The Hotel of the Famous: the house of the mother of Locho Loccisano by the treat and shadow in the program

Lucas’s entry “Locho” Loccisano al exitoso reality de eltrece, The Hotel of the Famous, fue con el izquierdo pie. The crown prince, influencer and music in which the acclaimed group “La familia”, led by Maximiliano “Chanchi” Estévez and Mart Saln Salwe and, consequently, auelado by the majority of the participants of the program from which the hotel in English is replicated by actor Rodrigo No.

Without embargo, it is precisely the activity of the homogeneous group that permeates in the audience a media empathy driven by the exalted Your roulette wheel.

The viruses, in the segment “All against all”, in which they are defined as the second participant that enters the H -the elimination game of the program-, Loop is now voted on by your computer to pass the news by instance in the options and news of the accident “The labyrinth” is a game that requires a lot of energy.

To confirm that you are competing with Militta Bora, the participant is sampled offset by the group being assured that they will vote in the new election, Lissa Vera. “Van por el chivo expiratio, se comeron sus palabras por antes de saber quién wind eluevo todos decian que iban a votar al que ingrese, pero no, otra vez a mí”, dijo el participant, qui recibióet siete votas, a constant en the “All against all”.

“The world is like a labyrinth, and now it is new to H, which saber you are here and follow it always”, said Locho, in this way offering the undoing how to win if the famous labyrinth is unbelievably guaranteed a rule that the program does not modify, select as well as incentive or empty. Cuando Salwe’s response to Loccisano that most likely wanted to be nominated here is more express your desserts from irse to your house.

Locho's mother's message on the program's Instagram
Locho’s mother’s message on the program’s InstagramCaptures

Si bien no suele pronunciarse en redes, ese mismo día Appear your mother in the Instagram account of reality before you drop her in a post in which Locho is dating Emily Lucius, one of the participants with the most friction. “Hijo, because I respect your business card. É Sé fuerte! I love you ” to write Mónica Meroni to comprehend the small trades of your computers. Debajo of your comment, Majo Martino, exparticipante del programa y única confidente de Locho” class=”com-link” data-reactroot=””>Majo Martino, Locho confidential program specialist and uniquele dejó un corazón a la madre del ex Combate that the moon is played, one vez more, its continuity in the program.

Lucas’s ingresso “Locho” Loccisano al reality

Locho ingreso al incomodó program por varias razones. In the first place, because the 27-year-old enters between the need to complain to nadie. This is because the rest of the participants underestimated, in principle but it is not sufficiently famous as to be all. In the second place porque, when it enters the parts participating in the repetition, it filters that Locho is the most popular languagelo cual incrementó el malestar de “La familia”.

Loccisano no solo participó mother Your roulette wheel (America TV), conducted by Pamela David, y de Tenemos Wifi (KZO)commanded by Nicolás Occhiato, whose experience is realistic, as demonstrated by Combate (ElNueve) y Playing with fire (Netflix).

The Chino Leunis enojo in The hotel of the famous for the bullying of Locho

In one of the most incomplete moments of the program, when the participant was sent to H with Walter Queijeirothe majority of your computing companies distribute comments subtractively minted to be found in a “battle” with the deporting periodical. Go to triumph, decompress and debit to assist productionmientras the conductors Leandro “Chino” Leunis y Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain se dirigían a los participanta para remarcarles how to establish bullying and the “violent” that resulted.

Locho Loccisano, newly nominated to compete in H
Locho Loccisano, newly nominated to compete in H

Hello, a figure who desperately recovers in the TV shows, to discuss with Leunis what he is establishing and defending asserting that the nun will fall respecting his computer. Chino, rapidly reflecting, the answer being all and sundry, as well as what it is like on the mounting island. It is an instant generator that, as in the case of all program shows, It tends to follow the trend on Twitter, which is used as a symbol of an anti-bullying campaign, at a time when the numbers of the rating are ascending.

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