The murder of the former Puma Aramburu: the crude account of a witness and the key information he provided

Federico Martin Aramburu was 42 years old (AFP)
Federico Martin Aramburu was 42 years old (AFP)

In the early hours of March 19 in Paris, the former Argentine rugbier Federico Martin Aramburu He was murdered after being involved in a fight in a bar in the center of the French capital. There are already three inmates for the crime, one of them Loik Le Priol, a 27-year-old man accused of being the material author. Now, for the first time, a witness has given details of what happened that night.

The Gallic news portal The group posted an interview with a subject, whose identity has been kept secret, who witnessed an event that happened just before the shots were fired at the former Los Pumas player. It is worth remembering Aramburu was at the bar The Mabillon with his friend Shaun Hegartyformer teammate at Biarritz Olympique and currently his partner in the travel company Basque spiritwhen he had an interdict with two men: Loik Le Priol e Romain Bouvier, both arrested by the police a few days later. That conflict caused the French to be kicked out of the safety of the locals and some time later, when the Argentine and his partner left the place, they found themselves on public roads.

At that moment the witness was sleeping in his room, a few meters from the scene, and was awakened by shouts coming from the street: “My first instinct is to go and see. It was around 5:55 am, which was confirmed by footage from security cameras. The climax of the fight is hard to describe, but I hear a man, whom I now identify as Le Priol, scream. But really screaming, offensive and always directed at the same person, who at that moment did not know who he was. Despite the time, many people looked out the windows, which testifies to the violence of the scene.

The bar where the conflict between Aramburu and his killers began
The bar where the conflict between Aramburu and his killers began

“This scene only lasted a few seconds. Aramburu falls to the ground for a very short time. Immediate intervention by the guys from the bar below”, He described underlining the excellent work of the security men of The Mabillon, who managed to put an end to the brawl and disperse the violent. At this point the witness made a fundamental clarification by describing two completely different attitudes between the two French and the former Argentine athlete: “I saw Aramburu on the ground and I remember thinking she was taking it fucking good. She got up. They just screwed him and he’s not even trying to answer. “

For his part, Le Priol was furious: “He tries to go back there, he keeps shouting insults but someone I haven’t identified prevents him. I’m sure if I could have come back, I would have. I think if he could have killed him with his fists, he would have killed him with his fists. He was yelling ‘You mother bitch!’ What struck me like crazy was the contrast between attitudes ”.

The witness was surprised why to date no emphasis has been placed on this confrontation at the doors of the bar. So far, witnesses who have spoken to the press have mentioned the forbidden inside the building that had been lit by a cigarette and then the moment of the shots fired by a Jeep led by a woman. This contribution adds a new encounter between Aramburu and his assassins. “Nobody talks about this fight, it was short but very violent”. Even from his home she could see him The former Puma “had a really swollen face”, for which he received a strong blow to the face. “It’s very subjective but now that I know the profile of the protagonists, I think they chased after Aramburu because Hegarty scared them too much. He is a closet! “

In this way, He insisted that the attitude of the Argentine and his partner has never been violent: “Aramburu was attacked but he never replied. He was still. He and Shaun must have said to themselves, ‘We ran into two assholes, they’re 20, they’re drunk, it must have happened to them 20 times in their life,’ Come on, come on, come on. he goes back to the hotel! ‘”, and remarks:” Aramburu did not want to fight. Obviously not…”.

By that time, Le Priol and Bouvier had already been separated from the place and pushed into the street, but Le Priol made another gesture that caught the witness’s attention: “Here, I remember seeing a boy (Le Priol) several times trying to get something out of his pocket. I wanted to scream, I didn’t. I said to myself ‘I’ll be taken for a psycho’. I said to myself ‘At worst it’s a knife’. Fights, I’ve seen a few, but this was rare, it was the first time I felt like I could go further. It is worth mentioning that some patrons of the bar told the media hours after the crime that Le Priol had something in his pocket that some identified as a police badge.

Loïk Le Priol is targeted as the perpetrator of the crime (Reti)
Loïk Le Priol is targeted as the perpetrator of the crime (Reti)

Soon after, the volume of the voices dropped and the brawl seemed to be over. It was then that he spotted a woman, the other held by the authorities, and the Jeep the three of them would use later, but didn’t pay much attention to that detail. The witness returned to his bed to continue sleeping as he watched everyone walk away from the scene and thought the violence was over.

“I look at my phone. I close my eyes, I don’t even have time to do this (imitates the gesture of wrapping up in the sheet) that six blows resound. I feel six, very close. I analyze in three seconds in my head: they are shots, they are fireworks, no, that’s probably what he had in his pocket! After he found out, he looked out the window and saw only a few people running towards the place where the shots were fired, so he called the police to report what he had seen.

When he arrived on site, the medical teams were already working on Aramburu’s body: “It’s like a scene from a movie, but it’s not a movie. I’m amazed, I don’t feel much, I don’t cry “. Later, around noon, he gave his testimony to the authorities and had the opportunity to meet Shaun Hegarty, the partner of the Argentine rugby player: “He remained silent, which is completely normal. He had a liter of water, his battery was at 1% and his phone rang every three seconds. The name ‘Maria’ was often highlighted. I understand right away that she is Aramburu’s wife. We smoked a cigarette together, we didn’t exchange a word “.

There have been three arrests related to the case, a young woman named Lison, aged 24, who was driving the Jeep from where the shots were fired; Romain Bouvier, a 30-year-old man who is part of a far-right French student union; And Loik Le Priolaccused of being the main perpetrator of the crime.

Priol27 years old, he was arrested 72 hours after the murder in the border town of Záhony, in an area where the borders of Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine cross. “The foreigner told the police that he had military training and that he would go to Ukraine to fight”he assured the French media Sport RMC Hungarian police, who seized three knives from his vehicle. The former soldier and member of a far-right movement called GUD is known for his radicalism and the violence of him, He belongs to far-right movements and was due to appear in court in June for “aggravated violence” against a member of the GUD.


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