The title of Argentine football that follows the decibels under the title of Selection and the comment: “Mbappé tiene razón”

Cauteloso, precavido, calmo. Así fue el tono de Ricardo Bochini it’s the most important part of it Argentina goleara 3 to 0 a Italia y se consagrara campeón de la Finalissima. It is that Bocha does not violate the Italians as a rival of the hierarchy, since he kisses his feet on the ground and has the secret to Kylian Mbappéwho assures that Argentina Brazil has not played many level matches for the World Cup.

Ricardo Bochini, the legend of Argentine football, was born in Mbappé.

From the World Cup to Qatar in November, the Argentine football legend on Super Deportivo Radio assured that the French would be right in their own words: “Creo que Mbappé dijo la verdad. Argentina en las Eliminatorias va a klassificar siempre por cómo se juega ahora. The Eliminators are different from each other, when four teams qualify as one, if you play a game or try to complicate it. “European competition is more fortunate, more secure, but there are more fortunate teams.”


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