The match against Quilmes, crucial for San Martín from every point of view

The results that have been recorded so far on the 9th, oblige San Martín a little more than necessary. Beyond the fact that the tournament is still in its infancy and that there is still a long way to go, not straying from the top positions is a key objective for any team looking to fight for promotion. And the “Saint” is obliged to leave the house of the “Cervecero” in good standing.

The campaign of those led by Paul De MunerSo far it has gone well. In the first eight rounds, San Martín was able to become strong at home and achieved good results outside Tucumán. But to combat the important things, one must add and add; and in Bolívar and Pellegrini they know it very well. “We have to win again as guests. This is the key for us ”, assured the coach before going to Buenos Aires.

Of course, during the “Tomate” era the team “got used to celebrating often away from Tucumán. And in this tournament, out of four games played in those conditions, they won two (in Turdera, against Temperley and in Madryn against Deportivo ), a draw (against Nueva Chicago in Mataderos) and only one defeat (in Mar del Plata, against Alvarado, in the only duel in which the team went bad).

But the game against Quilmes is important for many things. A victory would allow him not to detach too much from the leader Belgrano and to take advantage of Brown de Adrogué’s draw yesterday to remain the only shooting guard of the tournament. Also, the duel against those led by Leandro Benitez It is almost a litmus test to measure the true strength of a team which, as his coach always points out, is in the middle of its formative phase.

Although the “Santo” is good, the “Cervecero” appears as the first great rival of the season. In addition to not being able to find the best version of him yet, he has one of the best teams in his class and is always a threat to any rival.

It is true that Quilmes has lost some strength to the team that was on the verge of promotion in the previous season (so far he has two wins, four draws and one defeat), but after being released on matchday one, he lost in la second date and from there it began to grow. “He hasn’t lost in six games; and four who don’t win. It’s a team that tries to play a little better than last week, at least from my point of view. They have hierarchical players, such as (Mariano) Peacock And Federico Gonzalez, among others. We will try to do our thing, we hope to impose ourselves ”, assured De Muner.

Another reason to try to celebrate tonight is to finally be able to beat a team that failed to beat in the last tournament (they lost 1-2 at home and drew 0-0 in Buenos Aires) and walk away with a smile from almost always elusive stadium (as a visitor they have beaten Quilmes only twice out of 12 games).

The game is decisive where you look at it. San Martín needs to show his credentials and with that mission he went to Buenos Aires. Because as his DT always says, you can always do more.

From 21.10

Quilmes: Martin Perafán; Martín Ortega, Pier Barrios, Fernando Evangelista and Iván Erquiaga; Camilo Machado, David Drocco, Richard Nuñez and Emanuel Moreno; Federico Gonzalez and Mariano Pavone. DT: Leandro Benitez.

Saint martin: Dario Sabbia; Ulises Abreliano, Hernán Pellerano, Hernán Lopes and Lucas Diarte; Valentín Larralde, Rodrigo Herrera and “Tino” Costa; Federico Jourdan, Juan Miritello and Diego Sosa. DT: Pablo De Müner.

Referee: Ramirò López.

stage: Quilmes. TV: TyC Sport.


All according to plan

The campus has adhered to the letter scheduled for yesterday. He trained early in the morning and at 12:10 he boarded the flight that deposited him in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. The group remained concentrated in the hotel located in the Retiro area, the usual bunker of the “saint” every time they visit this city.

Three changes to the list called

For the match against Deportivo Maipú, Pablo De Muner had gathered 20 players. On this occasion he decided to bring 19 players to Buenos Aires. Agustín Prokop and Iván Maggi remained in Tucumán, while Franco Quiroz added his first call. In addition to the possible owners (see formation box on page 2), the following have traveled: Nicolás Carrizo, Fernando González, Quiroz, Gustavo Abregú, Juan Imbert, Tomás Escalante, Patricio Pérez and Milton Céliz. One of them will remain off the bench tonight.

There is nothing definite

The organization of the Copa Argentina has announced that the match against Quilmes for the 32nd final does not have a confirmed date or venue. Although it was said that it would be played in La Rioja, now the clubs in Salta and Córdoba have started to strengthen.

the rest of the date

Yesterday’s results were: Nueva Chicago 0-Brown (A) 0, Alvarado 1-Guillermo Brown 0, Morón 0-Estudiantes (BA) 1, Ferro 2-Agropecuario 2, Deportivo Maipú 3-Defensores de Belgrano 1 and Deportivo Madryn 1 -Santamarina 1. Today they play: Deportivo Riestra-Güemes and Miter (S) -Institute.

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