The (sin) reason that the north is in the upper part of the majority of the world maps

Pocas cosas parecen m nat natureles que los quatro puntos cardinale. If you want to concentrate on the planet, you can see the solida of Sol in this and your place in this. The price of the astro is identical to that of the stars that point to the other pole, indicating that it is north.

Without the cardinal points we are permanently exhausted. More than points on a map or a brochure, their ideas are conducive to political, moral and cultural significance.

Pero, why is the northern term being used in most of the maps of the world?

Although the four cardinal points of a braille are defined by the physical realities of the Magnetic Northeast (north-south) and the south and west (here and there), there is no guarantee that the north wind will automatically converge. El sur y el estre podrían perfectament ocupar ese lugar, y lo han hecho en el pasado.

“I have to explain why we tend to poner to the north, because he is Polaris,” said historian Felipe Fernández-Armesto.BBC Mundo

Fuera de competition

Notes that we are discounting one antenna, this one. Even though one of the most powerful and intangible concepts – Occidental or Western Occupational – has antiguaid societies that negate and privilege the present by looking at the one that ponja el Sol.

The recipient personifies the end of the screw path, anticipation oscuridad and the dead end, as no matter what the culture, such as the correct orientation for the oracle and the number of men in the upper part of the map.

Aunque is in the lower, as in the Mapamundi of Hereford, one of the great medieval maps, in that al mirar hacia abajo llegas al este, donde te espera el juicio final.

It is positioned to be associated with a sense of finesse, pressure, oscillation and decadence. Around the edges of the map are the letters MORS, the Latin word for “dead”. Pero claro, if the occupant is abajo …

Mapamundi de Hereford.
Mapamundi de Hereford.BBC Mundo

El este arriba

In the history of cardinal points all com- munity is in fact with the salida del Sol. This is one of the most memorable times a symbol of birth, of the way of life of the living.

Oriente viene del latín oriens, aparecer, nacer. It’s the root of the term “orientation”, the main form of ubiquitous in space. It is defined in opposition to the distance from it horizontally preceding the north.

In primitive Christianity, orientation is the practice of paradisea power razón because as much as mapamundis lo tenían enthroned in its cube.

In Hereford, Cristo’s debacle, sent in an iris arch, is the Garden of Eden. M abs abajo, the Tower of Babel and in the center, Jerusalem. On the inferior part, on the west, are the pillars of Hercules, which can be interpreted as the end of the tempos.

Earthquake landscaping, in front of the map, the terrain time is terminated and is present at the bottom of the sky, where there is no need for cardinal points. In the lower part of the map there is a figure of a haggard hating the mark, while the other hacia is left behind. The description says: “Continúa”.

The figure above is made of this screw, but mira nostalgia hacia the upper part of the map, hacia el este, where to buy resuscitation, when the whole life is alive. This map can be found in any of the 1300 square feet.

Cubierto with more than 1,000 written descriptions, illustrations of labyrinths and monsters, is a visual encyclopedia of the Christian community and the masterpiece of the biblical creation of humanity. The one who created it was a mystery.

Although it is not a convenient map, it is more likely to show a physical walkway as a spiritual one, as it is a test that the maps show have a tendency to be just like that.

And what “is the direct direction that leads to identity and is essentially a spiritual and theological statement, not a geographical one”, is the subtext of the historian of Islamic maps Yossef Rappaort.

“America Invertida”, a work by the Uruguayan painter Joaquín Torres-García from 1943.BBC Mundo

The sur emerge

The direction of any of the initials of Islam is extremely important for the ritual in the diarrhea. The “alquibla” or “quibla” is the direct direction of the hacienda’s La Meca.

In the midst of more tribulation north of Medina, the city where the Prophet Muhammad lived and imparted his convictions, converted to Islam, the quibla stabilizes on. “It does not affect the way in which it is separated from the world, but it only feels like taking a cardinal direction at the behest of others,” he said.

Es por eso que the majority of the maps of the Islamic world are located on the upper part. One of the most celebrities was realized in 1154 by Al-Idrisi, who lived on the shores of the Christian king Roger II of Sicily, during the Muslim era.

“On these maps, Europe is on the inferior part and is much smaller than what we are acostumbrados,” said Rappaort.

With no focus on these maps, the European continent has a beautiful name: This is the literal translation ”, says the historian.

