The Hotel of the Famous: Alex Caniggia told how it was his night in the suite with Melody Luz

Little by little, inside The Hotel of the Famous (eltrece) we begin to see the first rapprochements between the participants, as happened last week with Alex Caniggia and Melody Luz. After winning a challenge, the dancer was able to enjoy a night in the hotel suite and chose her singer as her partner.

On the screen we could see that they both shared the same bed and they took the opportunity to make a spoon. After sleeping together, they received breakfast and on several occasions they made rude comments. After starring in that bout under the sheets, many of his teammates wanted to know what happened.

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Majo Martino was one of the first to consult Alex Caniggia about the evening with Melody Luz. This is how the media ended up giving details about him meeting the dancer. “You and Melody, do they have spoon?”Asked the reporter. Given the affirmative answer of his partner, Majo insisted again: “Post?”. “Yes, we made a spoon,” assured the son of Mariana Nannis and Claudio Paolo Caniggia.

Melody Luz and Alex Caniggia are very accomplices
Melody Luz and Alex Caniggia are very accomplices of “El Hotel de los Famosos” (Photo: Capture eltrece).

Surprised by what she was hearing, Majo went further: “But did you support her?”. Beginning to feel uncomfortable with the questions, Alex told him that he couldn’t tell him about other situations. “They told me it was triple enough x …”the speaker added to see if the young man gave her more information. However, her partner decided not to say anything else and was shielded: “I am a gentleman.”

Although no one wanted to go into detail about what happened in the suite, they were very complicit together. In dialogue with the cameras, Alex was encouraged to summarize: “Spoon, cuddles, chirp, hold, the hand comes, the hand goes, kisses, passion, fire “.

The evening of Melody Luz and Alex Caniggia in the suite of “El Hotel de los Famosos”

Last week the guests of The Hotel of the Famous (extrece) they had to duel to define the new candidate and staff member and also the winner of the benefit everyone wants: spend the night in the suite. The tough competition, which involved both physical and mental abilities, had as a winner Luz melody and as a loser Galvan duck.

Melody Luz and Alex Caniggia read the game instructions they were given.  (Photo: video capture)
Melody Luz and Alex Caniggia read the game instructions they were given. (Photo: video capture)

In this way the dancer thought about which partner to invite to spend the night and had no doubts. the chosen one was alex caniggia, he was determined to take advantage of the rebound profit he had made. And, after a series of games in which his senses were put to the test, the screen of eltrece it was hot

“I really like people who make me laugh and with him I feel that every comment is a back and forth of laughter. This is what I appreciate the most, ”justified Melody Luz when she was asked why Alex Caniggia was her chosen one.

The high tension challenge that Melody Luz and Alex Caniggia went through.  (Photo: video capture)
The high tension challenge that Melody Luz and Alex Caniggia went through. (Photo: video capture)

As soon as they entered, they drank and toasted “For a good night”. The dancer, who is characterized by being the hottest in the hotel, asked him: “What expectations do you have?”, to which Alex replied “whatever I paint”. She agreed and the glasses clink again.

After reading the envelope and the slogan of the evening, they put their five senses to the test. “It’s a mix of play and seduction”Melody explained in the scenes recorded on the back. “Your body starts to warm up”He pointed to Alex.

The sexual tension was mounting. and they themselves confirmed it. When the challenge of discovering scents came, Melody applied the fragrances to certain parts of her body. “I feel that in that specific part of the sense of smell we have both warmed up a little bit more”, Assured the dancer.

After winning a challenge, Melody Luz got the best camera and together with Alex Caniggia they warmed up the screen. “What happens in the suite stays in the suite,” assured the emperor. (Photo: video capture)

Once all the games were over, they celebrated with hugs and Claudio’s son Paolo he threw her on the bed, biting her neck. “I have a mix of laughter and … well …” she clarified.

In today’s broadcast it will be known if something happened between them or not. Apparently, they slept very close. “The emperor is a gentleman, what happens in the suite stays in the suite”, He assured.

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