the premier did not rule out the resignation of president Pedro Castillo

The resignation of the president Pietro castle it is not excluded because “in Peru everything is possible”Prime Minister Aníbal Torres admitted in an interview with Colombia’s Blu Radio.

Could we be in the last days of the Castillo government? Or didn’t you see it like that? “, They asked Torres.

“In Peru, anything is possible. This (political instability) is not new in Peru. It is something that comes from a few years ago. We have had 5 presidents and three congresses in 5 years. It’s a situation we haven’t gotten over, ”Torres said.

He was referring to the case Peter Paul Kuczynski, who resigned from the presidency due to a corruption scandal (2018); to the dismissal of Martin Vizcarra by Congress, accused of alleged corruption (2020); the resignation of Manuel Merino, forced by protests against his illegitimate government (2020), and Francisco Sagasti, elected by Congress, who fulfilled his mandate to hand over power to the president-elect in 2021, Pedro Castillo.

Unlike last weekend, the protests over the increase in the price of fuel and basic foodstuffs in the family basket, they were not released this Wednesday.

To the south

Clashes between demonstrators and police concentrated in the Ica region, south of Lima, an area dedicated mainly to export agriculture. In December 2020, during the Sagasti government, the farmers of Ica protested against a law that affected their income. Two were killed by the men in uniform.

On this Wednesday, during the blockade of the Panamericana Sur, one deceased was reportedfarmer Johnny Quito, following a police bullet.

For this Thursday the most important trade unions in the country, the General Confederation of Workers (CGTP) and the Unitary Union of Educational Workers of Peru (Sutep), announced that they will mobilize across the country against the Castillo government.

Opposition Congressmen from the Popular Action Party began collecting signatures question Prime Minister Aníbal Torreswho is held responsible for the imprudent and unconstitutional curfew that was imposed on Tuesday at any moment, causing fear, uncertainty and anxiety among the citizens of Lima and the port of Callao.

It also tries to question Torres so that he responds to the incompetence of the government in front of outbursts of violence against public and private propertyand the balance of five deaths.

An explanation of because the police could not prevent the excesses of violent groups against locals in the center of the capital of the Lima Superior Court, the Public Prosecutor and the National Electoral Jury, on Tuesday night.

This was communicated by sources from the Government Palace Clarione that Prime Minister Aníbal Torres he was not willing to sacrifice himself for government actions that have been adopted with collective decisions, for which he has decided to make his position available.

However, President Castillo has renewed his confidence in him.

A protester tries to put out the fire during a demonstration on Tuesday in Lima.  photo EFE

A protester tries to put out the fire during a demonstration on Tuesday in Lima. photo EFE

Possible changes

Indeed, during a press conference after the cabinet, Torres said he had not submitted his resignation and that he was satisfied with his toilet.

But the sources do not exclude that President Castillo, to reduce the pressure from the streets and from the opposition parties that are demanding his resignation, renew ministers.

In less than 8 months, Pedro Castillo had four prime ministers: Guido Bellido, Mirtha Vásquez, Héctor Valer and now Aníbal Torres. The fact that you breed them frequently pays for the possibility of a new change to avoid Congressional censorship.

Torres explained to Blu Radio’s Colombian reporters that those calling for Castillo’s resignation they were the rich people of Lima who did not accept the electoral victory of the elementary school teacher, peasant and poor.

“This has always existed in a sector of the population, sector A and sector B, which from the beginning did not recognize the victory of Pedro Castillo and have always been behind the vacancy, demanding the resignation of the president or proposing constitutional accusations to Congress. . It has always existed and it is difficult for it to disappear, ”he explained.

When they reiterated the question about Castillo’s resignation, he replied: “It could be a prospect, I’m not ruling out anything, of course. In the country it would not be new. It is the political uncertainty that has existed for some years“.

But those who took to the streets over the weekend in some cities of the Andes, what they were asking was stop the price spike of food and the cost of fuel.

In the event Castillo resigns, Vice President Dina Boluarte will replace him, but hinted that out of loyalty she would also resign. But this was before the social epidemic.

Now it appears more conciliatory: “This political crisis affects all Peruvians, especially the most vulnerable, generating poverty, uncertainty and frustration. It is up to the Executive, together with Congress, to listen to the requests expressed”He wrote on his Twitter account.

According to Congressional sources, opposition political groups would have told him they would support his administration if he assumed the presidency.


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