The former producer of Susana Giménez, Ovidio García, sunk the diva: “Something very serious happened and nobody got involved”

Susana Gimenez remained at the center of the storm after the statements made by a former producer of his emblematic program, “Hi Susanna“, 35 years after its premiere.

was the producer Ovid Garcia who provided revealing details about the telephone diva in dialogue with the cycle “We are the majority“, from Radio Cooperative. There he referred to his relationship with Susana and related intimacy about the program.

What happened between Susana Giménez and Ovidio García

In his statements, Ovidio García said: “I met Susana in 1983, while she was dancing. They call me from Chile, from Viña del Mar, the manager of the casino saying they wanted to hire Susana Gimenez. I knew who she was and what she had done of course, but I didn’t know her personally. Susana had meaning, even if she hadn’t done much. For example, Alberto and Susana, which was a program that Canale 13 did with her and Olmedo, was a failure. Sometimes life takes you along roads and you make successes, failures, successes, failures. It’s part of business and life. “

I agreed with who his partner and manager, Norberto Dragui, was the cachet and we went to Viña del Mar. There she worked, she had setbacks with sound but she overcame them with great sympathy. It was a great discovery for me, because he was a person with a lot of charisma. We went back to Buenos Aires and two months later he called me through Juanito Belmonte and told me he wanted to work with me. We organize the word in my office, we design some things and then the possibility arises woman of the year ” following.

Susana Giménez in Hello Susana

“For some years I managed the artistic contents of the Conrad showroom and brought Argentine artists, including Susana Rinaldi. There I met his brother-in-law, Juan Carlos Cuacci. I mention him because he commented on it a few years ago: he said I told him in the dressing room that Susana was the ideal person to play Woman of the Year at the theater. Because no one believed in her. She did it excellently and it was a success. Later I left someone close to me with Susana’s things because I dedicated myself to Los Pimpinela’s international career, “she added.

“In 1987, Susana was called by Raúl Naya, who was doing The Rebel News with her production company at the time, to do a show in a magazine in the afternoon. They talked to the managers of channel 7 and in between of the negotiations, they said “Ovid has a format, as did Rafaella Carrá.” I sat with two producers from Naya’s production company, I don’t want to give their names and Jorge Torres, programming manager for 7, is one of them. witness: they told me ‘no, if she’s silly, she can’t answer the phone, how can she say hello’. I told them ‘don’t tell me, tell them’ “, continuous.

Susana Giménez in Hello Susana

In 1997 Ovid proclaimed himself the owner of the name that the Susana Giménez program broadcast on Channel 7 and Justice asked the owners of Telefe to pay him 10 million pesos as a reward., in addition to stopping using that name for the loop, they went back to “Hi Susana, we’re calling you”. “It was very sad, it never ended. Something very serious happened and no one was involved, no one cared about it,” Garcia revealed.

“Whoever is more powerful or thinks they have more power takes things. This is what happened here. This was registered in” Patents and Trademarks “, in” Argentores “. They went above all else. It was a very serious event that no one gave importance to. And it made many people millionaires, including Susana Gimenez. It is a business that has made over $ 100 million in turnoverOvid revealed.

Speaking of Susana, she said: “She is a very ambitious woman, but I cannot comment on the others. But the artist always has the last word, who is the one who signs. There was a contract signed for another year, 91-92. If you told me there were problems but when someone didn’t want to work with me anymore, it didn’t work anymore. But don’t come to my house and take the furniture, the children, everything. “

Susana Giménez in Hello Susana

Justice ruled in my favor in all cases, but the worst thing was that they then invented my signature.. All of this affected my health a lot, living together on a daily basis. When they attack you senseless, when they steal everything, on top of that they make you look like the villain in the movie, it is very difficult to get up. They left me alone because no one jokes with a TV channel. I think the only one who talked a lot about rights was Pergolini’s staff. If someone were to see the 1992 magazines, in an interview he asks her what the format will be, what the program will be like and she replies: “Ovid hasn’t fixed it yet, I can” I don’t know “.

“Here it is clear that I have always acted correctly, that he agreed the salary with the channels, that he was independent. My thing was the co-production with the channels, the risk was mine of the figures I wore. LaToya Jackson, Tony Kamo, La Cicciolina who scored 45 evaluation points. Everything at the time was a co-production with Channel 9“.

Susana Giménez in Hello Susana

To close, Ovid said: “You get there with your heart in tatters. With the lie, aggression. What I do not accept and I will never stop accepting until the day of my death is the aggression that took place, because behind the robbery they treat you like a thief. This is what you never get over. Did I have a meeting with Susana? No, that possibility was totally disjointed because if on the other side there was not even a ‘forgive me, this happened’, on the contrary, when the sentence in my favor took place, he said “that man who in a cunning and perverse … “and I’m not going to say the phrase. I was the one who had him personally register his name. He did it thanks to me “.

“Nobody knows that Eduardo Celasco, Susana’s ex-son-in-law, started working with me at the age of 13 because I was a close friend of Jorgelina Aranda, her mother, who was a heavenly being. And when I started with Pimpinela Celasco remained at Maipo controlling the collection of the woman of the year “, he concluded.


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