although the gallant had nothing to do with her tastes, Juanita had to be married and with a child, as the only condition, to collect a millionaire inheritance, and one of her cousins ​​(Matías Santoianni) found no better idea than this “chanta” with seductive abilities was the ideal candidate for the only family member who was single, married.

Juanita and Tomy seem like the perfect couple but they have a different way of seeing love: she wants a life-long relationship and he is only looking for the young woman’s money. She becomes the target of all liars or fortune hunters, due to the inheritance clause, but if the protagonist had one thing clear, it is that she would never give up on her dreams of her for money.

Juanita and Tomy were the
Juanita and Tomy were the “perfect opposites” of the strip

The strip, which had a musical curtain composed and performed by the alternative band Tree, marked Soledad Fandiño’s debut in a starring role. The actress, who was considered the girl of the moment at the time, had just headed in 2005 There are no two without threes, the successful comedy conducted by the staff of comedians of the Tinelli factory, on Canale 9.

Corrado, for his part, had been one of the faces of the previous year Honour men, also on the screen of El Trece. With a cast of prominent figures of the stature of Mercedes Funes, Muriel Santa Ana, Graciela Dufau, Alejandra Darín and Daniel Aráoz, fiction had everything to be successful, but the so “naive” component of the story ended up playing against him.

Furthermore, it began to suffer from the constant changes in timetables and, in particular, from the arrival of the 2006 World Cup in Germany, which almost completely dominated the screen.

Produced by Pol-ka, Juanita, la soltera premiered at 19:00. on March 27, 2006, with a debut average of 11.6 points. In mid-June, as the valuation was not the best, the first program change has occurred, which will air at 17:00.. On July 24, the second time change would arrive, airing until August 22 at 18:00. Long last, from 23 August it happened at 18:30, with a duration of half an houruntil the end of the strip on the 30th of the same month.

2006 fue el año del Mundial de Alemania” class=”com-link” data-reactroot=””>2006 was the year of the World Cup in Germany and as usual, everything “stops” before that great event. Although he is not always in the lead in the broadcasting of matches, Telefe ended up keeping the annual rating, averaging 14.5 points, while Canal 13 finished in second place with 11.3. Canal 9 was in third place with 5.8 points, followed by América, with an average of 4.7, and Canal 7 reached one point.

At that point, the fight between the channels was minute by minute (even during matches) and the time change war began. “At the end of” was the most used phrase in 2006 promotions. quality cycles such as Murderous women or CQC, which started at 11pm, aired after 11.30pm. There were so many changes that the then Comfer (Federal Broadcasting Committee) took into consideration the possibility of sanctions for public complaints.

2006 is the year of Marcelo Tinelli’s arrival on Canale 13 with Showmatch and the prime time scoreboard changed to the premiere of Dancing for a dream. With only eight participants e Carmen Barbieri as the first winnerbegan the format that for years would have been successful in Argentina. You are my lifewith Natalia Oreiro and Facundo Facundo Arana, was another of the keys to which the channel run by Adrián Suar remained with the hottest timeslot on TV.

Telefe, for its part, with Montecristo and the landing of Mario Pergolini With the products of Cuatro Cabezas, it was more aimed at the audience of ABC1. At a time when the open numbers of television were still shining in terms of audiences, the most viewed programs have always exceeded twenty points.

Thanks to the World Cup, the TV had the best lighting of the year in June, with 59.7 points on average, higher than the 40.7 points of the previous months. The match of the quarter-finals, played between Germany and Argentina scored a record: 59 rating points.

When this mega event is over, there is little time left for air Juanita, the singlewho not only failed to improve his average, which was around seven points, but also lost a lot in the last few chapters. His replacement was Those womena Brazilian soap opera set in the 19th century which, in its own way, heralded the future boom of “import cans”.

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