The referees of date 9 of the LPF Cup and the heads of the VAR

The Argentine Football Association announced the referees appointments for the following day and subsequently assigned who will be in the VAR of each match.

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After the first appointment with the VAR in Argentine football, the Argentine Football Federation announced today the referees appointments for the 9th date of the Professional League Cup, but it did in the first instance without informing who will be those who will be in the VOR room of each game. In the afternoon, the appointments with the heads of the VAR would be completed.

Referees for date 9 of the Professional League Cup

Friday 8 April

19.00 Arsenal – Godoy Cruz (Zone B)

  • Referee: Nazareno Arasa
  • Assistant referee 1: Iván Aliende
  • Assistant referee 2: Gonzalo Ferrari
  • Fourth referee: Mariano Negrete
  • VAR: Silvio Trucco
  • AVAR: Alejo Castany

19:00 Atlético Tucumán – Gymnastics (Zone A)

  • Referee: Jorge Baliño
  • Assistant referee 1: José Castelli
  • Assistant referee 2: Damián Espinoza
  • Fourth referee: Federico Guaymas Tornero
  • VAR: Patricio Loustau
  • AVAR: Pablo Gonzalez

21.30 Sarmiento – San Lorenzo (Zone A)

  • Referee: Nestor Pitana
  • Assistant referee 1: Julio Fernández
  • Assistant referee 2: Diego Verlotta
  • Fourth referee: Fabricio Llobet
  • VAR: Mauro Vigliano
  • AVAR: Fernando Espinoza

21:30 Rosario Central – Colón (Zone B)

  • Referee: Facundo Tello
  • Assistant referee 1: Iván Nuñez
  • Assistant referee 2: Pablo Gualtieri
  • Fourth referee: Darío Sandoval
  • VAR: Pablo Dovalo
  • AVAR: Massimiliano Del Yesso

Saturday 9 April

14.00 Union – Newell’s (Zone A)

  • Referee: Fernando Rapallini
  • Assistant referee 1: Javier Uziga
  • Assistant referee 2: Marcelo Bistocco
  • Fourth referee: Franco Morón
  • VAR: Héctor Paletta
  • AVAR: Gerardo Carretero

16.30 Workshop – Defense and Justice (Zone A)

  • Referee: Andres Merlos
  • Assistant referee 1: Gabriel Umbra
  • Assistant referee 2: Adrián Delbarba
  • Fourth referee: Pablo Nuñez
  • VAR: Yael Falcon Perez
  • AVAR: Cristian Navarro

19.00 Independent – Tigre (Zone B)

  • Referee: Hernán Mastrangelo
  • Assistant referee 1: Juan Pablo Belatti
  • Assistant referee 2: Facundo Rodriguez
  • Fourth referee: Pablo Dóvalo
  • VAR: Ariel Penel
  • AVAR: Julio Fernandez

21.30 Velez – Boca (Zone B)

  • Referee: Patricio Loustau
  • Assistant referee 1: Ezequiel Brailovsky
  • Assistant referee 2: José Savorani
  • Fourth referee: Fernando Echenoque
  • Var: Nicolas Lamolina
  • AVAR: Nazarene Arasa

Sunday 10 April

14.00 Board of Directors – Banfield (Zone A)

  • Referee: Nicolas Lamolina
  • Assistant referee 1: Lucas Germanotta
  • Assistant referee 2: Javier Callegari
  • Fourth referee: Gustavo Benítez
  • VAR: Facundo Tello
  • AVAR: Salomé Di Iorio

14.00 Students – Central Córdoba (Zone B)

  • Referee: German Dolphin
  • Assistant referee 1: Diego Bonfa
  • Assistant referee 2: Gerardo Lencina
  • Fourth referee: Cristian Cernadas
  • VAR: Fernando Espinoza
  • AVAR: Silvio Trucco

16.30 Platense – Racing (Zone A)

  • Referee: Pablo Echavarria
  • Assistant referee 1: Maxi Delyesso
  • Assistant referee 2: Maxi Castelli
  • Fourth referee: Diego Ceballos
  • Var: Leandro Rey Hilfer
  • AVAR: Alejo Castany

19.00 River – Argentini (Zone A)

  • Referee: Yael Falcon Perez
  • Assistant referee 1: Pablo González
  • Assistant referee 2: Pablo Acevedo
  • Fourth referee: Héctor Paletta
  • VAR: Diego Abal
  • AVAR: Diego Verlotta

21.30 Hurricane – Barracas Central (Zone B)

  • Referee: Dario Herrera
  • Assistant referee 1: Cristian Navarro
  • Assistant referee 2: Walter Ferreyra
  • Fourth referee: Julio Barraza
  • VAR: Ariel Penel
  • AVAR: Diego Romero

Monday 11th April

21.30 Lanús – Aldosivi (Zone B)

  • Referee: Mauro Vigliano
  • Assistant referee 1: Sebastián Raineri
  • Assistant referee 2: Andr´és Barbieri
  • Fourth referee: Gastón Suárez
  • VAR: Fernando Rapallini
  • AVAR: Fernando Echenique

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