‘The sky is the party’

Lieutenant Colonel El Noba fell asleep permanently interned for 10 days after a life accident
Lautaro Coronel, El Noba, fell in love with permanent internship lasting 10 days after suffering a life accident.

The popular song sung by interpreting “cumbia 420”, L-Gante, made a show in the abundant Waterloo de Mendoza donde, in the middle of its actuation decided to homage to his friend and colleague Noba, falcido the virgins passed through permanent therapy intensified by a motorcycle accident.

The song of an introducing emotion, the singer comment and interpret “Tamo Chelo”, the conocido theme that catapulted al Noba to fame meses atrás.

“Hoy el cielo está de fiesta”one of those phrases that L-Gante grips with emotion in the fringe scenario in the miles of people who, at the moment, use the name of Noba.

“It’s not a friend. We are with a dolmen and a bronze inmensa per tu partida. Tenés nuestro aguante. Vos y tu familia por siempre “, cerró.

Preferably, in their social networksGeneral Rodríguez’s order was expressed in such a way that it “smells like a bottle with nosotros, even if it’s nosotros contigo.

At the time of publication, the song was summed up: “we are scattering our thorns and thistles on the vertebrae of the trident, on the vertebrae of a family for your family and, above all, on the vertebrae”.

L-Gante homenajeó al Noba.


The emotional emotion of your family and friends

Families, friends and loved ones Lautaro Coronel, more musically known as El Noba’s seudinimo, whose fallacy is coming internally staying place 10 days at the El Cruce de Florencio Varela Hospital to suffer a vial accident, it is certain that this vehicle is located in the Polideportivo Thevenet of its local location.

In a nutshell, as long as around 16 a group of motorcycles are loaded to drive the lightweight cortege to Cementerio Municipal, then finalize the velorio.

Enter the multitude that you are trying to reach for the last one and your rest will be counted L-Gante, with which the integration of the “Cumbia 420” car, which comes from General Rodríguez on the edge of a limousine in which the world wrote “aerosol” on the cap of the phrase “Tamo Chelo”, the title of one of the most popular songs of El Noba, junto and other phrases in the costs of the vehicle.

The repression in social networks

“Acá tamo chelo papá, vos sabés, ahí vamos”, L-Gante advertised in the video that diffused to the official Instagram account mientras that prepares juntos and other friends to share hacia Varela.

Captura Instagram
Captura Instagram.

Horas antes, when transmitting the news of the death, compiled a music that made the story public in a red light in which it was expressed: de nosotros, por eso disfrutábamos yos nos llenamos de orgullo al verte triunfar “.

“If you have a friend, we are with a dolmen and a bronze inme per tu partia. Tenés nuestro aguante vos y tu familia por siempre”, se lamentó el popular cantante.

Además, a traveler of the social networks, has organized a motorbike caravan, which has given the punch to the velocity of the place where the news of the bankruptcy has been announced, and which has left the night of this summer and is madrugada.

La convocatoria in the Polideportivo Thevenet, when mounted on a sloping capillaryocurrió luego de que la mother of Coronel, Vanesa Arandaas well as their followers, followers and followers who are targeted, one who accompanies the realization of the acquisition with the intendant of Florencio Varela, Andrés Watson.

The 25-year-old Colonel was enlisted in coma and intensive care at El Cruce Hospital from May 24having been transferred from Hospital Mi Pueblo to play a grave accident accident that provoked polytraumatism in the crane.

The episode produced mientras viajaba pulling pirouettes with their motorbike in place of their regular helmet, when colliding with a Peugeot and impact against the asphalt.

El Noba, oriundo de Florencio Varela, era one of the references of “Cumbia 420“, which has the maximum exponent of L-Gante, junto with other proprio numbers that acquires relevance in the latest teams like Perro Primo and DT Billiards.

From all videos and social networks, the solo artist spreads a profile that gives you a list of your motives and tastes, except for the limits of legality.

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