The ideal replica of Julián vlvarez en River, seg lan la artificial intelligence, series José López

“All indications that Julián vlvarez is going to be a good idea”reconcile in the last hours Jorge Britopresident de River, quitándole peso a la option o tene de retenerlo hasta diciembre, debido la clasula que el Manchester City tiene a favor para incorporated in última semana de junio.

“Nosotros lo tenemos a préstamo hasta dicemembre y el City tiene que pagar 1.5 millones e euros para llevarse a Julián en la útima semana de junio. Contra reality can not be and is Julian’s carrera deportiva. “Any indication that you are going through the same process, and certainly not officially notified at the time, will obviate you to get the final one before it”, dijo Brito in an interview with Radio 10.

Because of this, artificial intelligence is a bit of a stretch and it takes a lot of analysis to figure out the ideal cord repair options, scoring 41 goals out of 107 as a professional in River and its aftermath: José Manuel López (Lanús), Miguel Merential (Defense and Justice), Nicolás “Uvita” Fernández (San Lorenzo) y Facundo Farías “.

The “Granate” user encabs the file of the “ideals”, because the data is analyzed by artificial intelligence Olocip, determined for the national windfall in San Lorenzo, Corrientes, on December 6, 2000, when the tempo of the current time is 6.98. La contextualized rendering prediction arroja para él la mejor posición.

The best replicas of Julian Álvarez in River, using artificial intelligence

The best replicas of Julian Álvarez en River, según la artificial intelligence.
The best replicas of Julian Álvarez en River, según la artificial intelligence.

In an interview that was published in November 2021 by the periodical Mariano Verrina, the diary Clarín, José Manuel “El Flaco” López, how to impact the somersault, the plate and the reconnaissance, in that they reproduce as well as advertised.

Ya diste el somo y te destacás en Primera pero seguís siendo muy joven, ¿cómo hacés para no marearte?

If I had an open debut, I would have lost a little. Te habla todo el mundo, sos amigos de todos, te invitan a todos lados, piden tu camiseta, quieren una foto… Y por hacer eso, por decir a todo que sí, terminaba acostándome tarde o hacía alguna boludez y después la pagaba en los training because there is no equal. Creo que eso me duró una semana. Me di cuenta de que así no iba. You also know that the ones who are always together are the same, the family and the best friends. It’s very easy for the girl to recuperate from scratch or crecersela.

What do you like about your environment?

Que te lleva para ese lado, a creerte más de lo que saos. On the football field the idolatra demasiado. The footballer is intocable if he has other things that a person does not have. Para mí no es así. The result is repression and more si te va bien, but the whole of Argentine is playing football. Ya de por sí se asocia al futbolista con ser canchero. In fact, it’s a lot like that, but it’s not enough meters to all in the big crowd. If a girl of 14 or 15 years old has a contract with a brand or a representative, it is very easy to create. Yo lo que veo es que pasa lo contrario: si vos a tus conditionice les sumis ser tranquilo, ser transparent, ser buena persona, te va a ir mejor, te va a querer m gs gente.

And in the middle of all this is the guitar.

Claro. I do not know what to do with it, I do not know how to do it with all my heart and soul. I do not know what I mean by “what I do: I play football, I do not like it and I do not like it”. Y encima la gente te quiere, te hacen sentir un fenómeno. Por suerte eso no me mareó, lo levo le tranquilidad. No me gusta ostentar, ni demostrar ni nada. Me gusta estar tranquilo, ir al campo, pasar tiempo con mi familia, ni juego a la Play.

Comparison of Julián Álvarez with José López

How to determine the impact of a player on your team game, says Olocip

The Artificial Intelligence system is made up of millions of well-rounded players who objectively take action in the field of play to evaluate the impact they have on each other in terms of team and rival performance. This information provides an objective evaluation value of the form of the proximal and rival jugs.

The system analyzes all the actions of each jugar at each moment of incubation, in function of how it affects the probability of marking and encapsulating your team.

TCT-Scout simplifies the processes of talent identification, yield analysis and filing, timing and rigorous mixing. Use Artificial Intelligence in permitting performance analysis to eliminate errors and increase the objectivity and value of real-time comparator performance.


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