The threatening messages of three bars trying to take over the Independiente tribune and the unusual notice at the Avellaneda Police Headquarters

Three bars contest the dominance of the popular Independiente (Fotobaires)
Three bars contest the dominance of the popular Independiente (Fotobaires)

It has been a while since the situation in Good independent bar It comes in a crescendo of violence that threatens to set fire to half of Avellaneda. The first chapter, very violent, was sold September last year with the return of the public to the stadiums, when it is located in the city center and a few meters from the venue they faced each other the official faction called The owners of Avellanedafrom Juan Ignacio Lenczicki alias Juani de Gerlinicknamed the dissident We arewhose boss is Caesar talkative Rodriguez.

Later, during the summer, when the referee went to the Estudiantes de La Plata stadium to play a match against San Lorenzo for the friendly, there was a arguing with neighbors who blocked the highway due to complaints to the power company which ended with a fan of Red died.

But now what is being announced is even greater: Pablo child Alvarez gathered many scattered groups of the bar to make his rentrée in style in the popular north, with his group called The Red DevilsY he has summoned his people for tomorrow at four in the afternoon to the gastronomic place what’s in front of it Ricardo Enrique Bochini Stadium.

Bebote Álvarez's post
Bebote Álvarez’s post

But not only did he do it, which this morning went viral on his own social networks, but before recording the video He appeared at the first police station in Avellaneda accompanied by Tortuga Adrián García, another story of the bar, and asked to meet the head of the section, Raúl Couceiro, to let him know that from now on and unanimously he is the new benchmark of the official bar. Just like they read it. Obviously, since the civil order is not a non-profit civil association or a formal company (although informally it earns more than many SMEs in the country), it has not presented any sheet with the signatures of the representatives of the different neighborhoods or meeting of the council of administration approves your appointment. In his own words at the police station, current leaders Juani Lenczicki and Mario Nadalich no longer have support. And though he didn’t tell the men in blue, child ensures that the revolt has to do with the fact that they contribute only five thousand pesos per game to each head of the neighborhood and that they are not even in compliance with the shares of the social cardswhich seems disproved when you see the popular North of the stadium and the entrance, above all, where the the official bar absolutely plays for the CD that the Moyano family runs. child The police also informed him tomorrow at four in the afternoon he resumes his place in a meeting with all the districts which will take place in front of your offices in Bochini and Alsina. All very normal.

But if this seems unusual to you, it’s because you haven’t read the following yet. Aware of the move childshortly after that appeared at the first Juani Lenczicki police station. He was accompanied by another of the heaviest men in the paravalancha, Roberto Illescaalias Rober. He also requested a hearing with the head of the section. There they told him that according to their own investigations, child he had bought wills from the people who had followed them until then and this would have led to clashes both in the vicinity and inside the stadium on Saturday, the day of Red face the Tigre for the ninth of the League Cup from 19:00. And they made it clear they have no intention of coming down from the seat of the people’s leaders. All very uplifting.

The video that Loquillo César Rodríguez uploaded to the Independiente bar

And as if that weren’t enough, talkative Rodriguez he also summoned his troops: the appointment is that same Saturday at five in the afternoon at the skate park in the 4 de Junio ​​district, which is behind the stadium and which historically has gathered a very heavy group of the bar. And from there they will all go by caravan to the south grandstand to show the entire cotillion of their faction, something that until now had been forbidden by the authorities. On the other side, to the north, child He promises to put up a new giant flag and his rivals warn him that, first, they will have to go through their corpses.

With this situation prevailing the Apevide has already taken note of this and together with the Buenos Aires Ministry of Security it has been decided to carry out a double special operation not only to avoid comparisons but above all to identify all the bars that are turning e apply the right of admission starting from the same afternoon and for a period from six months to two years.

Bebote’s message on the Independiente bar

“It will be similar to what happened with River. Anyone who comes close to making a slight disturbance will end up being arrested on criminal charges and banned from attending any stadium in Argentina. Launch he will also run for the Bebote meeting which will in principle be held tomorrow. The cards are placed. According to the former leader of Hinchadas Unidas Argentinas, taking the crossbar will take him five minutes. At least this is expressed in their networks. According to his rivals, if he wants war he will have it. All this also happens in the context of a ferocious internal policy, with the official faction playing for Moyano and the dissidents flirting with opponents and as if that weren’t enough, with the World Cup in Qatar in sight. And those who have mastered the avalanche barrier will have more opportunities to travel. A postcard of Argentine football that insists on collusion or omission on sharing space and power with the violent on the scoreboard.

Loquillo Rodríguez's phone call via his Facebook
Loquillo Rodríguez’s phone call via his Facebook


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