Siglos mards tarde, el sur volvió a emerger en la gimbre, with works like “America Invertida” by the Uruguayan painter Joaquín Torres-García (1874-1949) and the iconic Universal Corrective Map of the World of 1979, by the Australian Stuart McArthur.

MacArthur describes the caption on the map: Finally the emerge in the cima”.

And it’s always been good news for you, especially if you’ve been in it for a while now and then.

The map of the world of Gerardus Mercator, from 1569
The map of the world of Gerardus Mercator, from 1569BBC Mundo

El norte, for defect

The north is the most contradictory of the cardinal points. It is a place of desolado and oscuro. A helical image of exile, castig, inclusive. Monsters and demons llenaban the regions of Hellas from the north of the medieval Christian maps.

Pero también is a region of austra belleza, which generates asbestos, revelation and, with the Arctic, constant, including salvage.

The north además is unique among the four cardinal points, flowing to the physical pole of the magnetic field of Tierra. The convection currents combine electricity with the planetary nucleus of the iron and nickel, creating a geomagnetic field that rotates around the planet and haciendas created profusely in space.

Without embargo, as we do not have an internal neurological disorder, from a scientific perspective, we do not have an innate magnetic field.

Así que the reason for the term due to defect in the upper part of the map can be a sound that divides the historians.

Let’s say that the Chinese do not only have this: the fact that the first Chinese brajas establish orientation hacia el sur, which is considered more desirable than the north oscuro. The emperor lives in the north of the country and always only appears in the upper part of the map, mirando a sus sbditos “hacia abajo”.

Tabula Rogeriana, dibujada por Al-Idrisi para Roger II en 1154.
Tabula Rogeriana, dibujada por Al-Idrisi para Roger II en 1154.BBC Mundo

¿Y los demás?

“I have to explain why we tend to ponder to the north, as if he were Polaris,” said Felipe Fernández-Armesto, an expert in the history of navigation and cartography.

“The right way to poner the north arriba wine with the propaganda of navigation in the high seas. It’s shooting from the north wind is absolutely crucial to find your place in these mese desconcertantes donde no hay characteristic physicists que te digan dónde estás ”.

If you are looking for a decisive moment for the north fusion in the upper part of the world map, series 1569 and the publication of the flamenco cartographer Gerardus Mercator.

On the map, famous for being the first in the sea near the curvature of the Tierra (since the first to poner on the north side), designed to allow sailors to navigate around the world, using longitudinal and longitudinal lines to traverse a straight line.

The north is in the cima, pero porque imported more, sino por todo lo contrario. The North and South Poles are projected to be infinite and “not imported”, by Mercator, where there is no interest in navigation hacia ellos.

The map is captured in the cartographic projection stand for fine nautical. In the 1970s it was used as a base for the Marte Surface map. The north of Mercator has triumphed hasta en planets lejanos. But, flying to Tierra, as many as a cardinal point, is not a privileged position.

El norte eres tú

In the last ten years, most of the cargo is provided by virtual atlases on the phone. The most important point is to write the blue point in one of the map applications that we follow that we do not import much of the directions from the broom or the ground traversed as we move.

“With the traditional cartographic map, a general vision of the area of ​​interest is treated. “Mentally, you and Navagas use the abilities that are attached to infancy,” said Ed Parsons, Google’s special technologist. “On the map online, the cardinal points are the most relevant.”

“With Google Maps you can see where you are and the map that you are orienting in the form that is in the center. It is egocentric. It is the center of the map and the direction in which the roads are facing you ”.

“It is possible that the generation that is created with all the smart phones is separate which is always standing.”

Some observers, however, are embarrassed that they are virtually connected to the environment separately from the physical world, creating a confused confusion of special illiteracy.

“Orientation habits are essential to overseeing the evolution of evolutionary history,” said fellow scientist Michael Bond. “The relation that you have with the device but that which is traveling does not reduce or follow a set of instructions. Obtain information from the place you rodea ayuda to create a cognitive map ”.

For the first time in the history of humanity, we need to be aware of the special abilities and hermeneutics that we have endured for millennia.

In other words, podríamos estar perdiendo el norte.

Mapamundi de Al-Idrisi, con el sur arriba.
Mapamundi de Al-Idrisi, con el sur arriba.BBC Mundo

* This article is an adaptation of an episode ofthe BBC Radio 4 series “One Direction” by historian and author Jerry Brotton.

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