The reprehensible attitude of Mica Viciconte that angered his colleagues with MasterChef Celebrity

This Wednesday, a few steps from the great definition, Juariu, Tomás Fonzi and Micaela Viciconte, the three semifinalists of Celebrity MasterChef 3faced a new challenge full of surprises.

But before putting their hands in the dough, the three confessed to being nervous and deeply asleep from the tension of living these last instances and Viciconte made a revelation that sounded like a déjà vu from other editions: a dream that involved one of the jurors, Martitegui German. In this case, the dreamer was not the participant, but her partner, Fabián Cubero.

So if, Santiago del Moro He surprised them by showing them the three gray aprons that were on a small platform. “Whoever wins today will have a key advantage for tomorrow’s gala,” she informed her.

“I guess seeing the gray aprons doesn’t make them very funny … In MasterChef Nothing is what it seems; There is always a little surprise around the corner. ” donato de santis. AND Damien Betular He specified: “They will have 60 minutes to make a dish for free. But since they are the three semi-finalists, we know we can ask them something more ”.

“So today we want them to work in series. This means that six identical dishes will have to be served from the same preparation ”, added Martitegui.

Each one randomly choosing an apron and unrolling it, the participants found the names of three of their eliminated comrades: on Viciconte it was written “Malena” (Guinzburg), “María” (Del Cerro) by Juariu and “Joaquin” (Levinton) by Fonzi). Immediately, the three entered to help them. However, as De Santis had anticipated a few minutes earlier, they brought with them another surprise: mysterious trays covered with a red cloth.

María del Cerro, Malena Guinzburg and Joaquín Levinton are back to help the semi-finalists
María del Cerro, Malena Guinzburg and Joaquín Levinton are back to help the semi-finalistsPress Telef

The joy of the two semi-finalists vanished as soon as they discovered the contents of those trays. Mery, frogs; Guinzburg White Salmon. Fonzi had better luck: the former Turf leader had steaks with lamb loin.

Viciconte decided to make ceviche, taking advantage of the fact that both she and her “helper” had good returns when they had to make this preparation, accompanied by fries and sweet potatoes. The problem arose during the preparation of cancha maize. Recommended by Guinzburg, the semifinalist tried to fry it in a pan full of oil, but the beans began to jump. So yeah, she decided to skip them. A few minutes later, a new inconvenience would arise: the tiger milk they had prepared was not enough for the six dishes. “Go ask for a lemon, they’ll give it to you and not me”, Viciconte asked her partner, who followed her orders and had Fonzi deliver what she needed.

“Can I borrow coriander?” Levinton asked Guinzburg in a low voice, while Viciconte was distracted looking for kitchen utensils. “I’ll give you some, because she doesn’t like to lend,” the comedian said as he cut some of the herb to give to the singer.

“We go straight to Morocco,” Fonzi told Betular, when the jury came to see how his preparation was progressing. “And how are they going to make us travel to Morocco?” asked the pastry chef. “We will accompany the T-Bones with a hydrated couscous with orange juice, and we will also serve a curry, we have coconut milk …” Fonzi answered, surprising Betular, who told him that the curry was Indian. “Well, it’s a huge area, our plate covers 70% of the planet,” he defended himself with humor.

“Germán throws me a couple of ideas,” acknowledged Juariu after Martitegui visited his island, who advised him to cook frog legs with curry to give them color and flavor. As a side dish, carrots and zucchini with orange juice and yogurt.

The first to present their dishes was Viciconte. “What did you cure the fish with?” Betular wanted to know. Surprised, the participant replied: “No … I already had the medical certificate”, but the joke did not seem very welcome to the jury.

“It’s not easy to make six plates, as you may have realized today, and they are quite similar,” began his comeback Martitegui. And he went on: “They are well presented; perhaps a little dirty at the edges; That’s why at the last minute you always have to clean them up a little. “True to his confrontational style, Viciconte disagreed with the remark. And despite the fact that the other two members of the jury showed him the stains on the edges of their plates, only with cameras, the former participant of Fight it indicated, “If mine is stained, look at the one behind it,” referring to its competitors.

“The taste of the coriander fits very well, the crunchiness of the potato, the onion, the fish is well cut, they have filleted it”, praised Martitegui. But then he said: “For me, tiger milk has an excess of acidity. Something was missing … Maybe a little more fish or garlic. It’s tasty, but it has a lot of lemon. “

Betular agrees: “Garlic and ginger lack intensity. It’s like a ceviche for someone who doesn’t eat ceviche. Very correct. Little emotion. “Donato, in turn, indicated:” It’s a very nice presentation. It looks very nice. The potato is very crunchy, the onion is perfectly cut. The foam catches my attention a bit … The milk of tiger is like sea water. It lacked a little more spices and salt, ginger, coriander, to give it the exotic touch that ceviche has so that it is not a simple lemon bath. At the end of the tour, the the driver recalled that being pregnant, the participant could not taste the raw fish.

Then came Juariu’s turn. “We never have a good experience when there is a frog,” Betular began. He added: “I thought it would look like fried chicken. And no … I love the fry layer, I like yogurt, but zucchini puree is not a puree. And it seems to me that the carrots have a bit burnt, a bit bitter ».

“The zucchini puree, to forget” agreed Donato. “It’s very easy when you have too thick breading or too many toppings and everything is perfect here; The whole frog’s leg is very balanced, from end to end, “he said.

Martitegui, completed: “It is not very nice to bread the bone to the end; I would have left a clean piece of bone just to grab it. When you told me about the puree, I imagined something with the taste and color of fresh, very spring courgettes, and this is more like a soup. The yogurt sauce is very good and the carrots don’t look like carrots; if you tell me they are tomatoes, peppers or something else, I say yes “.

For the end, Fonzi remained. And as he carried the first two preparations for tasting, he tripped, staining one of the plates. Behind Viciconte, still annoyed by the jury’s statements, added: “That was already there, Tomás. That was already there. “Unaware of the little question mark, Juariu praised her partner’s preparation:” This smells of India and Morocco. “Listening to her, the former” Dancing for a Dream “participant asked:” Juariu, do you want to win? “

At the moment of tasting Donato found a large piece of chilli that Fonzi had to remove when serving, but he could not find it. Hearing the participant’s warning, he had already put the bite in his mouth. “What I do?” he asked Fonzi. Portrayed, the actor told him to swallow it. Something similar happened in Betular, but with a large slice of raw carrot.

“I love lamb. It is not easy and I have imagined a little more cleaning in this prime rib. It mixes with couscous … It is a bit difficult dish, apart from the fact that it is generally tasty. At least the piece of lamb I got was well cooked, ”said De Santis.

“You had a very difficult slice to get … The amount you served seems excessive to me. You didn’t have to clean all 12 pieces. For me only one and the couscous was fine. More, in the dish of your choice. There is a problem of aspect ratio that makes it look a bit grotesque. It has flavors, you mixed different things, but you were missing the vegetables for the couscous. It’s a good attempt ”, Martitegui in turn pointed out.

Betular then closed: “The taste is good and curry has become your ally. From today I forbid it “.

“The curry was taken by Denise (Dumas),” Del Moro joked. Careful, Viciconte took the opportunity to return to land on his companions. “But the boys grabbed it again. They both made the curry, “he said. But this time Juariu didn’t keep quiet:” And how many ceviches have you already made, four? “

It was still lacking to know who they would give the advantage for Thursday’s match. After deliberating, the three members of the jury have revealed the mystery: the best dish was that of Juariu, who will therefore have an advantage not yet revealed.

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